AnnaSophia Robb Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

AnnaSophia Robb Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

AnnaSophia Robb and Alexander Ludwig are super excited to see the DVD release of their flick, Race to Witch Mountain. is meeting up with both AnnaSophia and Alexander very very soon and we need your questions!

From AnnaSophia‘s run as American Girl Samantha to Alexander‘s love for sports — ask away!

The Race to Witch Mountain DVD and Blu-ray hit stores on Tuesday, August 4th

TELL JJJ: What would you ask AnnaSophia and Alexander?

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  • Lucy

    Ask AnnSophia what are her next projects?
    With whom she would love to work one day?
    She has got the opportunity to work with some big names, who is the one she had loved the most to work with?

    Their favorite actresses and actors?
    Their favorite movie?

    That’s all for the moment :)

  • Jennifer

    My question is: Who is her favorite designer?

  • Charlene

    who are your celebrity crushes ?

  • Lupy

    for Both of them: What upcoming projects are they doing ?

  • leah

    what type of music does she listen to? what other projects is she working on? who are her favorite acors and/or actresses sh would like to work with in the future?what type of movies does she like to work with? (drama comedy action etc..) who is her celebrity crush? whats her favorite t.v. show or movie?

  • leah

    sorry those quesions are for the both of them!^^^

  • Mafaz

    Ok a series of great questions:

    Does she have Twitter??? If yes plz tell her to follow me on @ak1444

    does she have a new project with Emma Roberts???

    Does she watch Disney? Would she like to have her own Disney program?

    Would she like to work with Selena, Demi, Miley etc. ?

    If a fan was doing a charity project on her name, would she be willing to help? (coz I’m doing one and really hope she woul help)

    ask both what new projects they r planning to do? And whom they would love to work with? And if given the oppurtunity to work in a sequel of a big franchise, which one they would love most?

    BTW if u choose to ask these questions, can u mention I asked them, plz

  • Robsten 4ever

    Does she like Twilight? Does she also like Robert Pattinson?

    Cuz normally teenagers all fell in love with that.

  • Megan

    Are they dating eachother and if they aren’t do they have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

    What is their favorite book?

    What are upcoming projects?

    Do either of them have a twitter?

    Thanks :)

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR Deeana Muniz

    This Is For Alexander What His Fave Sports And Teams

  • paige

    Ask Alexander – What his favourite sport and teams are?
    - Who would he most like to work on a film or tv program with?

  • tia

    Cookies or cake?

  • the fame

    he looks like andy roddick!

  • annie

    for Both of them: What are their next projects?

  • Nicoly

    Ask her about India Dalits.
    She is always working to change the world,and I love what she does.
    Ask her about ways to make a difference,does she has any advice for who wants to change the world??

  • zea

    i just wanna say i loves her!!! she is so cute and pretty. lols i am 18 so this is weird but my question is,
    which actresses career would you most like to emulate?

  • krissy

    who is the biggest celebrity they have met so far? who is their favorite jonas brother? can they do any cool tricks? what is the best accent they can do?

  • vane

    ask alexander if he likes animals? if he has e new project? if he has a girlfriend? if he has a fan page?

  • MissyQ

    upcoming projects?
    have they auditioned for a part they really, really wanted but never got? and how did he/she feel?
    to sophia: what does she think about her being compared alot to dakota fanning?
    how would they feel about working again together?

    **I thought it would of been awesome if they were both cast in twilight new moon as brother and sister instead of dakota fanning and cameron bright 0___o

  • ana c

    question to boooth: who is your celebrity crush? have you ever met her/him? if you did… describee how it was

  • Brina

    For AnnaSophia: Are you going to record anymore music?

  • Camille G

    You spent one of your summers volunteering in India, working with people living in poverty. What revelations have you made from your experience and what was your inspiration to do such amazing work like this?

    Do you have a type of girl? If so, what is she like?

  • sarah

    What kind of music do they like?

    Who is their fashion inspiration?

  • Rawan

    A few For Annasophia,
    1. is there any way that you’re going to record your own music album?
    2. what it was your dream before you’ve been in acting?
    3. is there’s a movie you wish you were a part of it?
    4. are you dating?
    5. what’s the most crazier thing that fans have ever done to you?
    For Alexander,
    1. what it was your dream before you’ve been in acting?
    2. is there’s a movie you wish you were a part of it?
    3. are you dating?
    4. what’s the most crazier thing that fans have ever done to you?
    5. do you thing you’re hot? haha

    P.S! please just jared if you are going to see her! could you say “Rawan” say hi !!! please it’s my dream! i love her she’s my favorite celeb <3

  • Tasha

    Ask both of them if they remember when they were asked for their autograph for the very first time, and how it felt.

  • lychee the lemon

    for both
    1. who do you listen to?
    2. what do you do in your spare times
    3. do you have a twitter/blog?
    5. do you know twilight? what do you think about the faze and the movie?
    4. (oopsie) what movies would you want to star in when your older
    6. What would be your dream role
    7. how was it like working with eachother and on the set and so on.
    8. (for alex) since your older now, would you continue schooling or your acting first
    9. for alex- do you think you got experience when you stared in that last movie thing.. that ghost movie yknow..
    10. for anna- would you marry me?
    11. uh.. chocolate or vanila?

  • jee

    what is their most embarassing moment???

  • EMMA

    To Annasophia: what does she think about her being compared a lot to dakota fanning?

    I have the same question! ;)

  • Faris Al-Rockad

    I think you should ask her more about todays wars, and her opinion on them, especially the Palestine, Israel conflict.

    and ask her whether she’s thinking of getting in touch with her fans anytime soon.

  • Mafe

    This questions go for both

    1 Who are your celebrities crushes ?

    2 what are your upcoming works ?

    3 What was the scene that you most like of race to witch mountain ?

    4 What are your favorite characters of the movie ?

    5 if you could be anothers actors, what actors you would be ?

    Att: Mafe from Colombia

  • Tori

    DO either of them have bf/gf?

  • Chloe

    Hi – Is there an address where i can send fanmail??? And if i send you a picture, will you sign it, then send it back to me? (I live in Australia, so there is no chance i might see you!)

  • rafa

    For both:Will you two star in another movie?, What type of music do you both like?
    For AnnaSophia:Will you continue “changing the world”?, Will you sing another song?, What’s your favorite movie you acted in
    For Alexander:What are your hobbies?, What’s your favorite movie you acted in?

  • Faris Al-Rockad

    what countries would AnnaSophia and Xander like to visit?
    how many wonders of the world have they seen?
    ask her about what she did at Ziln.
    which bands do they most like?
    How can their fans get to meet them?
    what are their plans for the summer?
    do they ever have pillow fights?
    do they squeeze the toothpaste bottle from th top or the bottom?
    what does AnnaSophia think of Dakota Fanning’s new role in “the runaways”?
    what up coming events will they be attending?
    how did Michael Jackson’s death impact them?
    Will they be attending his funeral?
    what new movie premierres will they be going to?
    what does AnnaSophia think of guys with glasses?
    what does Xander think of girls with braces?
    How is the recession affecting them?

    thank you, that is all.

  • Faris Al-Rockad

    How does AnnaSophia plan to manage her new re-done website?

  • Saribeth

    1.Annasophia what is your movie favorite?
    2.You have myspace,facebook,twitter ect.?
    3.What is your place favorite?
    4.What is your music favorite?
    5.Do you Like Jonas Brothers?
    6.What is your favorite Actress?

    this is my questions :D from Annasophia Robb<3
    pleaseee contest me :D we love youuuuu
    from Puerto Rico

  • rafa g

    1.Will you both star in another movie?
    2.(For AnnaSophia)Will you sing a new song?
    3.What kind of music do both of you like?

  • Jenny

    Where was your first kiss, and who was it with? :]

  • ambar herrera plasencia

    He(She) asks for both, you wanted to work together other one you see in a movie, trabajarian as pair(couple), not tendria problem in it, the 2 meet so pretty, me gustaria to see them as boyfriends.

  • ambar herrera plasencia

    una pregunta para ambos, les gustaria trabajar en otra pelicula pero como novios, es que se ven tan lindos juntos, me gustaria verlos como enamorados en la vida real.

  • Natalie

    I want to ask them both!! :D
    do you have any new upcoming project? (especially Alexander)

  • Dennis

    when did u sell out and start posting on twitter the moment after Michael Jackson’s death?? publicity perhaps?

  • mafaz


    just wanted to correct a mistake, the twitter page is actually (@ak144) NOT ak1444

  • mafaz

    yea i pretty much agree with many, ask her about the Indian Dalits and any other charity projects she is working towards??? i would love to incorporate the awareness of Indian Dalits in my charity page, if anyone wants more information inc. AnnaSophia and Alexander, plz contact me on

  • si nguyen

    Ask them about what they felt after their visit to Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.
    Ask Annasophia if she’d like to write books in the future
    Ask them what are their biggest dreams

  • sophier

    My questions are …

    You have a new film comming out next year called Dear Eleanor, whats it about ?

    Are you still friends with josh hutcherson ?

    do you have Twitter ?

  • sophier

    PS all my questions are for annasophia !

  • donkeyboy

    is alexander gay? he looks gay. I hope so.

  • sam

    - does she check out her fansites online?
    - is dear eleonor gonna happen and if yes, is she excited to work with abigail breslin?
    - has she ever been really bummed about not getting a part she really wanted?

  • eric e

    How strong are the both of them spiritually?

    What is their reaction to Michael Jackson’s death?

    What is their favorite subject?

    What is one thing we don’t know about them?

    What makes them unique?

    and lastly…

    How’s the love life? lol