Debby Ryan Searches for a Drummer

Debby Ryan Searches for a Drummer

Debby Ryan calls up everyone she knows in search for a drummer in this new vid.

The 16-year-old Suite Life sweetie wrote in the note section of the video, “I had my song written, got my clothes picked out, Chris [Debby's brother] was ready to jam on stage with me & an electric guitarist and keyboardist fell into place. But after searching and searching, with little avail, we found ourselves DRUMMERLESS and time was running out!”

Debby continued, “This video documents almost partially accurately our search for a drummer for the Terrific Teen Tour. If you live in Pennsylvania or New York [or feel like a rockin' summer road trip!] you should come party with us on July 9, 10, and 11.”

Good news — Debby found a drummer!

Debby Ryan Searches for a Drummer
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  • kourtney


  • jbabesss

    she looks like a blonde selena gomez
    but anyway this whole music thing is kinda lameeeee

    the only ppl who can actually sing in disney are the
    jonas brothers
    and demi lovato.
    we dont need any more try hards.

  • sweetbutterflies

    Hmm, it seems like everyone who’s a Disney star, sings. I get people like Miley, the HSM stars (and yes, I know they’re not Disney anymore), JB and Demi singing, because they were in Disney projects that involve music. But some people are just better off as actors or actresses. I guess I’ll have to listen to her song before I can honestly say she’s one of the latter. Let’s hope she’s a good singer. :)

  • Ariana

    what the? why is she singing now!? lameee

  • Karlie

    stick to acting Debby!!

    <3333 Karlie

  • TV

    Selena can make an album because she is hella famous and can act. Demi can have a TV show because she is hella famous and can sing. Debby is nowhere near Selena and Demi’s fame level and her acting is not even that good. WHY SING? Who would buy it?

  • Jon

    Debby, leave the singer/actress thing to Miley, Selena, and Demi. please.

  • Zac F Ron

    @jbabesss: She does not look like a blonde Selena lol! Selena is waaaayyyy hotter. But yeah, don’t sing Debby. No one can top Miley, the Jonas Brothers, Selena, and Demi. Disney’s streak is over.

  • Meagan

    Wow. She’s a Selena and Demi wannabe.

  • Gina

    why do u ppl critize her if u havent heard her singing???!after u listened to her voice u can say that its “lame” but until then….

    anyways,it was a cute video.

  • mine

    @Jon: in your dreams, ho. DEBBY has been singing eher WHOLE life, she is a SINGER turned ACTRESS! leave the singing to debby, who is selena?

  • la la land

    Selena can make an album because she is hella famous and can act. Demi can have a TV show because she is hella famous and can sing. Debby is nowhere near Selena and Demi’s fame level and her acting is not even that good. WHY SING? Who would buy it?
    debby isn’t making an album, she is doing this teen tour thing for fun. debby is famous, she is new to disney thats why she isn’t as famous but debby has a fanbase and debby’s show has higher ratings than selena+demi’s shows COMBINED! Besides debby has been singing forever and she isn’t planning on making an album and number TWO, debby CAN act, she is a great actress.

  • rihanna

    @Ariana: umm.. what’s lame is the fact she has been singing for over 10 years. she was first a singer and a stage actress and this inspired her to become an actress. she isn’t an actress turned singer like miley, selina (Whatever her name is) and all of those other brats.



  • romano2

    @Meagan: HAHAHA… First of all, hater. Debby isn’t a wannabe of two talentless disney stars, Debby has been doing this for a long time and actually has the talent. STFU HATER!

  • Lizzie

    @Jon: selena can’t sing, debby can! shut up.

  • Sandy

    J’adore Debby <3

  • florendafan

    @TV: You have no idea how many times you were wrong there.

  • iluvrobpattz

    look i just dislike her on the show. shes too perky. but shes a better person in real life. i met her once

  • emmy

    I love Debby!!!
    She is my rolemodel!!!
    I love her show so much…
    I can’t wait to hear her single
    And she isn’t making a stupid pop album
    Debby is into country, alternative rock and jazz music
    Her music isn’t pop
    She isn’t singing because everyone on disney sings
    She is singing because she is really passionate about singing
    She said that in an interview
    No one on here has heard her sing so why are all of you judging her?
    She is really sweet and beyond talented and can pull off any role
    I saw her in that feature film, Longshots where she played a mean girl
    She can pull off any role
    She can play the mean girl and the girl next door
    Debby rules!
    Stop hating
    She isn’t as known as Miley, Brenda, Demi and Selena because Debby hasn’t been on TV for a year, she is a newcomer and she is new
    Why are these haters doing this?
    Has she ever done anything to you?
    She is no where near a wannabe, unlike all of those girls, Debby writes all of her songs and is involved in every aspect of the production of her music (read her interviews)
    She is a great girl!

  • cheetah

    she is cute

  • http://justjared SAM


  • AJ


    im a drummer =)

    but, im a girl and i live in australia so.

    wish i could of helped.

  • http://deleted maya

    Debby, you’re awsome
    cant wait to hear your music

  • bay watch

    what song is this

  • the fray

    she is sweet and she’s hella famous!

  • Cassie

    Don’t listen to all the people saying mean stuff I think you’ll do great at singing!!!!! You are just as good at singing as anyone else!!!!! Keep rockin!!!!!! I liked the video and I’m glad you found a drummer!!!!!!

  • Cassidy

    I love debby! she rox!

>>>>>>> staging1