Ashley Tisdale is Grove Gorgeous

Ashley Tisdale is Grove Gorgeous

Beaming with a big smile on her face, Ashley Tisdale makes her way backstage at The Grove in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (June 27).

The 23-year-old actress/singer performed a free concert today and rocked out to her hit songs, “Masquerade” and “It’s Alright, It’s Ok,” among others. Spotted in the crowd: Brenda Song, Samantha Droke (both not pictured) and boyfriend Scott Speer. Scott even looked after Ashley‘s puppy Maui — how sweet!

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15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Gina

    wish i could be there :(
    she is sooo pretty on these pics

  • nessa

    too bad she can’t carry a tune.

  • jbr

    oh right NESSA she recorded an album cause she cant carry a tune , people go to her concerts for the same reason and warner bros. signed with her cause she cant sing ..
    oh sure she cant carry a tune ………….
    jealousy too much ?????

    ashley is amazing =)

  • taylor

    @nessa: actually, the people that were there said she sounded really good.

  • lucia

    So pretty!!!
    love her

  • holly

    LOVE her outfit! Can’t wait for the album to come out!
    I hope we get some videos of her performance!


  • you suck!

    She looks great, so pretty.
    About her voice I AGREE with “nessa” , I loce the album so much but the voice??? NO! NOT AT ALL.
    She recorded an album just because she gives WB money that’s it.
    BTW “jbr” actually THIS concert was FREE, The “Free” part say it all :D

  • minette

    hey you can see her panties! anyway, i dont throw out judgements. But i will happily say that I am NOT a fan of this girl. She can’t sing, she’s just another pretty face. DISNEY, JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN ACT DOESN’T MEAN THEY CAN SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they take ANYBODY who looks good on camera . just deal.

  • you suck!

    On the concert pics she looks like a SLUT.
    I’m sorry(no i dont :D) but it’s the truth.

  • karina

    I was there !!!

  • jenny

    every day, Ashley Tisdale is ugly and old, and Scott seems to frankenstein. many people who did not attend

    People like to waste time listening to ashley …..omg she sings horrible, the good thing is that this concert was free. I not pay to hear sing ashley …Ashley convinces me that he likes to ridicule, this girl should not exist in this world,

  • Nala

    @jbr: Maybe nessa is being rude but have you ever heard about everyone being entitled to his own opinion? I LOVE Ashley, but she can’t sing for real, TO ME. This has nothing to do with jealousy… Oh, and you don’t need to be a good singer to record an album. Warner Bros signed with her because they know she makes a LOT of money (let’s just face the reality). People can go to her concerts for a lot of reasons. Your arguments are, thereyby, not valid.

  • Taylor


  • Nala

    @jenny: Grow up.

  • billythekid

    @karina: I cant tell how big the crowd was by this pics that JJJ loaded. It doesn’t look crowded on the edges at least. cant tell whats in front of her. Anyhow, yeah Ashley is looking pretty nice here.

  • jenny


    if people say they sing very well, but it sure is that singing with playback

  • ashley tizz truefan

    she look soo great
    i wanted be there but i live in brazil :\

    go ash u rock and we ♥ u

  • jbr

    @you suck!:
    so you’ll go watch a concert of someone u dont like just cause its free ??
    i dont get why people come here just to say mean things about her
    its really stupid .

  • Samantha

    she sang live!

  • jbr

    cause ur arguments are valid right ?
    and have YOU heard about everyone being entitled to his own opinion ?
    cause that was my opinion .

  • jbr

    ashley is awesome =)

  • you suck!

    jbr – Of course, This is how the world is, ppl just want to meet famouses ppl that’s it!
    And two things:
    1. I LIKE her.
    2. Even if i didnt like her i can come over here and comment :D
    If you dont like my comment then fine, IGNORE my comment\s and that’s it.

  • pop86

    Ashley look great. In regard to her singing, Ashley’s voice is okay but if you used to Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Jordan Sparks or even Pink then her voice doesn’t measure up.

  • jbr

    @you suck!:

    i liker her too obviously , i dont think she is the best singer in the world but she can sing and she has a pretty voice
    i just dont get why people are so mean saying things like ‘ she cant carry a tune ‘ or ‘ she is a horrible singer ‘

    people can come here and say whatever they want and so can I !

    and i didnt dislike ur comment .. its just that u wrote something for me so i replied , wasnt being rude or anything .

  • naza

    está tan perra, la amo (L) canta realmente bien en vivo.

  • carrie

    I totally agree with nessa! Ashley really can’t sing at all! Warner bros. signed her because she can make money! She already had a fan base. She can’t sing live at all and Scott keeps getting more ugly by the day!!
    Where are the V Factory pictures just jared!!!

  • Samantha

    hahaha haters are really fun i mean, do u really think that posting all those bad comments is making any change on her?
    u can say she can’t sing, u can say she has an ugly boyfriend, u can say whatever u want, but the thruth is that she makes more money than u’ll make in ur whole life, she has the hottest friends and boyfriends, she has the life that u’ll love to have…

  • V factory socal

    it was fun! she did great!

  • heather.

    wow. i just love how people come on here to just make fun of ashley. i mean if you hate her, why are you taking the time to look at stuff of her? i mean seriously. it just shows how immature you are.

    lol anyway. i love ashley. sure she’s showing another side to her, but she’s 23. she has to go outta her shell and leave disney sometime. :D gO aShLeY! <3.

  • proof she sang live –

    tizzy -
    crap lolz

  • jOSH

    OMFG!! YES really Gorgeous! HOT!!!!

  • cami

    @jenny: first, LEARN ENGLISH! And second, you say “People like to waste time listening to ashley “. well, we say PEOPLE LIKE TO WASTE TIME LEAVING COMMENTS ON PICTURES OF THE ONES YOU HATE… get a life

  • oliviA

    Wheres V factory!

  • Carrie

    I was at The Grove today and heard the concert. Ashley actually sounded really good and she was completely live. There was no backup track and she sang with just the band. It surpassed my expectations, and I was presently surprised at how great she sounded. She did a total of 6 songs, and even on the two slower songs she did she sounded awesome.

  • Jackie


    Do not go calling everyone a hater who doesn’t like one thing about her.
    I can not stand her singing, but i am a fan. I just do not buy her music. I like her as an actress. but the fact that i do not agree with her music career does not make me a hater and I’m not jealous. I have a good life and actually my boyfriend is hotter then her boyfriend Scott.

  • the fame

    she tries so much to be “edgy” and “dark” that she doesnt care if she look’s stoned, i mean look at that make up in her eyes and that messy hair.. oh and the boots… ugh no words but hideous!

  • Toni

    I was there. It was crowded and scorching hot! Ashley sounded okay…she did her best. I didn’t know Brenda Song was there! I would have loved to have met her!

  • Daniel

    @jenny you’re a fuc*king hoe how can you say this person (Ashley) shouldn’t live wat is ur problem? hope wat you said comes back to you.. and to the haters if she cant sing hundreds wouldn’t go to that concert and if she cant sing she wouldn’t HAVE SO MANY FANS so STFU and go to hell :D:D

  • hahahaha


    someones touchy no need to get so defensive unless
    deep down inside you agree just a little bit lol

    LMAO I have so much on this thread

  • harmony


  • Tizzfan

    People, seriously, everyone can have their own opinion, but it’s what you share that makes you sound like an idiot. If u don’t like her, then don’t come on here and bash her. It just makes YOU look stupid.

    Time to just let it go.

  • Avril

    i wanted to be there too!!!!! but I’m from Argentina!
    i got her albmu today (in Arg is already out) and it’s AMAZING!!!!!
    can’t stop listening to it!!!!!!!!

  • Caro

    ¿Why ashley is so stupid? she is really stupid with her… dog, and her nanny’s dog ¬ . and this is more pop that britney..

  • wildcats

    I went!! It was really cool!!

  • wildcats

    I went!! It was really cool!!

  • lol

    ppl who were there
    wat other songs did she sing?!
    n wow im stunned ppl who dont even lyk her singing r saying she sounded good?!
    i mean i luv her music n all she has a voice a nice one too yes she may not be a demi or a Christina but she has something n i can live with that cause u know why her songs mean sumthing
    i rlly lyk her
    How do u love someone
    it’s life

  • Valerie

    woah really Im sure if her voice wasn’t good she won’t be doing concerts and people won’t come to them. If she didn’t have a voice warner brothers wouldn’t have given her a contract :] If she couldn’t sing people wouldn’t listen to her songs. people seriously need to shut up about her voice already if your not a fan of her voice thats fine but seriously bashing? woah how old are we really? Ashley looks SUPER PRETTY and she is SUPER PRETTY! btw I love how Vanessa can look like a slut and no one will say anything but Ashley does it and the whole world is coming to an end.. ANYWAYS she did awesome at her concert she amazinggg.

  • lala


    and who said that were hundreds of people ?

  • missssy

    see? ppl always get mad cause we always say stuff bout vanessa and ashley but now you have to bring V up and insult her?
    are u serious?
    get a life

  • aly

    Did she sing live or was there a backtrack?