Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint are London Lads

Daniel Radcliffe & Rupert Grint are London Lads

Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint pair up together as they head to the set of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I in London on Sunday morning (June 28).

Joined by beautiful costar Emma Watson, the trio filmed on Whitehall road and in New Scotland Yard.

Daniel, 19, recently dished to Parade magazine that he wouldn’t be who he is without the Harry Potter films. He shared, “I’ve had a happy and very healthy, really enjoyable childhood, and a fantastically interesting one. I genuinely think I am a better person for having done these films than I possibly would have been had I not.”

10+ pics inside of Daniel, Rupert and Emma filming…

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Credit: Eagle Eyes/Gorilla Pictures; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jess

    is very hot Rupert so pretty!!

  • Marian

    Dan Hotterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • silvia

    dan looks great. (i fallen in love with tut magazine pics) but why pics in jr.dan is 20,rup is 21 years old man.

  • natalie

    can you see new dan radcliffe pics for XL semanal magazine.omg.he looks very very handsome.

  • m

    it’s sad knowing that HP films are coming to an end:( they have been doing it for half of their life’s,it’s gonna be hard for them but they had to grew up eventually

  • http://YAHOO.COM EfronPotter

    They have gotten hotter as they gotten Older<3
    It’s crazy to know i have been obsessing over them for 10 years now!
    There amazing<3


    I am so excited for the release of Harry Potter 6!!! Both them are so cute, Dan and Rupert!!!

  • sugar

    Dan is so handsome! More, please!!!!

  • Maria

    Rupert will be 21 in August))
    he looks HOT!!!!

  • Matt

    Emma is so gorgeous. She pawns Megan Fox!

  • Juulii

    I Loovee Soo Much !

  • delsy

    sooooooooooooo excited i don’t understand how some people think “twilight” is better what a joke

  • Helen walsh

    delsy: it doesnt make any sense comparing twilight with harry potter. twilight is basically a love story. harry potter is, hm, i’m not sure, but definetely not a love story.

    it’s like comparing music to movies

  • http://www.notjinf.com danielle

    totally agree! twilight cant be compared to HP, because JKR is a genius…and HP movies are sooo much better and Dan, Rupert, Emma & the others are much better actors than that twilight “vampires”.
    cant wait for HP6, but Im a quite sad, because HP is coming to an end. I will always love this, its the best fantasy series ever

  • http://none judy

    danielle im with you dan,rup,emma much better than twilight cast i love them so

  • saudia

    AHHHHHHHHHH CANNOT WAIT TILL 2010 .. but for now I have HBP .. which is in 18 freakin days. Sigh such a huge Potter fan. Whoo <3

  • Hmcay

    I love you Rupert!

  • mina

    Soon! Soon! Soon! HP will be here SOON! I can’t wait.
    I will miss HP when its all done. I’ll miss seeing movies where kids look like kids .

  • Boona


  • L.Ray

    Harry Potter is the best. I feel like the wizarding world is real thanks to JKR. I wanna go to Hogwarts!

  • me

    Awesome!! Rupert and Dan are such HOTTIES!!! I saw a video for this part and it was hilarious!! I can’t believe they’re already filming the ministry scenes! They’re going to fast. But I love Emma’s outfit! It’s really cute! I’m so SIKED to see HBP…I just saw the trailer on the big screen and it was AMAZING!!! :)

  • kwan

    woww…. I love you Emma she’s sexy

  • nadeeya


    and if people said that twilight is better than harrypotter, then there’s no justice in the world

  • celia

    Why is this in the Junior section…it should be on the main page! I don’t know whether to be excited about HBP or DH!! But this looks awesome. I love how they cast Runcorn, Reg Cattermole, and Mafalda to look like an older version of the trio. lol.

    Rupert is so freakin’ sexy!

  • alex


    LMao. people who say that are clearly delusional.

  • autobot07

    @Helen walsh: It’s an epic adventure of continental proportions, that’s what it is.

  • autobot07

    @me: Don’t be fooled by that. They don’t necessarily film scenes in order so just because they’re doing the infiltration of the Ministry doesn’t mean that they are making serious headway in filming. If I recall correctly, filming both movies is going to take them about 18 months, give or take a few.

  • Reva

    OMG Rupert looks so HOTTTTTTTTTTT

  • me


    Yeah I know. But there have been alot of pictures/video of DH filming and it’s all been major scenes. So it just seem s like they’re going pretty fast, but I know DH is going to take 52 weeks to film and they’ve only done about 19 weeks so far and they’re going to have to stop for a couple of weeks to promote HBP. But it’s still ending…and that’s sad. :(

  • newport beach, 92660

    > i cannot wait for this movie .
    im such a nerd when it comes to HP .

    - audrey :$

  • LOLA

    they look hot!!!!

  • liz

    dan is good! smokin

  • parmiss0

    hi dan how are u?im from iran and i love u so much….i grow up with u (harry potter)and now im 18 and i very happy because u was and u are and u will my best friend in my dreams for ever :-)) :-* i wish see u and i wish for u best wishs in your life for ever goodluck my dreamly best friend kissssssssss uuuuuuuu