Demi Lovato Sees Double

Demi Lovato Sees Double

Demi Lovato strikes a silly pose next to her official tour poster in this new pic she uploaded to her official Twitter.

The 16-year-old starlet wrote, “I wonder what would happen if I just stood here like this? Absolutely nothing!” Demi shared pics from her trips to The Bahamas, The Louvre in Paris and of BFFs Jonas Brothers and Tiffany Thornton.

Demi will be rocking out the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta, Georgia tonight!

TELL JJJ: Are you going to see Demi tonight?

10+ pics inside…

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  • mrsefron.

    No, i wish i saw her & david when they were in Jersey. but my mom wouldnt let me since i saw them both already..Yet im allowed to see the Jonas Brothers for the fourth time. haha whatever. ;)

    Demi Rocks Though <3

  • m

    i wonder if Miley will come to her show tonight…hmmm

  • Loly

    I doubt her tour will be a success… I love Demi, I’m not a hater, seriously, but I don’t think she’s that famous as Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus or Jonas Brothers to do a tour across the USA… honestly…

    She’ll release another CD, too early, perhaps she’s desperate because she’s like just a temporary star, so she must keep in the spotlight… She isn’t wrong, but a little bit desperate, too early for another cd…

    I repeat, I’m not a hater, I love her, it’s just my point of view.

  • Lauren

    she looks beauitful…i bet she kills it onstage everytime…

  • tara

    i want to go to her show!
    i woudl so goo if i had tix.
    she isnt comign to canada?
    why duz evryonehate canada?
    u no dem, selena filmed stuff in vancouver….thats candaa..
    come to TORONTO!
    or in teh words of Joe Jonas “ON”
    lvoe u demmzz
    i wish u woudl come here

  • nathalia

    i loooooooooove demi <3

  • nessa

    i believe that she should’ve started out in theaters… not in arenas!
    because even though she is TREMENDOUSLY talented.. the rest of the US hasnt seen that yet!

    like the small towns in the not so popular states arent really attending her shows…
    but the big cities will!!!

    i love her! she might not be as huge as miley and the jonas brothers.. but she far more talented than all of em..

    and she doesnt date famous people.. they do.. thats why they’re more famous.. and because demi lovato is not a f*ck up like hannah montana!

    love you demi!

  • mange

    i love youuuuu demiii!!!! (jemi fan for ever)!

  • MaiChi

    No, I’m not gonna go to her concert tonight…
    I’m going to her concert on July 3rd!

  • jayde

    i think she’s okay. she just tries too hard in most of her pictures. she’ll either try to be funny or put tons of make-up on and then take a pic of herself.

  • LJ

    Haha she’s such a cutieeee!
    I won’t be seeing her tonight but i’ll be seeing her July 17th! I love her! I really hope she feels better soon <3

    @loly I actually do think it will be a success. Even if EVERY SINGLE SEAT does not sell, it does not mean it wasn’t a success. But speaking as a fan that cares, I do wish every seat would sell. She’s incredibly talented but I don’t think everyone has realized how truly phenomenal she is yet. Well anyways, i’m sure everything will turn out fine and I think so far her tour is doing pretty well so far.

  • sarah

    i want her to come in montréal sooo hard :(

  • Buddy

    Who ever is going to the show tonight make sure to check out KSM!!!
    An all-girl band who will be opening for demi. They are AWESOME make sure to show them some love ;)

  • manndy

    demi is beautiful!! i love that picture of her and her band with jbs band and nick and joe. joe looks so hhooootttt in his hoodie <3 i wish i was going to her concert :[

  • Andrea


  • Susie

    She looks like a robot! LoL A cute one though. Gotta love her specially after she fell down on the stairs during the performance and she just laughed it off and started to sing again.

    Sorry for my grammar!!!

  • listen to mayday parade


  • someone

    um she has always worn nerd’s just that most of the time she has contacts! is just like joe though idk if he actually uses contacts but dmei does and when she’s not she uses her glasses.
    and to whoever applied that selena is more famous i doubt it…they’re pretty much the same except demi didn’t date famous guys just be friends with them lol so ppl didn’t care much like they did with selena…lets face it! and selena wouldn’t sell out either especially since she can’t rea;;y sing…just carry a tune! her tour is doing good not great but’s not that famous yet and im pretty sure she’s not a temporary star..jb is miley could be too but demis actually talented! too good for disney! and she’s not desparate..she’s not the one who says when to do a cd or tour so stfu

  • brenda





  • ashley

    no but i will july 10.8th row baby!so excicited this will be my 4th time seeing her live!yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Sass

    I love Miss Demi! I get to see her on 14 July in Seattle, WA! I am really excited! And I’m excited for her new album, she is such a talented writer…And man can she sing! Love you Demi, keep up the good work!

  • http://hhy peace95

    beautiful girl…

  • ang

    i love her shes so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pup

    Who’s the guy in the 6′th pik??

  • a.m./p.m.

    Demi’s tour was a huge mistake! Disney thought she was gonna be their next success story similar to the Jonas Brothers but they were wrong. Ticket sales were so low that they had to cancel 3 shows! Shame on Disney for not seeing this coming. I feel really really bad for her.

    I’m glad Selena is using the “Miley” plan. She’s waiting until her show becomes a huge franchise and THEN she’s gonna release her first album. This summer, Disney will turn Wizards into their next Hannah Montana. By the end of summer, Selena would’ve had a ton of exposure. That would be the perfect time to release a debut album.

    Demi, on the other hand, is already on her sophmore album and she is still not able to take on a headlining tour. Clearly, Demi is way behind the Jonas and Miley success. Right now, the best she could aim for is an Ashley Tisdale music carreer. I’m still rooting for Demi though.

  • Jon

    @a.m./p.m.: I know I heard about that too. Some people are even saying that people were leaving in the middle of her show and that there were alot of empty seats. My friend’s girlfriend went to her concert a few days ago and said she saw a huge crowd leave right after David went off the stage! People were leaving before she even came on?? WTF! This tour was a freakin’ disaster. I KNEW she should’ve left Disney for a bigger label.

  • kc

    Hate to admit it but I’ve been to a Hannah/Miley concert, a Jonas Brothers concert, a Tayor Swift concert, and now Demi’s and I gotta say hers was the worst one out of the others. Demi herself did great, as usual. But there were alot of things going wrong during the show and the stage looked like a mess. The crowd wasn’t as excited as I expected them to be. The whole show just seemed really unprepared. To top it all off, Demi was sick. ): I hope Disney doesn’t see all this a pull the plug on the tour because that would be devasting for Demi.

  • Meagan

    Lol Britney Spear’s circus concert was way better. But unlike Britney, Demi sang live. :D

  • Courtney

    the guy’s hand in the picture is Joe jonas

  • Mariia


  • Laila

    LOL Such a dork!!! Anyway i dont get why the David fans had to be so Disrespectful i mean really.His fans are mainly old people and upper teens. I am a huggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggge demi fan and i totally support her but she should have waited till maybe her 2nd album got realeased so shed have more fans by then but her “management” is just pushing it its not disney its her “management” i mean come on the girls got talent on top of people leaving the show after David her fans start to lose hope on her just rememder no matter how hard she is falling support her!!!../

  • Kevin

    Demi Lovato is so beautiful. I love her music.

  • miranda

    hi demi….i gotta say, im one of your biggest fans…(not the ones that would scream and jump on you if they saw you of course) but i just wanted to say that i loved your new song (here we go again) i was wondering if it had something to do with your relationship? (ps. for the record kc, im sure demi’s concert was better than miley cyrus, jonas brothers,and taylor swift’s soo…)

>>>>>>> staging1