Vanessa Hudgens: From Brainiac to Blondie

Vanessa Hudgens: From Brainiac to Blondie

Vanessa Hudgens will be heading from Montreal to Vancouver very soon to start filming on her next movie, Sucker Punch.

Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder recently dished to MTV that he was surprised by her audition. He shared, “She rehearsed, she did the audition for the scene. I wasn’t sure at first — [the casting people] were like ‘Oh, Vanessa‘s coming’ and I was ‘Oh, okay – that sounds cool’ but I didn’t know what to think. Then I saw the tape and I literally went, ‘Wow, she’s good. She’s really good.’ Then I talked to her about what she’d have to do.”

He continued, “You’re going to see her shooting machine guns, fighting…we sat her down for her physical evaluation, and she was really athletic. It’ll allow her to stretch herself and do whatever she wants, and not be too exposed by the movie – but also, on the other hand, do things that people have never seen her do.”

Sucker Punch, also starring Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish, is set to hit theaters in 2010.

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  • R*

    Wow i canot wait 2 c SP

  • Gre

    I’d never liked her for Beastly.

  • Zanessa♥

    wow can’t wait going to be amazing.

  • the fame

    clearly she has a super bright future, that’s what talented people deserve… GO GO VANESSA=)

  • alice

    cant wait!

  • humble

    Great for our gal, again, she did things the old fashion way and auditioned. Like the things said about Vanessa it only goes to prove that she is very serious about her career and she has the quality and the staying power. I can honestly say that she has graduated from the Disney profile. Excited, can’t wait for the movie, also for Bandslam and Beastly.

  • melissa.*

    WOW! that sounds like something I would see! It looks really good. (: glad to hear Vanessa experimenting with herself with characters, she doesn’t seem like that “one person movie.” Good for her! you rock Girl! <3

  • Katty

    Can’t wait for the movie

  • lola

    gre-how do you now the movie hits cinema in 2010 !!!
    cant wait too see her shoot and kick,s some ace.

  • heat.

    Zack freaking Snyder complimenting Vanessa. That says A LOT about her and her career. I can’t wait to see this movie, best decision V has ever made for her career thus far.

  • Jackie

    Hell Ya I’m watching this!! the day it comes out!!

  • R*

    Oh man i can already c her with those guns Go V u rock

  • Carol

    Woww…I can’t wait for SuckerPunch..

  • sweetnessa

    i can’t wait for sucker punch !! .
    she’s really talented. GO VANESSA!!

  • w.S

    Wow I can’t wait :D

  • kgg

    Wow, can’t wait for everyone to be pleasantly blown away by her talent and skills. Now all you doubters/haters will have to eat your words. Apparently, the Hollywood directors and producers see what some people fail to see…that she is a major talent. Good luck V!

  • Rickii

    i can’t wait

    GO GO GO V

  • zanessaholic

    i cant wait to see her blonde!!! i love you vanessa!

  • yenni

    vanessa hudgens changed from brown to blonde in sucker punch.

    I have a question vanessa change hair color to the character of sucker punch.

  • dots

    I cannot wait to see this. It’ll really help her to completely shed her Disney image once and for all.
    You know she’s an amazing actress when THE Zack Snyder compliments her.
    I’m so proud of her, remember to keep voting!

  • ilovezanessaxo

    WOW. ZACH SNYDER JUST COMPLIMENTED MISS V H. NOW WHAT HATERS??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty


    No, I do not think she is dying her hair, it’s more like a nickname. Maybe she is kind of a ditz in it or something. I do not think, or at least I hope, she isn’t dying her hair. Her being a blond? Ugh, that wouldn’t look right!

  • yenni

    vanessa if no change color of hair because her character is blondie? by blondie I imagine it would be blonde.

    ok thanks

  • Trina

    This coming from Zack Snyder. Wow!!!!

    Kudos to Vanessa for auditioning and landing the part.

    This dude knows a good thing when he sees it.

    Zack Snyder:
    Won Saturn Award for Best Director for “300″
    Nominated for Saturn Award for Best Writing for “300″
    Won Hollywood Movie of the Year for “300″
    Won ShoWest Award for Director of the Year

  • Trina


    I’m sure it’s just a nickname.

  • jo

    YAY! I can’t wait for Vanessa to start filming. She’s gonna kick major @$$ in this film. I love that she’s stretching herself

  • Helen

    i cant wait
    Has anyone ever seen her perform live?
    She actually sounds better then in the studio I youtubed it
    anyway Ugh i dont know if i want them to stop teasing us with all this info on Sucker Punch knowing we have to wait so long or if i want more lol

  • yenni

    Vanessa mentioned that blondie is very hot, sexy and that is about a brothel in this movie. I mention it because in an interview. I am happy for vanessa zack sydner to have that concept of vanessa.

  • kristy

    love her! can’t wait for this movie!

  • vancrazed

    yep..winning the hearts over with her sheer talent. All on her own. She just has such a go get her mentality that you can’t help but think that she can do anything. So glad that Snyder is excited about her role in this. Him choosing her just shows her ability to bring even the greatest in hollywood to her attention.

    Can’t wait!!

  • yenni

    After seeing vanessa on sucker punch you in the future to remove the work Megan Fox’s and place in action movies.
    it is true that vanessa is in talks to film dead @ 17

  • honey

    cool i loveeee her

  • Helen


    Josh Howard the creator and writer of Dead at 17 already confirmed that she agreed to do it

    you can also find part 2 i think thast where he confirms it

  • pink sugar

    I see why she gave up the music career. She clearly doesn’t have the time to for it with shooting two movies back to back. Good for her.

  • http://EONLINE.COM dans

    Go Nessa!

  • ladysdsandiego

    i can’t wait for this movie!

    very nice compliment from zack.

  • you suck!

    Oh i’m so happy for her!!! She deserve eveything good on her career (and personal life)!
    Helen – yesterday i saw her Neutrogena Concert(and others) and she is SO GOOD on live!!

  • bintk

    Wow she’s going top be fab!

  • bintk

    Wow she’s going to be fab!

  • bekkah

    Yes!!! I already know shes going to be great. I have been wanting her to do an action film!!!! She has the talent and i can’t wait to see it!!!

  • jenny

    No more pictures of vanessa in Montreal because?????

  • WOW

    Def going seeiing this cant wait. this is something i would totally watch

  • Khey

    Pls. keep voting for zanessa!

  • Naomi

    Wow! Hearing this from Zack Snyder seriously warms my heart!

    As a die-hard fan, I’m aware there will always be an element of bias in my appraisal but darn, it feels so good to hear a talented director of Zack’s caliber give an objective opinion that is so complimentary towards Van.

    You know, I have no compulsion whatsoever to defend her against naysayers. If I do so, that would be purely for my own entertainment or to relieve my boredom.

    Clearly, where it counts, within the industry, her talent, potential and personality are speaking for her. That’s what matters in the long run.

    People can blab with praise or hate in the blogs till kingdom come to no avail. What counts is the one opinion that will give one the kind of role they’re looking for.

    Bless the dear girl. That’s what her focus is on. She certainly has no time or energy to waste on the ‘nonsense of it all’. Hopefully, this will be the first of many. Can’t wait!

    I hope we get sneak peeks from the filming.

  • masbonita


  • MaiChi

    Awww man!

  • pink sugar


    She’s working on her movie, and we don’t need to see her every minute of the day.

    OMG Jenny, you are so annoying.

  • sammantha

    Well I hope she’s good. She was awful in HSM and looking at trailers and clips of bandslam, she doesn’t look too good in that either. But I am prepared to see if she has improved, considering zack snyder complimented her, im hoping for the best!

  • suzy

    can’t wait to see her in this, she is going to surprise people in this. I’m so excited!

  • kathy

    things are going pretty good for her. can’t wait for this movie!!

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