Joanna Garcia Romances Chace Crawford

Joanna Garcia Romances Chace Crawford
  • Joanna Garcia joins Gossip Girl
  • Michael Welch dishes on New Moon
  • Tony Oller covers Katy Perry‘s “Hot ‘N Cold
  • Hayden Panettiere talks crushes
  • Daniel Radcliffe wants to be a bigger star
  • Due to conflicts, Demi Lovato‘s shows in Portland, OR, Grand Rapids, MI and Louisville, KY have been canceled. She will be back to visit these cities as soon as possible. Refunds are available at point of purchase.
  • Mitchel Musso will be at The Disney Store in Chicago THIS Friday, July 3. Be sure to stop by to see him (The Disney Store @ 6PM. 717 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL)!
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  • billythekid

    When Daniel Radcliffe said he wanted to be a bigger star, I had assumed he was talking about somehow becoming more popular. So I was surprised to read that he wants to be taller. Better get used to it because i dont think he is going to grow anymore since he is now almost 20?

    I have heard you could still buy tickets to Demi’s shows – least the one’s not being cancelled – so perhaps they cancelled these 3 shows due to poor ticket sales? I would be surprised if that’s actually the case though since she is one of the very few teen singers I think would actually be worth seeing perform. I could mention a whole host of other Disney/Nickalodian singers I wouldn’t dream of paying to see.

  • Cindy

    Whats wrong with demi, is she sick or sumething? Because Selena Gomez tweeted somthing olong the lines of “Hope demi gets better”.

  • sean84

    well i dunt fink demi is canselling her shows 4 poor tickitts sales lol i fink she hav a porblem wiff her voice or sumfing lol nd well dats why selina gomez said hop she gets better soon lol so well i hop demi gets better soon i relly lik her she amazing she awsome nd shes so tallented lol nd well shes relly beautifull bye the way lol

  • sean84

    though i preffer miley lol shes my gf in my dreams lol

  • billythekid

    @sean84: I dont think it has anything to do with her voice. If it did she would be cancelling shows right now, and not shows weeks and months down the line. She cancelled 3 shows. Portland (July 13), Louisville (August 5) and Grand Rapids (August 17). Something else besides trouble with her voice is behind these cancellations.

  • me

    Dan is sexy just the way he is!! I always love his interviews! I think it’s hilarious that he and Rupert won’t let Emma play table tennis with the because she beats them all the time. :)

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