Demi Lovato: 'Here We Go Again' Out July 21!

Demi Lovato: 'Here We Go Again' Out July 21!

Demi Lovato tips her top hat in this new shot from WWD.

The 16-year-old singer/actress dished to the online mag about her own fashion style, music being her first passion and about her new album, Here We Go Again. Check it:

On her new found love for acting: ” [Music is] my first love. Acting is just kind of a way to pay for the singing. I mean, not anymore. Acting now is like a new challenge, new hobby, a new passion even.”

On making decisions on what she wears out: “Sometimes when I want to wear a really hot skirt or something, I think, ‘Would you want your little sister to wear that skirt in two years? No.’”

On the feel of her new album, Here We Go Again: “[It's] more relaxed and more mature. [The songs are] pretty much just heartbreak. I had fallen in love and then my heart got broken. I had never fallen in love before, so that was interesting.”

On pulling one particular song from the record: “When I took a step back, I realized I wouldn’t like those subjects being talked about in somebody else’s home, with a seven-year-old and their mom.”

Here We Go Again hits stores Tuesday, July 21 and don’t forget to RSVP for Demi‘s Facebook chat!

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Photos: Ashley Barrett
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  • lilly

    yay i love demi she looks stunning in these pics
    cant wait for her album !!!!!!!!!!

  • dee

    her sister is 14?
    she said “i wouldn’t want my sister wearing that in 2 years”
    demi’s 16, so is her lil sis 14? i thought she was 7 or 8?!

  • Heather

    She’s one of the most beautiful people inside and out ever i swear…

  • maichi

    I’m going to her concert on July 3rd!
    I can’t wait!
    Here We Go Again is my favorite song, currently at least.

  • Kendi

    love it(L)

  • DemiFan

    Finally! It’s nice to see some Demi! But how’s about some Miley?

  • melissa. *

    She looks AMAZINGG! Wow! LOL (x .

  • katherine

    what song got pulled from here album?? why?

  • Anonymous

    That doesn’t stop her from wearing little mini skirts everywhere.

  • jo

    her eyebrows scare me

  • maichi

    That desn’t mean she’s 14 you idiot…
    She’s just saying it’d be sending her sister a bad call.

  • Kevin

    Demi Lovato is best. I can’t wait to buy her new Cd. Her Music Rocks.

  • Marie

    Demi is so beautiful I love her music. Can’t wait to buy her new Cd.


    shes so pretty and the good thing is that shes not to skinny or to fat! shes regular size! 8 )


    @dee: it doesnt mean shes 14 it just means she could wear in two years ! and her little sis is not 14!!!!!!!

  • amy

    #6 I’m actually glad to hear about Demi instead of Miley for a change :)

    #11 If you are in a bad mood stick your head in a bucket of water or something, nobody deserved to be called an idiot…

    Love Demi, she is beautiful and seems like a great person :)

  • Delsy

    love that pic and love her

  • nathalia

    love her!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    i love her..
    she has a good voice but i don’t think her songs are great(i listened those)
    and she is not beautiful.just sweet.

  • Andy

    Sexy shoot!

  • http://iasrg Jay!

    She’s so pretty and talented but I don’t like the black hair. I liked it better as the dark dark brown with no extensions. But whatever floats her boat! :)

  • stay

    she is young! she just saying down the road in 2 yrs..

  • tlt

    a perfect rolemodel!!

  • Ashley

    she looks old

  • Vanessahudgens


  • Mina

    demi looks amazing! i can’t wait for HWGA to come out!!! i it’s gonna be great!

  • Andrea

    I lover her,, she´s so beautiful, the pics are really cute,, !!

  • cami

    HOT!!!, i adore demi

  • Lucia

    she’s always THE BEST ! :)

  • mileyanddemifan

    Totally agree i like miley but I LOVE miley got all her albums she needs a new one ill still get demis though!

  • CAssy

    i wish these girls would act and actually look their age

  • someone

    she looks hot! love her!

  • jojo

    wow… dare i say hot?
    totally gorgeous!

  • lala

    Prettay!! She looks like one of the veronicas in one pic. Compliment..

  • ArchieDemi

    She is GOR-GEOUS!

  • evie

    DEMI IS AMAZING I LOVE HER i can’t wait for her new album

  • Caroline

    OMG i loveee Demi! she is amazing and i am sooo pumped for her new c.d. I went to her concert last night and it was so fun! check out this cuteee video from the performance:

    p.s. she “forgot” the words and got this cute little girl to come up and sing with her!

  • Jenny

    @katherine: For the love of a daughter was the song that got pulled because she didnt want to hear anything related to her dad

  • Laila

    OMG OM OMG ! ! !
    GO TO 0:47!!!
    <3 Surprised

  • Jayneene

    I love Demi, She’s such an amazing person!!! She has great taste in clothes and make-up EVERYTHING! Love her voice too!
    Love you Demi!

  • Melody

    Demi Lovato songs are awesome
    She had a great voice and is really pretty,talented and seem nice
    I have both her album
    Keep staying Nice and down to earth Demi

  • Melody

    Demi Lovato songs are all awesome
    She had a great voice n is really pretty,talented and seem nice
    I have both her album
    Keep staying nice n down to earth Demi

>>>>>>> staging1