Mitchel Musso Makes it to Maryland

Mitchel Musso Makes it to Maryland

Mitchel Musso flashes a peace sign as he makes his way through Ronald Reagan Washington National airport on Wednesday afternoon (July 1) in Washington, D.C.

Clutching onto his pillow, the 17-year-old musician chatted on his iPhone as he strolled through the terminal with his band. Mitchel tweeted later in the day, “Follow @lelandgrant – he’s posting pictures of the trip! We just got here! Can’t wait to see you guys @ Six Flags in Maryland TONIGHT!!”

On Sunday, July 5, Mitchel will be playing Chicago’s Pertillo Band Shall at Grant Park @ 8PM.

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Credit: Brandon Todd; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • gjghjmhg

    wow he was obviously showing off his tattoo…

  • jd

    Since when did he get a tattoo?

  • SHima iqbal

    omg he has a tattooo

  • Steph

    he is adorable! cant wait to see him on july 16!
    and he had a tattoo when i met him 2 weeks ago in nyc

  • zanessa4everr

    omg i was supposed to fly in to ronald reagan today!

  • Meagan

    Wow. Look how he holds the phone with the tattoo hand and also gives a peace sign with the tattoo hand. showoff. He’s so annoying.

  • TV

    this guy so desparately wants to be like his brother But he’s just another lame disney star

  • Zekemaster

    Singer-wannabe. How’s his album even doing?

  • Jon

    Ugh!! I’m so tired of Disney singers. The last disney star that I will TOLERATE on releasing an album will be that Selina chick, since she’s hot. But if that girl from the Suite Life on Deck releases an album, ima scream!

  • kc

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. looks like some druggie ):

  • Kiera

    i love him<3

  • brenda

    I don’t like him
    He’s soooooooo……..I don’t know

  • katie

    ooooohhh! another tattoo. he’s getting sexier by the minute. =) love him! seeing him august 6th! cant wait!!!

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    Is that a tattoo??? Well if it is he’s just trying to show it off. He’s definatly looking for attention. He’s trying to look like a bad-a*s. He is trying to be like his brother. And his brother is a wannabe rocker also.

  • lizzie

    he gets followed by paparazzi now.. since when??? seriously he’s not famous enough to have the paparazzi…

  • mimitchel_lala_princess

    OMM! i looooove the pix so cute!!!! =b


    wow people are so stupid theirs always fucking paparazzi around in a airport !!!!!!!! and how is he a wannabe/showoff .wow just because he did the peace sign and how hes holding his phone and his tatoo is showing doesnt mean hes showing off .how else is he suppose to hold his phone wear it doesnt show his tatoo!!
    and if u guys hate why r u even looking at his pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitchel Fan

    People, Mitchel is going to be 18 in a week, he’s allowed to get tattoos. It could be fake too, you don’t know. He’s not a druggie, its called being tired. If you flew all the way across the world, you’d be tired too. If you look he has a pillow and is in sweatpants. I bet he just woke up. And I agree with the person above, there are paparazzi everywhere.

    Mitchel is a sweetheart and he is very talented.


    @Mitchel Fan: I agree with u too! =)

  • humble

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve noticed that the Disney kids have a record contract whether they can sing or not, although not all of them have accepted the music deals I think it’s one of the perks that come with their contract. Disney isn’t stupid, they will make money anyway these kids choose to go until their contract is up.

  • Kame

    agree he is annoying & a showoff

  • Laura

    I feel like he needs make up on or something lol

  • victoriasa

    @lizzie: jokes!”

  • sophie

    why get a tatoo mitchel ?

  • victoria

    I got to meet him! and it concert was amazingg:] PLZZ COME BACK TO MARYLAND!

  • fiama

    he has got another tatto, he made it in his 16th birthday, and now he has got another one, is cool :D and he`s getting hotter every second :D haha, and guys, he`s from disney, yeah, i know, but it doesn´t mean that he can´t look good and do what he wants, he`s gonna be 18 in july 9th :D he doesn´t wanna look “rocker” he`s just doing what he would do if he weren´t famous :)

  • fdghghg

    he is such a wannabe ugh he wants to be like his brother he cant even sing hes not even cute disney stars are sooo annoying now danm

  • MITchhishott

    I saw mitchel at the Disney store signing in Chicago today and his girlfriend “Gia” was there and I saw she had the SAME TATTOO!!!! Why would they both get WWW or MMM???!!

  • Alyssa

    his tattoo has three M’s for Mitchel, Mason, and Marc

  • Janice


    Maybe cuz he wants to…..Whats wrong with Tattoos?