Cody Linley Returns to Hannah Montana

Cody Linley Returns to Hannah Montana

This weekend, Cody Linley is excited to return to the DC series that made him a household name, Hannah Montana.

In a special one-hour episode, “He Could Be The One,” Miley repeatedly tries but fails to gently tell Robby (Billy Ray Cyrus) that she’s dating Jake Ryan (Linley) again. Soon, her dad winds up believing she’s trying to hide something from him. Now, to make Robby thankful for Jake, Miley pretends to date his bad boy band mate Jesse (Drew Roy) but gets in over her head so it’s up to Robby to help her listen to her heart.

Earlier this week, caught up with Cody, 19, to chat about the special episode, his summer plans and his budding music career. Check it:

On writing new music: “I’ve written over 50 solid songs, and right now I’m just in the process of narrowing them down and deciding what I want to release. I take being an artist seriously, and I don’t want to release anything prematurely. I’m still doing the Ro and Co show with my friend Roshon [Fegan]. We haven’t released anything lately but yes, music is a huge part of my life. Songs that I’ve written all over the world this year will definitely be coming out, and I want to produce it with some of my close friends like Aaron Carter and some other producers. I’m just really trying to find a way to do it independently because I want to bring my true funk sound, and that would be a kind of acoustic soul mixed with funk.”

On Jake Ryan’s alter ego, Meelosh: “The character Meelosh was actually created by me. I went up to the writers room and they asked me if I could do any special accents, and it was right around the time Borat was coming out. But I had been watching The Ali G Show and (Borat impression) ‘They talk like this’ and they really liked it. That’s where I did a little improv. I don’t remember any specific lines I made up, but if you go back and watch Season 2 with the ice cream shop scenes with Miley where she’s putting ice cream in my mouth, I just started saying this random stuff. Oh my lord, it was so cold, I just started rambling. I guess Meelosh was Jake Ryan’s attempt at hiding, he’s kind of like Lola for Emily Osment’s character. He dyed his hair black and wore goofy clothes just to disguise himself.”

On his summer plans: “I’m actually going to Aruba on for the 4th of July, and then I’ll be going on a Disney cruise from the 10th to the 14th. Then I’ll be back in Los Angeles on the 15th. I’ve had an awesome year being able to travel and go on vacations throughout the year. I went down to Monterrey, Mexico about two months ago when swine flu went down and that was crazy because I was on the plane when everyone was wearing masks and I was afraid I wasn’t going to get back into America for a second.”

He Could Be The One” premieres THIS SUNDAY, July 5 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel!

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  • Gabriela Aroca

    OMG ! *-*
    He’s soooo cute !
    They’re the BEST together ! C I L E Y F O R E V E R ! ♥

  • Julie

    Cody seems REALLY nice :]] I cant wait for this episode!! :]]

  • amara

    thats rly kool..i wus hoping they would bring him back on the show :)

  • Jessica

    JJJ help me out here. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Miley would guest star on ABC Family’s “Secret Life Of The American Teenager”? Vote for my question please :)
    Oh and I’m super excited for “He Could Be The One” to air.

  • cristin

    omg cody linley is sooo hot but i think she isnt going to date either one

  • cristin

    i think she wont choose any of them but i like jake ryan/cody linley

  • steph

    i love him!!! AND Meelosh:) haha :)

  • cam

    she will chose Jake/Cody – but because it is tv it wil be on until the next episode & then the writers will bring someone else on. Too bad that season 4 will be the last for HM – It is really getting good as Miley/Hannah grows up.

  • Megan

    this episode is amazinggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!! my favorite one ever!!!!! the ending was great!! i <3333 mileyyy

  • brianna

    cody linley should win HES SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brianna


    hew was it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lu

    i think miley’s character would be really good with jake but what about lucas? hadn’t she fallen in love with him in the movie?

  • sherydan

    she’s should pick jake ryan cause he’s so hott!!!!!!

  • daniela (:

    she pick jakeeeee :D i’m so happy xD

  • Qwerty

    I am sick of his character, Miley may be a teenager, but this is getting ridiculous, they are more on again off again than Dan and Serena off of Gossip Girl! I heard what happens in the episode, and I don’t think I am going to enjoy it much, as it has become so predictably childish how it plays out. I am a huge Miley and Hannah fan (I spent an hour tonight video taping the Radio Disney Planet Premiere), and I am really disappointed that Disney is setting such a bad example for girls by making her character emotionally weak, which contradicts everything the actual Miley is, and how she plays the character. This is so stupid, I wish they would either keep him or dump him, because I for one am not surprised the least when he guest stars any more.

  • jennifer

    hello yhonas broders love you los amo con todo mi corazon

  • jennifer

    este es mi msn

  • sukhi

    so hottttttttttt

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