Danielle Deleasa: Peep My Engagement Ring!

Danielle Deleasa: Peep My Engagement Ring!

Last night, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas announced that eldest son Kevin Jonas and longtime girlfriend Danielle Deleasa were engaged.

Seems that the 21-year-old musician pulled out all the stops for his bride-to-be. MTV reports that Kevin helped Jacob & Co., designer Jacob the Jeweler design Danielle‘s engagement ring!

The diamond ring is a 3-carat solitaire cushion-cut diamond, surrounded by 210 round brilliant-cut pave diamonds. WOWZA!

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  • emily:)

    congrats kevin:)
    im so happy for them they are the cutest couple ever:)
    nice ring!

  • anonymous


  • saudia

    it’s so pretty ..love them. Hope it works out for them.

  • nicole

    wow, it’s gorgeous and they are gorgeous! I’m truly happy for both of them. <3

  • Samantha

    That engagment ring is beautiful!!!!!!!! I wonder how much it was.

  • kourtney


  • Michelle

    too cute… she looks a little like Hailey Duff…a very tan Hailey duff

  • SAso

    wow,, congrats kevin

    it’s so pretty ring :)

  • m

    i still can’t believe that Kevin is getting married!!i’m super happy for them
    but it’s just such a shock! do you guys thing they will have kids soon?
    i hope they won’t have it right away,they are way to young to be having a children!!we need more details on this!lol

  • mari

    happy couple
    the ring is nice :)

  • AshleyTisdalelovefan

    i dont want him to married!!!

  • vik4oo

    from how many years they are dating???

  • Rachel

    Wowww that ring is AMAZING!! haha its soooooo pretty (: Nice job Kevy!! I’m soo happy for them (:

  • tina

    wow, the ring is beautiful! (:

  • lauren

    awww i love them! cant wait for the wedding pictures :D going to be beautiful

  • Courtney

    The ring is so beautiful!
    Kevin is going to be the best husband and Danielle is sooo lucky!!!!!

    My family and I wish them nothing but happiness!!!!

    I love JB!!!!!


  • Lorena

    omygosh…. I want one of those too… :$
    It’s a great choice! ^^

  • ashley

    aww yay!

  • tara

    so this means kevin’s gonna get rid of that purity ring and finally let the cat out of the bag?

    haha go kev.


  • Jeanette

    I Happy For Them they are also such a Cute Couple
    Congrats Kevin

  • rana

    Best of luck!!

  • victoria

    wow that ring is breathtaking. you know he loves her!

  • grace

    @Michelle: thats what i was thinking when i first saw here.

  • grace


  • sarah

    wow. u know kevin he soo loves her!

    I wish them nothing but the best <3

  • Congrats Kevin and Danielle!

    @vik4oo: they have been together for 2yrs,
    but i think they have known each other longer.

  • http://justjaredjr.com yaima

    she is going to use him for his money i could tell that on her eyes trus me i know girls like that they are not ready to get married yet and kevin wat would u thingking man she is going to use u for ur money are u stupid man

  • lola

    im soooo happy for them.
    that ring is BEAUTIFUL.
    but its just so weird that hes gonna get married!!!
    congrats kevin and danielle hope you have a nice life.

  • Congrats Kevin and Danielle!

    that ring is amazing!!!!
    Shes soooo lucky to have a great guy like Kevin.
    Im very happy for the both of them.
    I mean its still hard to believe that,
    a JONAS is getting married.
    But i completely support his choice.
    I wish them nothing but the best,
    in the FUTURE!
    Congrats Kevin and Danielle.

  • Khadijah

    THey are an amazing couple!! and the ring is still beautiful!
    I still can keep thinking that I will be the next Mrs. Paul Kevin Jonas though!! haha :)

    COngrats again Kevin n Dani!!!

  • Christa

    wow, i always said i wouldn’t want a big flashy ring, but that is beautiful haha I would kill for that ring.

    and whoever asked they were dating for 2 or 3 years.

    ahhh go kevy <3333

  • Anne

    @vik4oo: they have been dating for a year.

  • Anne

    @Congrats Kevin and Danielle!: actually they haven’t been together for two years they met two years ago and they have been together for a year.

  • flashdrive

    OMJ!!! i LOVE the ring!!!! congrats!, AGAIN!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr.com #1 Jonas Brother Fan

    Wow! Thats beautiful!
    I love Kevin I wish him luck
    for everything!

  • kristine

    CUTE. she does look like hillary duff’s older sister.

  • aye oh, let’s go.


  • http://www.totally-me.com/ Vivi

    i just hope she’s not in it for the money! but they are still a real cute couple! :)

  • miss zanessa

    CONGRATS TO the happy couple hehe
    she´s one lucky ladie huh?
    and yeah she reminds me of haylie duff a bit :)

  • miss zanessa

    gorgeous ring by the way
    nice choice kev

  • the fame

    bravoo kevin! lets see the consecuences of this wedding, lets see if the jonas remain the same now that kevin has husband responsibilities..

  • Harleen

    that is soo cute
    I love this couple
    …soo now that Kevin and Danielle are gonna get married
    NICK wanna marry me? =D
    and leave miley cause i know she’s gonna end up like Britteny spears>.=O
    ILYNICK<3 <3

  • istar

    WOW… that ring is wow.

  • autumn

    Congrats Kevin and Danielle!!!

  • Darya Armani

    I was at the concert in Vancouver, the night he proposed to Dani, and i met him when he was leaving the building. and he left like 30 mins before his brother and i was lucky enough to meet him and he was so excited to leave hahahah i wish him and Dani the best of luck for them
    Dani + Kevin= Forever :)

  • Jess

    aw thats so sweet *-*

  • crazyblackgirl

    yea jonas brothers are def. going to be over
    after he gets engaged hahah
    now to initiate my plan to meet nick jonas
    after jb breaks up nick jonas will eventually be back to a regular kid
    thus increasing my chances of meeting him and the rest is gucci!

  • http://justjaredjr stardiva

    i hope danielle isn’t a golddigger. i think kevin is such a nice and a good person.

  • Congrats Kevin and Danielle!

    @Darya Armani: ooh lucky!
    wow he left early.
    but thats only cause he flew the whole night to make it to New Jersey which is just awwww.

  • http://www.yupiamsarahismail.blogspot.com sarahismail

    bell is ringing…..
    look like somebody gonna have very awesome wedding soon

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