Lucas Grabeel: Still Making Music

Lucas Grabeel: Still Making Music
  • Lucas Grabeel‘s new music video
  • How Miley Cyrus broke up with Justin Gaston
  • Hilary Duff is the new Gossip Girl
  • Zac Efron & Megan Fox have dinner
  • Robert Pattinson‘s little leading lady
  • Win a trip to Miss Teen USA Fantasy Camp
  • Walter Perez finds Fame
  • Monique Coleman is filming a PSA for the Children’s Miracle Network today
  • V Factory will be performing at 103.5 KTU’s 2009 Beatstock.
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  • catty123

    v factory sucks

  • jackie

    the thing with Megan and zac is just something made up so that people can go on the site i don’t believe it one bit!

  • Charlie JohnSon

    So Zac is banging Megan Fox now?

  • grace

    missed LUCAS

  • nania

    zac is stupid man he cheating on vanessa
    vanessa love him but zac don’t care i want kill him i hate him vanessa is so mush better than megan

  • Hsmzanessafansite

    yeah, I know, I commented on that thread to tell everyone that this has to be false bc of how they were at the Globe Awards…Plus Vanessa and Megan are close friends, Megan wouldn’t do that to Vanessa..They don’t even have pictures to show proof so its of course false.. But let ppl believe what they want to believe..

    Plus Zac should be packing to head to Vancouver to film his movie..

  • the fame

    lucas WHO?

    oh and celebuzz always writes false stories without realiable sources, so i dont believe it

  • marla


    Zac isn’t filming until August.

    Megan and V are not close friends, they are just aquaintances who hung out at two events.

    The story could be completely false. Remember the story of Megan hanging out with Robert Pettinson? She denied the whole thing.

    There have been many stories about celebs that circulate and end cause a mini firestorm and then end up NOT being true!

    It is extremely unfortunate that negative publicity and false stories are even allowed in the media.

    There was 1 diner who alleged it was them, just like there was a tweet about Zac being in Disneyland yesterday. LOL

  • athena

    I liked that Lucas Grabeel song…not so much the video…although, I think it would sound great if someone like The Racounters or The White Stripes recorded it…that would be AWESOME!!! Ya’ hear that Lucas?

  • Karen

    For pity sakes people! Stop being melodramatic and stop being childish! You all make me crazy. Remember how some of you got a few months ago when Zac had lunch with Kay Panabaker(sp?)? You were ready to tear him a new one and accused the poor boy of cheating on Vanessa then too. What happened? NOTHING. He was out in a public place having lunch with a friend because she invited him. It was apparent Vanessa had no problems with it either. Then what happened? We see that Zac and Vanessa were the same as usual—loving and still together.

    Just because Zac MAY be seen with some other girl DOES NOT mean he is cheating. I wish some of you could get that through your closed off reasoning processes. If he was with Megan it could have been something to do with business and he was once again in a public place so it was not like he was trying to hide anything.

    PLUS, there are a few more factors:
    1. The source reporting this is a know tabloid site which means they WANT to stir up gossip and controversy.

    2. Megan was also seen yesterday with her longtime love Brian Austin Green.

    3. IF anyone would look at the Golden Globe pictures it is clear that Megan and VANESSA were the ones having fun at the awards dinner. And I would say given the fact that the 3 of them looked like they had a good time—although it was clearly Vanessa that Zac had his eyes on at the GG—-they would all be friendly with each other if they ever met up again for whatever reason.

    4. It is FACT that Megan ALSO SAID in a statement after the GG how she would never be interested in a romantic way with anyone as young as Zac or for that matter anyone under the age of 30.

    Is any of this sinking into those thick skulls?

  • athena

    @Hsmzanessafansite: Well, if we think we know Megan Fox…she would do him…But this all sounds like hearsay…I’d like to know for sure and see pictures of these two out at dinner…Megan Fox is back with Brian Austin Green…and…well, whatever.

  • katie

    Lucas is AMAZING. Period. Don’t you give that Lucas who crap.

  • Hsmzanessafansite

    you gave them the point..
    I agree with you 110%..

  • katie

    @Karen: Thank you. Someone had a brain.

  • athena

    @Hsmzanessafansite: Well, if we think we know Megan Fox…she would do him…But this all sounds like hearsay…I’d like to know for sure and see pictures of these two out at dinner…Megan Fox is back with Brian Austin Green…and…well, whatever. It’s such a bogus rumor to stir things up…these slag mags are soooo wrong and want to create havoc in these celebrities lives.

    I do like Megan Fox and think she’s pretty sometimes, but to me she seems like she’s a bit of a slutty kind of girl. Although, I’d think Zac would steer clear of any kind of person that has a negative persona attached to them. Maybe they’ll be doing a movie together…who knows, maybe they’ll tone her down and she’ll be playing Tess in his new movie…I doubt it though.

  • Yee

    @Karen: Sweet baby Jesus amen! To be quite honest I don’t even think Zac is in LA. I get the feeling he’s in SLO or something

  • athena

    @katie: Someone had a brain…I hope she still has it…LOL…I’m sure many may have seen these articles and pics that Karen has written about.

  • jenny

    This is ridiculous. but if this were true and this megan with Brian Austin Green is a pereja weeks they spent the weekend in Las Vegas.

    rise again the gossip between zac and megan,

    this news is circulating around the tabloids and internet now. when follow up with this.
    is that if you read the note that says it is ridiculous.

    Megan Fox was seen yesterday with her boyfriend to see this

    if this were true, where are the pictures??????????””

  • katie

    @athena: LOL typo ;)

  • jenny

    remember the rumor that Robert Pattison. Megan and Robert in a bar in a hotel, and being very affectionate According to a witness. and where are the pictures and was not true just a rumor.

    until you see pictures I do not think anything

  • jackie

    yes someone finally agrees with me! people and there BS



    ZANESSA <3

  • jenny


    I agree with you Karen, as Zac Efron had date dinner with Kay Panabaker was some pictures posted up, but as Megan not think , where are the photos, more than any photo to be taken if a paparazzi in Los Angeles where there are more paparazzi at los angeles . you have not read the news they say they were talking their faces and were near each other has no foundation for what they say. you remember the rumor with Robert Pattison.

    but if they went out to dinner was a friend.
    megan you know that vanessa is dating zac ,or just really zac and vanessa have broken up something that I do not think.
    megan that is not your kind of man who likes older men.
    again with the rumors

  • Katty


    I always agree with you Karen.
    There are no pix, so I have no proof. Megan had stated she wants an older man with a lotta expeirence, and doesn’t go for younger guys. She has even said that she doesn’t think of Zac that way, saying he is childish, and stuff. Even if they did have dinner, I’m sure it was a friendly thing, because they are kinda-sorta friends.
    Who knows? Maybe Megan got the role of that Tess Carool chick or whatever, and they were talking about CSC.
    Anyways, I think she is still hung up on BAG, and not Zac Efron’s type. And, isn’t Zac in his hometown right now??? Or, at least he was Tuesday, wasn’t he?

  • jenny

    if you say it was 29 on Tuesday, zac was outside of Los Angeles in Calabasas or in Arroyo Grande
    The same day from friends and beers.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 Fan


    I 100% Totally agree with you.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 Fan


    I Totally agree with you.

  • Karen

    OK, now on with the #1 item on this thread—Lucas Grabeel. He is so talented and I truly wish him the best. Hang tough, Lucas.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 Fan

    Lucas Grabeel is amazing.

  • ryanefron

    Zac is awesome. He would never cheat on Vanessa.

  • megahn

    this zanessa split stuff is a load of rubbish! girls and boys can be frineds, they don’t always have to be dating!



  • Bod

    jared you are a fool for posting the zac megan story

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    I don’t think Zac and Megan had a date, there’ really no proof other than a “source”, which say nothing but a load of crap most of the time!
    Zanessa is forever, Zac wouldnt cheat on his Baby-V <3

  • Masbonita

    I don’t see any reason why he needs to go out alone with her , even if they are talking about working together . I think Zac will be smart to know that this doesn’t look good ……sorry ,but two attractive people going out as “friends that never hang out together” it’s not a good move ….. hopefully is not true . LOVE NESSA!

  • jenny

    believe that working megan fox with zac in his new movie

  • jenny
  • Mm.

    this zac and megan story looks so BS.
    there’s no proof.

  • Kris

    honestly i’m so happy for lucas gabreel.
    i think out of all the HSM cast
    he’s got the best voice
    but that’s just my opinion.
    And the fact that he’s choosing to do smaller roles for movies,
    and go into this different sort of indie world
    with his music is really great.
    he’s not trying to be famous and a pop singer
    he’s just doing his own thing i love that about him.

    he’s probably the most talented person out of HSM
    but he doesn’t get enough credit.

  • Jackie

    I agree with you. He can be such a dumbass sometimes.

  • Jackie

    @Masbonita: I agree with you. Zac can be such a dumbass sometimes

  • awurbii


    I completely agree. Lucas was the best voice out of the entire cast in my opinion. He deserved a lot more attention than he got for the movie. I thought I was the only one who thought that. Thank God , I’m not the only one.

  • yo

    Ok so celebuzz is the source of the Zac Megan thing
    1.They always post false stories
    2.if u read their story they clearly state that ONE person in thw whole restaurant said they were very friendly
    3.Theres no proof other then that article
    4.If he did have dinner with Megan SO WHAT?they might be friends ive seen lots of proof that they are and also that vanessa and megan are friends maybe not bff because Megan always says that she doesnt have many friends but still
    and you know what we all need to stop being so obsessed with Zac and Vanessa its creepy

  • aw


    I hope you realize that you’re an idiot.

    Zac’s not a child, regardless of this sighting being true or not he can have dinner with whomever he likes. People are capable of just being friends, how this concept isn’t understood still is beyond me. And lol seriously, based on Megan’s comments, the Golden Globes and the MTV Movie awards, Megan seems more interested in Vanessa than Zac. People are being ridiculous if they are actually turning him into a cheater or Megan Fox into a threat.

    Lucas has a great voice but he still needs to find his sound I think. He’d be amazing in Broadway.

  • Katty


    There are no pix, and Celeb-buzz often pulls stuff out of their as$es just to get hits on their site, and apparently, this is def. doing it.
    Even if they were out together, there is a change Megan got cast in Zac’s movie, and they were just hanging out, and if they were hanging out, who really cares? Having dinner with a girl who is a friend is not cheating, boys and girls can be friends.
    Why does everyone start bad mouthing Zac if he is seen with a girl who isn’t Vanessa?

  • Masbonita

    AW :

    I’m sorry you took my comment to be of mean spirit … I guess , I reacted after reading the same news in different sites . No reason for you to call me names. I just got a little carry away trying to protect V . I don’t think Zac is cheating on Nessa or anything I just hope he doesn’t put in that situation …. and sorry if you disagree with me about two good looking people been friends .. it just my opinion .

  • kgg

    Good grief, since when do we start believing anything that any disreputable, stupid blogsite puts on the internet about celebrities. There are no pics and this restaurant happens to always have paps hanging around it…where were they that night that this alledgedly happened? If they did happen to have dinner, which I don’t think they did, it might be because of business reasons like him wanting her to be in the next movie he’s making because it would attract the male following she has. Besides, she just got back from spending a week in Vegas with her boyfriend and was pictured out with bf yesterday. The truth shall come out soon and it will be in Zac and Vanessa’s favor….trust me.

  • aw


    Your’re right that was harsh. Sorry. I’m not always particularly polite here and your original comment was ridiculous to me.

  • aw

    *Previous comment in reply to @Masbonita:

  • Emily

    I love Lucas
    His voice is amazing!

  • Hsmzanessafansite

    thank you….that is what I was trying to say about Megan Fox…that she looked more interested in hanging out with Vanessa than Zac..

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