Miley Cyrus is a Snow Bunny Beauty

Miley Cyrus is a Snow Bunny Beauty

Miley Cyrus lands softly in the snow in this new still from Hannah Montana.

In the upcoming episode, “I Honestly Love You (No, Not You),” while Miley is in the hospital recovering from a concert injury, she overhears Oliver (Mitchel Musso) say “I love you.” Assuming he was saying it to her, Miley tells Lilly (Emily Osment), and they hatch a plan to remind Oliver of his feelings for Lilly.

“I Honestly Love You (No, Not You)” premieres Sunday, July 26 @ 7:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ stills inside…

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miley cyrus snow bunny 01
miley cyrus snow bunny 02
miley cyrus snow bunny 03
miley cyrus snow bunny 04
miley cyrus snow bunny 05
miley cyrus snow bunny 06
miley cyrus snow bunny 07
miley cyrus snow bunny 08
miley cyrus snow bunny 09
miley cyrus snow bunny 10

Photos: Dean Hendler/Disney Channel
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  • daniela

    sounds like a funny episode…1st???

  • m

    she looks sooo CUTE!!!love her!


    HE PROBALY SAID I LOVE U TO LILLy , miley just thought he said it too her but i hope loliver stays forever!!

  • loliverr

    yay! finally ..this is going to be such a good episode

    loliver foreveer

  • steph

    omg cant wait!

  • Shanique

    uggh stupid loliver! I HATE that couple so much! I wish oliver would tell miley he loves her that would be cute, haha & funny :)

    & miley looks pretty in that pic! :D

  • whathebuck


  • http://ADRIANAJONAS adriana jonas

    why do you hate lolyver??

    they are so sweet together
    i think that gonna happen late or early XD





  • hellohello

    hahahahaha the loliver (or should i say mikola) pic is so cute! it makes me laugh, them both shivering in the snow…. so cute <3

  • TRU

    Cant wait…..I Love HM!!! Oh yeah….She looks gorgeous in that picture……:)

  • zach

    looks like a stupid episode


    yeah why do u hate loliver, miley & oliver doesnt look right together but i respect your opinion =)

  • Itamara Spencer

    this episode is of what season?

  • bianca

    AHHHH!!! i can’t wait…this looks good. miley’s sooo pretty so is emily! and to tell you the truth… i like moliver better than loliver… sorry for any loliver lovers, (real life… Niley.. lol) but yeah. CAN’T WAIT!!

  • victoria

    ha looks funny, and miley looks really pretty in that picture!

  • kksimpson

    well that cool i guess

  • willow

    Miley always looks super-cute!!

  • candy sweet

    she so cute!!!!!!!!

  • alyssa:)

    can’t wait!

  • brasilian girl


  • Deanna

    Haha, its obviously another Miley mistake… I bet they will go to all that effort and he was saying it to food… or practising it in the mirror to say to Lilly.
    Its how it always works. I love HM butttttt predicitbleee.

  • Kathi

    Is that the end of loliver??

  • rachel

    cant wait !
    miley is so cute :D

  • Delsy

    can’t wait :)


    @Kathi: no ,because miley thinks he said it to her but probalby he said it to something else u know how miley always hear stuff wrong in the show.

  • maria

    para mi hana en esta foto se ve poco cool oseo le falta no?????
    bueno mi comentario es que hana ya no es la misma sino es otra en la clara forma de decir que se esta volviendo cada ves mas…………………

  • thea

    @adriana jonas: they alredi did at the second episodes

  • Julie


  • lolgirle

    I can’t wait for this episode. I love Hannah Montana!!

  • Linds

    ohhh, he better say that to Miley ;D…

  • justme

    Loliver!! I can’t imagine Oliver with anybody else.

  • hoda

    HI dear miley,i like u and ur songs too and i wish to see u once oh that will be the most nice day miley haha bye see u

  • Maria

    That looks funny! I can’t wait!:)
    I’m trying to think of how Miley could have possibly gotten confused, though. Maybe Oliver was like practicing saying I love you… & he was saying it to himself or something, thinking Miley is still unconcious! Either way… CAN’T WAIT:)

  • Mony

    @EMILY: yea he did i saw the episode on youtube! it was really bad!!!

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