New Harry Potter Stills!

New Harry Potter Stills!

Emma Watson, Jessie Cave, and Evanna Lynch look out from the bleachers in this new still from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

In the upcoming fantasy flick, Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) is tightening his grip on both the Muggle and Wizard worlds and Hogwarts is no longer the safe haven it once was. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) suspects that dangers may even lie within the castle, but Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) is more intent upon preparing him for the final battle that he knows is fast approaching.

Also, be sure to catch Daniel on It’s On with Alexa Chung THIS Monday, July 6 on MTV!

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters July 15.

40+ stills inside…

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Photos: Warner Bros. Pictures
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  • http://netlog zanessahasmyheart

    that looks so awsome i cnt wait to see it after a long awaited release

  • koolkat

    Luna Lovegood is AWESOME!!


    any one of the harry potter actors and actresses have so much more talent than all the twilight cast put together!

    can’t wait!!

  • Gina

    who is Jessie CAve??

  • Neth

    Jessie Cave is playing Lavender Brown in Harry Potter
    Shes the girldfriend of Ron in this film and its the girl who is next to Luna Lovegood in the principal photo. ;)

  • Jessy

    This film looks like it will be the best so far because most of the good bits in the book look like they are in it and YAY fourth lol ( i dont get why people do that)

  • EfronPotter

    12 more days! I can’t wait.I am positive this movie will be amazing!
    10 years of being in love with Harry Potter Franchise and I still am.
    Once a Pot(ter) head always a PotHead.

  • Kim

    It looks so awesome, I hope it will be as good as it looks or even better, because honestly (and this is my opinion) I wasn’t to excited about the fifth one, I’d read the book and they cut out some of the best bits I think. I liked the trailer better then Order of The Phoenix movie itself.

    But this looks really really promising!!

  • saudia

    yay .. 13 more days! Cannot wait .. it’s almost here. Sigh I love Harry Potter. Obsessed really.

  • Gaia

    @Gina Jessie Cave is the girl who plays Lavender Brown!

    Luna Lovegood is PERFECT! I love Evanna :D and Tom Felton’s eyes look so bright :3
    Luv Rupert <3

  • Helen walsh

    this is so going to be the film of the year. if new moon gets more attention than this I’m gonna get pissed.

  • Kris

    OH gosh!!
    i can’t freaking wait for this movie!!!!!
    && the whole new moon thing, who cares. Everyone has their own taste i’m a twilight fan and a harry potter fan.. I don’t compare the two at all because they’re different. Some people will like HP more and some people will like NM more. Just depends on you, it’s no big deal.

    but anyway.
    It’s crazy to think that they’re already almost finished shooting the 7th one :( Comparing the films to the first to the 5th they’ve improved so much, and unbelievable to think how much HP has played on all the characters lives.

  • Helen walsh

    shit, can’t get over how good this looks! coming soon, yay

  • Helen walsh

    OH, no no, you got me all wrong! I like twilight as well, and I’m in no way comparing both of them. I know they’re completely different stories. I was talking more of critics and that sort of thing. There’s such a buzz around the twilight saga that I’m afraid it will somehow overshadow HP this year – on the critics, or in award shows, not the audience/fans. Not that awards matter that much, but it was frustrating to see twilight win over an oscar nominated movie, or kristen win over an oscar nominated actress. I think she’s good, but not the best there. Although it was a fan choice, but anyway

    but I completely agree with you on how much they’ve improved! And this one looks like it’s going to be really fair to the book, compared to the last one.

  • Alexa

    RUPERT GRINT IS HOTTT!!! who agrees??

  • dots

    I cannot wait, this movie seems absolutely amazing.
    The trailer alone shows such great promise
    Although I don’t get how it’s only PG, but I’m sure it’ll still be amazing.
    Waited far too long for this one!

  • Kris

    @Helen walsh:
    oh okay i understand what youre saying..
    yeah i agree twilight winning over slumdog millionare was a joke.
    but honeslty it was the MTV movie awards.
    It’s for a teenage demographic unlike the oscars, so twilight just appealed to that audience more for that award show.

  • Celia

    IM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Only 12 Days left! These pictures are bloody awesome!! I don’t even know what to talk about first because I love them all! But Freddie Stroma aka Cormac MacLaggen is a HOTTIE!! :)

  • Celia


    I agree 200%!! So is Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton! *drool*

  • Maria

    @Alexa: me! I love Rupert!

    and Jessie looks like she is perfect Lavender!
    only two weeks!

  • me

    SO COOL! I love the one of the trio sitting in Ron’s room. What’s that on the table in front of them? And I love the one of Snape sitting in his house. It’s so weird to see him out of his dungeons at Hogwarts. And you can see ARNOLD the PYGMY PUFF on Ginny’s shoulder. And Ginny’s boyfriend, Dean Thomas is such a HOTTIE! Only 11 Days left!

  • roro

    woow tha p!c loook soooo awsome


    IM so excited to see it


  • gabby

    Can not wait! I’ve already got my tickets! The reviews have been awesome. It’s even getting Oscar buzz!

    This movie is going to be sick! I know I’m going to see it atleast 5 times.

  • me.

    @Alexa: i agree 100%. i can’t believe he’s not in the spotlight as much as emma & daniel.

  • newport beach, 92660


    I DO
    and 10 days , 10 days , 10 days , 10 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - audrey ♥

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