Terrific Teen Tour -- Canceled!

Terrific Teen Tour -- Canceled!

Mitchel Musso, Debby Ryan and Jasmine Richards won’t be coming to a city near you on the 2009 Terrific Teen Tour.

Debby, 16, posted on her Twitter this afternoon, saying, “I’m very sad to tell you guys the Terrific Teen Tour is postponed! ): i’m so sorry for everyone who was looking forward to it, we were too. But! If you DEMAND us/me in your city, it could get rescheduled to come to your state!!”

Musicians Savannah Outen and Tiffany Giardina were also scheduled to perform.

However, Mitchel will still be touring the country with older bro’s band Metro Station and on the Disney Summer At Sea Cruise.

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  • zefron


  • Jinx

    who would spend money on any of them?

  • Laura

    HAHAHAHAHAHA… can anyone here even sing live except for Savannah Outen?


    sad): i wasnt gonna go… i didnt reallly wanna go lol but i love debby shes amazing, so i feel bad for her ):

  • kimia

    not trying to be mean but I’m pretty sure it’s because no one was really gonna go in the first place

  • Haylie

    haha! like anyone cares….

  • mileyfan

    i was looking forward to see debby but now it`s over! :(

  • princess perfect

    didnt knw there was one to begin wiv but oh well its canceled
    as if anyone was gonna go

  • Erika angel

    awhh! that’s depressing. i was gonna go :( well now i’m gonna demand all of them to come to CT :)

  • hhaha no

    hahaha thats so funny i knew that was gonna FAIL



  • wow4life

    this sucks i heard WOW Wwas gonna me a suprise appearance there so gooodddd dam ittt wag wat am i gonna do

  • mersadeez

    yea I kinda knew that wasn’t gonna make it…. :/ who r they anyways LOL & not 2 be mean, but has any1 even heard debby ryan sing?????

  • the fame

    and who are this nobodys? of course no one want to spend cash in this newbies lol

  • Delsy

    i kinda saw this happening

  • jess

    ugh, I wanted to see Tiffany Giardina soooooo bad.

  • jennc

    tiffanys actually really good live, myspace.com/tiffanygiardina

  • Daniela encines

    No one cares i didnt even know they were gonna Tour !
    Who is would spend money on those people ! Michel Musso cant sing and Tiffany omg that girl is ugly YES!

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  • stefff

    wow, this bites.
    mitchel and tiffany are greatt… UGH.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Billythekidny billythekid

    It just goes to show you that not everyone can sell out concerts. I suppose that this group of people weren’t even looking to actually sell anything out, but only hoping to make a decent dent into whatever the sellout number would be. The next “teen” concert tour that will actually have some buzz – and sell out – will be Miley’s.

  • kate

    they cancelled it cuz no one fucking cares!!!!!!!!!!!!
    epic fail .

  • Mitchel Fan

    Well it did say postponed so it could get reschedualed. I was looking foward to it since the day I was going to go was Mitchel’s bday.

  • Meagan


  • carl


  • TV

    Lol if Jasmine Richards can sing, then why did Disney have to use somebone else’s voice for her character in Camp Rock xD and Debby Ryan can’t even act, why would anybody wanna hear her sing?… and Mitchel Musso is just a major rockstar wannabe. The only people on this “terrific” tour that can sing is Savannah.

    C’mon Disney, let’s just stop the singing thing after Selena because she might be able to sell CD’s because she actually has a large fanbase, unlike these people on this tour.

  • val

    it was prety expensive to see them, the most was like $80 or something, I mean I’ve payed hundreds to go to concerts, but asking for nearly $80 for all of them is sort of a waste of $, I like them all & everything tho, I was actually expecting the tour to take place in much smaller places for like $20. the most I would’ve payed to see them is like $30, $35

  • maya

    shut up everyone!!!!!!
    im so sad
    ( _ _ “)

  • GoslingTwilightlover

    Was anyone even going to this thing??? The only one i know is Mitchel and his music sucks. Oh wait i think i saw Savannah on youtube before. She was pretty good but i wouldn’t buy her album.

  • SOS

    @the fame: DEBBY ISN’T a nobody, shut UP! UGH!!! I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS

  • SOS

    @kimia: umm actually, many people were going to go including my cousins and my friends.. so what the hell are you talking about?

  • SOS

    @billythekid: it did NOT sell a small amount ot tickets you idiot, it was POSTPONED due to debby’s scedule filming ”What If!” and SLOD.

  • lizzie

    I love debby
    she can act
    she has a great personality
    no one has ever heard her sing
    she wanted to make it a surprise on the tour
    but unfortunately its postponed :(
    ugh this sucks
    #14 you need to get a clue, youre in denial because debby is no were near being a a nobody.

  • Kiki

    @kate: you FAIL! they have postponed it. YOU FAIL. HATER.

  • Kiki

    @GoslingTwilightlover: yeah obviously.

  • roory


  • Amanda

    Only one person in this group even has a range. So for the most part it’s just a bunch of no-talent teen wannabees not getting to perform. What a shame.
    @Kiki: Well then maybe someone should take the big canceled banner off of the ad.
    Just a helpful hint, the phrase “FAIL” makes you sound like you’re a ten year old.

  • haha

    hahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahaha wait a minute hahhahahahahahahahhaha i’m sorry i can’t stop hahahahahahaha

  • charlie johnson

    HaHa Mitchel you loser. No one likes your music. And you suck as an actor. Your career will never be anything more than Hannah montanna. You should just give up you loser.

  • luna

    I love debby so much, I was really looking forward to hear her sing. It’s a shame it has been postponed. JJJ, It has been postponed not cancelled. debby said it has been postponed.

  • luna

    @Amanda: number one, debby isn’t a wannabee, she has been singing all of her life, she plays a dozen instruments, she has always wanted to be a singer, no one has heard her sing yet she wants to keep it a surprise and she writes all of her songs alone, unlike some people coughvanessahudgenscough who has never written even song song. Shut up, savage.

  • JorendaLove

    NOOOOO.. I wanted to see Debby! This is unfair. It has only been postponed not canceled. The tour isn’t canceled. It is only postponed, get your stuff right Just Jared.

  • luna
  • maya

    @haha: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mora

    hahahahahahahahhahahahaha seriously who wanted to go see them in concert probley 10 5 year old disney freaks, gosh this is funny and the worst part is they all suck wow some funny shittttttt

  • pretentious

    I could care less about this whole fucknig crap.

  • LaurenZombii

    I’m so bummed!
    I was going to the show on the 9th (Mitchel’s b-day)
    and my friend and I actually went out& bought him a present.
    I’m seriously soooo upset.

  • http://none lexi

    i saw debby on youtube and she was really excited but now they canceled it wow, i feel sorry for here but i dont lke mithelle musso hes just a wanna be

  • Lea

    I just wanted to see Mitchel. He’s so good live.

  • jillrose

    i wasnt gunna go but i wanted to know if Debby can actually sing or not!

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