Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Smooching Sweeties

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Smooching Sweeties

Ashley Tisdale holds on to boyfriend Scott Speer as they make a quick exit from the wild waves in Maui on Saturday afternoon (July 4).

The 24-year-old musician and music video director were seen sharing some kisses in the shade and playing out in the clear ocean.

Ashley visits Hawaii every year on her birthday and this time she took Scott with her! Do Scott‘s swim trunks look familiar?

15+ pics inside of Maui lovers Ashley and Scott

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ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 01
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 02
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 03
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 04
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 05
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 06
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 07
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 08
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 09
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 10
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 11
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 12
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 13
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 14
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 15
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 16
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 17
ashley tisdale scott speer smooching 18

Photos: KKP/FamePictures
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  • http://hhy peace95

    ashley looks awesome and i have to say they look like a happy couple! hope she is happy and taking a break! :)

  • anna

    I am happy for her she is awesome

  • ellyne

    Haha, their almost the same as Zacs.

  • shakalaka

    All the time ashley…
    What about others celebs?I love ashley,but I saw this pictures before and U put pictures of ashley from hawaii recently.
    What about Robert Pattinson?Jonas Brothers?Demi Lovato?Zac?
    I want something new,NOT ashley all the time.

  • Gigi

    No scott swim trunks don’t luk familliar. Awww scashley r so sweet!

  • pop86

    Ashley looks happy.

    No comment for Scott.

  • jenny

    who looks better in bikini Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens

  • Malee

    Aww they look cute together!
    And those swim trunks look kid of like Zac’s when he was in Turks and Caicos with Vanessa!

  • Laura

    I hope Zac and Vanessa take a vacation this year so we get to see more pics like last year, Ashley and Scott look happy.

  • Susie

    In the 3rd photo Scott was totally checking her out! LoL

  • olivia

    jenny @ 4:43 pm on 07/05/2009

    who looks better in bikini Ashley Tisdale or Vanessa Hudgens

    i thinks yor comment
    is not the issue

  • pop86


    Stop trying to cause drama.

  • zanessa4life

    It seems like they’re kinda copying Zanessa :)

    Cute though.


  • bruno

    hot!cute couplee!

  • svenja**

    Lol he wears almost the same trunks as Zac did.. btw Zac looks way better.. anyway Ashley looks happy :)

  • jenny

    I do not like this couple is not hot in comparazion with zac and vanessa, how long the relationship ashley and scott months or years, maybe marries o not

  • @jenny:
    just because both bikini’s are black it doesnt mean there the same smarta*ss
    nd wat does zanessa has to do with this!!
    im seriously getting f**cking sick of this
    dis is an ashley post noe one f*cking cares if u think zanessa is cute or not gosh just go to there post

  • XBlondeeeeX

    awww they look so happy together! :D
    tottaly cute!
    yey scottly!

  • moni445

    cutiess.. : ) I’m so happy for Ashley. :)

  • anonymous

    i dont know what to think…but i seen that scene before not too long ago. they look cute but a bit odd, more like publicity for me. i mean why would you go to that same place you spent your b-day last year with your ex and take your new bf…it seems more like trying to make someone jelaous or revenge. and what a coincidence this guy Scott is wearing the same shorts Zac Efron wore before, also it totally looks clear that they are aware of the cameras and making out in public, which is something she has never done before with her ex..i like Ashley, i have nothing against her, but i think she is trying to show off too much and possibly trying to copy or pretend to be someone else and live a happy live. i hope this isnt true and they are really falling for each other hope cuz then she is gonna be hurt at the end.

  • ladysdsandiego

    just wanted to tell everybody to IGNORE JENNY!!!


  • haha

    He has nothing to check out. She’s flat as a board.

  • taylor

    @anonymous: She’s gone to Hawaii every year for her birthday, there’s no reason to break tradition just because she has a new boyfriend. And so what if Scott and Zac have the same shorts? Is Zac the only person in the world who is allowed to have those shorts. They’re not copying anybody or trying to be someone else, they’re just vacationing.

    I think she just doesn’t care about the paparazzi anymore. Nothing is going to make them go away, so she’s just decided to live her life and do whatever in front of them, and that includes kissing her boyfriend.

  • Nina caplan


  • Julie

    AWW!! Little LOVE birds!! :]]]

  • LoveLeeR

    sooo cute together !!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    @taylor: Well said. :D Their showing PDA which is uber cute. And something we didn’t see with Jared…sorry…had to bring it up again. Ashley looks really happy with him and if she’s happy so be it.

  • addie

    those look like zacs shorts cute couple

  • lucia

    so cute

  • nathalia

    they look happy together

  • the fame

    @jenny: DUH! gosh obviously vanessa! this girl is flatter than a surf board , besides they are zanessa wannabes, copying the shirts and being all PDA
    this is all bullshit.. ashley is using him for promo and he just wants a little of attention

  • Carrie

    Ha! They are so using each other! That’s all scott wants!!! Besides Scott looks totally looks creepy to me. Yes, Vanessa looks better.

  • finally17y/o!!!!!!!!!!!1

    i think vanessa luks betta in a bikkini but dey lul like a cute couple

  • Katie G!

    people need to stop bringing zanessa into this. im a zanessa fan but its not fair to the ashley fans.

    they looks cute =)

  • Katie G!

    people need to stop bringing Zanessa into this thread. I’m a Zanessa fan but it’s not fair to Ashley fans.

    they looks cute =)

  • maria

    I agree….leave Vanessa OUT of this thread!!! I’m a Vanessa fan, and hate when people bring her up here!! This should be a place for Ashley fans to chat about their girl.

  • cami

    @zanessa4life: yeah right, cause zanessa is the ONLY couple that can have fun on the beach

  • Renata

    Ok, stop being immature!
    Only Vanessa can have fun with her boyfriend on the beach and only zac can wear those shorts. Next time when I go out with my boyfrind I’ll try not to look like zanessa, not gonna hold him, kiss him or whatever jus beacuse Vanessa has done that before!
    Let Ashley have fun and love , that’s what we all life for , right?


    They are so cute together!
    Is it me, or does Ashley look like she’s put on a little fat?
    I mean, look at her Shape Magazine cover.
    But she still looks great :)

  • Renata

    Ashley is gorgeous as I wish I could be.
    And shape DOESN’T make anyone any better.

  • erin

    Oh yeah only Zac and Vanessa can kiss. I forgot they own the rights to make out on beaches. They’re also the only ones that can wear plaid shorts and bikinis. Because they were totally the first couple to ever go on vacation and do that.

  • LG

    @ladysdsandiego: True. She claimed she was a ‘fan’ and than she started bashing them out of nowhere.
    @haha: Funny and mean. Well to me.

  • Avril

    Zanessa’s fans are showin they love Ashley!!!!!
    cos if it wasn’t true, they wouldn’t comment here!!!!!!!
    but i’m still in love with Jashley!!!!!!

  • ♥h e a t h e r

    i dont like scott cause i want to protect ashely but she dose look happy<3

  • aussie chicck

    @jenny: vanessa, definatley.

  • Solange

    Zac does not own that shorts. Everybody can wear that. He is a celebrity but it doesn’t mean that no one can wear what he wears. I’m sorry but Ashley is not using Scott. How can u judge somebody by their appearances? Ashley is having her wonderful birthday, she’s famous. Paparazzi all over the place searching for her.

  • chi

    yuck. Hollywood rejects. I love how this thread only has 46 comments when there is tons of PDA while the zac and vanessa post above it has over 200 and there isnt much pda goin on over there.

  • S.


    LMAO I love how you Zanessa fans show you are so obsessed with Ashley by going to her post and always posting sh*t. Seriously, you guys are like obsessed with her or something, oh well more fame for her then :D

  • S.

    and oh yeah cute couple<333

  • pup

    Is it just me, or is this pick rather repetitive? Just change the guy she’s with. Ha.