Miley Cyrus Says She's Single

Miley Cyrus Says She's Single
  • Miley Cyrus declares her single status
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  • The Jonas Brothers are taking twitter questions! They wrote on their twitter, “Rolling Stone is doing a special newsstand issue on us! It’ll go on sale August 21st. As part of the issue we’re going to answer questions submitted by fans via Twitter! Please, don’t send your questions yet! You’re invited to tweet your questions @jonasbrothers tomorrow from noon to 1pm EST. We’ll pick the 30 best questions and answer them in the Jonas issue of Rolling Stone! So see you tomorrow between noon and 1pm!”
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  • Ju F.

    OMG!!! is she single?
    she’s loking at Nick again… becarful Nick…huhuhu


  • LC

    hmm. miley’s single? maybe. but then again the last time she and nick were dating, she said she was single. so maybe she’s just trying to keep the relationship private..

  • ashytisdalefan

    I doubt that she is single. Shes just trying to keep her relationship private.

  • hollywood_buzz

    i know right….miley “i’m single”….i dunno what to believe coz apparently nick jonas was asked by a fan from the jb’s recent concert about miley…he didn’t answer but he blushed….lol
    and miley just twitted “my heart is hurting today:(” i mean… i dunno but then again…hope nick and her are together but only a secrert between the two of them….:P

  • JONasfan20

    Miley isn’t single..On Larry King Live just the other day Nick said he was taken and then Joe insisted that not one of him or Kevin’s girlfriends were as famous as Miley, which obviously meant that Nick is with her. She’s just trying to keep it a secret which is a good thing, I don’t blame her one bit, I’m sure she doesn’t want the same thing to happen that happened last time she was with Nick.

  • Yiria

    aww man that sucks because i love them together =(

  • kourtney

    she isnt single
    she is makin it private

  • Frog

    She always seem to say she was single till someone exposes her relationships.


    justin posted a new picture with a blonde on his twitter ,he looks like he lost some weight..poor justin hes love sick but dont worry the blonde looks better than miley

  • tara

    Miley SAYS she is single…..but is there proof? i sure hope she is….i want nick<33 i hate her with nick. i think that nick and miley are JUST FRIENDS…it wouldntmake n e sence for them to be together.

    I hate not having twitter. now i miss out the chance to talk to my bf :(
    uchhh i wish i had twitter so i coudl talk with my bf’s the jobros :( :(

  • tara


    Nick never said he was taken. Yes, Joe did say that none of their girlfriends were as famouse as Miley, but that could mean lots of things. it could mean that one, he was being stupid, exposing their relationship and whaterv. two, it could mean that he was making something up for the tabloids. three it could mean that when miley and nick USED to date, (when nick was 14) that their gf’s arenet as famouse.

    I do not think, with all my respects for the Jonas Boys, that Joe is as stupid as you think and would blurt it out to the public. Joe, Kevin, and Nick are all smart boys, and Joe would never out it to the world without thinking about what he was saying. Besides, if Miley wants to make it all ‘private’ and Joe blurts it out, dont you think there would have been some drama? ANDDDD, miley was the one who when nick and her where dating BEFORE, she made it public.


    Miley says she is single, lets keep it that way.

  • blair

    ok im just saying….miley is probably the most honest person using twitter in the world. she doesnt lie and shes brutally honest about all of her stuff. for the past month shes “been with nick” shes been tweeting all these cute lovey little quotes and for the past few days shes been like “oh my heart is hurting” “im loving being single” “i want a guy thats like james morrisson john mayer rob thomas etc” so im guessing that nick broke it off with her.
    i wasnt betting it would last long anyways i think it was just a whim on their parts. after all thats went down with them in the past year it would be hard to restart a relationship anyways. JUST my opinion……..

  • blair

    i definately agree with what tara is saying that is all very true also.

  • tara


    Hahaha :) thanks for agreeing with me!