Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz: Lip Lock!

Ashley Greene & Kellan Lutz: Lip Lock!

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz share a hello kiss in this exclusive look at their upcoming flick, Warrior.

In the action drama flick, Kellan stars as Conor Sullivan, a star lacrosse player who loses his father and drives his mother (Gabriella Anwar) up the wall. Conor is sent to a lacrosse camp and falls for the coach’s daughter, Brooklyn (Greene).

Warrior is set to hit theaters later this year.

Sneak Peek at “Warrior”
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  • nikkki

    oh and his body is weird, it looks like he has rolls! it is weird!

  • kourtney

    is every co-star of twilight makin a new movie w. there twilight co-satsr
    so funny COOL THOU

  • Emily

    ohhh ahah

  • Anne

    Kellan has an amazing body that’s fersherrr.

  • Haylie

    ugh. please tell me they’re not playing high school kids….

  • Kris

    oh goodness
    his abs are just WHOA!
    amazing :) haha.

    the preview was a little weird though
    just cuz the scenes jumped around..
    but i love the music already thats in this.

  • Kris

    oh and does anyone know what song starts playing
    at sec. 55-1:10 ???

  • CT

    pure hotness right now :]

  • Maddie

    Too muscly for my taste… Give me Rob any day :P SQUEEE!

  • amara

    wow from playin brother and sister to that…eww i just pictured emmett and alice togther.hahah
    luks kool i guess :)
    i agree wit maddie…not one his body but on rob being more my type lol

  • No Thanks

    Ashley & Kellan kissing?

    “This is wrong, Edward.”

    SO wr….well, AWKWARD is a better word.

  • nikkki

    robs gay

  • summer :]]]]

    whats next?

    nikki and jackson? lol

  • Allison F

    @Kris: “New Slang” by The Shins…also on the “Garden State” soundtrack.

  • @Kris: New Slang by The Shins. I love that song.

  • Jess

    That was… weird… Alice and Emmett? So not right. I’m already having trouble with the Twilight actors being in other movies and making out with each other…wonder how I’ll act after 4 movieswhen the Twilight saga is done? Not good…

    On another note; Kellan looks amazing =D

  • Gina

    what a hot body o.O
    their kiss wuz cute :]

  • zanessa 4ever

    they’re so cute together =D Love them!

  • liz

    he looks good !
    i love ashley greene (:
    i’ll deff see this !

  • amy

    he does nothing for me!

  • georgia

    whoa ho hooo.
    look at that body!
    damn. :D

  • Matt

    Wow, this movie looks AWFUL! I got bored just watching that preview….

  • L

    Oh my God! Ever since I was made aware of this movie, I’ve been waiting with anticipation for it come out. Kellan & Ashley make a cute couple and I don’t see them as Emmett & Alice (mainly because they look different to the characters) so it doesn’t feel as weird to see them kiss.

  • omfg.x

    omfg, his amazingly gorgeous.
    it is weird how the scenes move about though :P
    but his lovely. ah!! xx

  • Anakin

    It’s Gabrielle Anwar not Gabriella

  • Mehhhh

    Ehhhh, I will wait for it to be on cable. Looks dumb

  • Kris

    i’ve been looking for it everywhere :)
    and i love garden state the soundtrack is equally amazing.!

  • ella

    lol there kinda cute together and its kinda weriod that they kisssssssssssed buts its cute at the same time i can’t wait intill the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simone :]

    the video doesn’t work! =(

  • http://Ashleygreeneandkellanlutz Ms.Cullen/TwilightLover01

    OMG i love kellan and ashley there so amazing they make a cute couple and rob and kristen i just think they should be happy but i hope it don’t affect Twilight but i love Ashley and Kellan!!!

  • http://Ashleygreeneandkellanlutz Ms.Cullen/TwilightLover01

    Ashley and Kellan Make A Great Couple!!! I’m So Happy For Them!!!

  • http://Ashleygreeneandkellanlutz Amanda

    I Think Ashley and Kellan Look so Cute together i can’t wait till the movie comes out!!! BTW The video dosen’t Work!!!

  • Cheyenne

    Kellan is just hot and Ashley is just so pretty:)

  • veriscka2445

    love them so much wish that they could be together

  • ali

    I love the two of them….yhey are meant to be?

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