Bonnie Wright: Harry & Ginny Have Their Moment

Bonnie Wright: Harry & Ginny Have Their Moment

Actresses Bonnie Wright and Evanna Lynch show off their stunning dresses as they attend the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince held at Odeon Leicester Square in London on Tuesday night (July 7).

Bonnie, 18, recently caught up with the L.A. Times and revealed that Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and Ginny’s moment is different than in the book of the same name. She shared, “Their relationship sort of slowly builds and there’s this tension between them. Just when you think the kiss is going to happen, it doesn’t. It’s really a sweet tale of how they’re slowly getting drawn to one another. Obviously, it’s very difficult for Harry with Ginny being his best friend’s younger sister. But the kiss itself happens in a much more intimate environment. It’s just the two of them rather than in the midst of the Gryffindor common room celebrating Quidditch. It’s a bit quieter in the film.”

Also pictured below: Tom Felton.

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Photos: Tim Whitby/Dave Hogan/Getty Images, WENN
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  • LC

    love bonnie’s shoes. she and evanna, and tom all look great. btw, bonnie is 18, not 19.

  • Nikki

    why would they change it!!!!!! that is the worst news i have ever heard. i am seriously so upset right now. i love the party scene in the book, and i can’t believe they get rid of it.


  • cris

    it was actually obvius.. they almoust showed all the scene when ginny kisses harry.. i think this movie is WAY too different from the book but different sometimes isn’t bad.. so lets all hope it is a good diferent… and
    BONNIE AND EVANNA LOOK AMAZING! bonnie looks SO lovely right now is the time for her to shine..

  • CaitlynJ

    The party scene I think is still in there because I saw a behind the scenes thing on HBO and there is party in the common room when Ron and Lavender kiss but I just think they wanted to make the thing between Harry and Ginny more intimate because it’s different for Harry because she is his best friends sister.

  • Mike

    Evanna’s cute. Bonnie looks better far away. Serious case of fug upclose.

  • Rosiie

    wow!!! she’s all grown up!! she looks so much older than i thought she was…

  • thais

    they shouldnt have changed it!!! i hate this!! the film should be just like the book

  • em

    wow bonnie is hot. now i get the rumors about her and zac

  • Lucy

    I don’t like Bonnies dress and make-up combo.
    Evanna looks very vice.

  • Lola

    Bonnie Wright looks stunning. I cannot wait to see her have more screen time in the upcoming movie. And I also cannot wait for the Harry/Ginny stuff.

  • parisima

    i agree they shouldnt have changed it, i dont care why they changed it but it should not have been done…10 points from Gryffindor! :P

  • ryanefron

    wow she is GORGEOUS.

  • me

    Bonnie looks SMOKIN’!! Work it girl. I love her dress, shoes, hair, makeup! All of it!! She looks amazing!

    I love Evanna’s dress too. She looks so pretty!

    Tom Felton is looking mighty sexy! :D

  • Celia


    Ron’s kiss with Lavender is in the common room after the quidditch match too, so I’m assuming they wanted Harry and Ginny’s to be different. I like the fact that they’re alone because it fits with Harry’s character.

  • zac efron

    I can’t believe she’s like 18. She should be much more younger!

  • saudia

    oh my .. love their outfits .. they both look AMAZING..seriously going crazy just waiting for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love HP

  • Haylie

    aww bonnie wright looks gorgeous!! tom felton looks kinda greasy though…..

  • Steve

    Only in the Harry Potter world would they be considered attractive. I thought the red head was a guy.

  • Grace

    Wow, Bonnie’s glowingly beautiful, I love everything – her hair, dress, make-up, the way she poses and her confidence in answering the interview. She’s too shy last year.

  • Precioua


    I remember seeing behind-the-scenes of the party!

  • the fame

    wow bonnie has a super long neck and a super fat face

  • camille

    WOW, that’s LITTLE GINNY? she’s 19??? oh god, i thought she was like 15


  • Danitza

    Bonnie looks fantastic!!!

  • sunny

    oh my god guys, if they kept everything the same, the movie would be 12 hours long.

  • Shelby

    blahh, i’m not happy about the change either…. :( i hope their scene is still gonna be great.

  • moo

    Bonnie looks stunning. I love her hair colour

  • jbabesss

    damn british kids. lol.

  • Mike

    Ginny’s one ugly dude. i can’t get over it.

  • Anne

    Bonnie Wright is just too gorgeous. Mostly everyone agrees that she was the best dressed to night, it was very appropriated for the ocasion, and her hair looked shiny and beautiful. She looks sexy!

  • ava

    @Mike: maybe you’re just jealous.

  • Katie G!

    they changed my favorite thing about HBP (the book) gah it better be good or i’ll be pissed.

    they both have on pretty dresses =) but Bonnie looks really pretty overall

  • Jenny

    @cris: i actually think that there seem to be a lot of similarities that others didnt have not mentioning any *coughs* OOTP

  • elledee

    Nice to see her looking less plain! Check out my review of her look:

  • lauren

    she is magnificent !!

  • maxim

    Хаха меня тут никто не поймет да ну и ладно))
    Все шикарно! Фотографии супер просто! Сама часть Гарри Поттера произвеал фурор! Актеры гениально подобраны всетаки. Больше всего мне понравилась роль Bonnie Wright. многие До сих пор “ругают” продюссера за то, что можно было и покрасивее выбрать актрису на рожь Джинни Уизли. Но на мой взгляд Бонни чертовски красивая девушка и она полностью подходит на данную роль! Bonnie Wright – the best! =)

  • naria

    i love bonnies dress so much

  • David

    God, Evanna looks so beautiful. I wish her hair looks blond, it looks white and she’s too gorgeous to have ugly hair.

  • http://google priya

    hai are look so cute