Nathaniel Flatt Talks Adam Lambert

Nathaniel Flatt Talks Adam Lambert

Nathaniel Flatt recently caught up with to chat about all things V Factory, how he caught the singing bug and being gay in Hollywood. Check out what the 27-year-old performer had to say:

On how he became involved with V Factory: “I knew a girl that was running an audition for the label that was interested in putting together a music group. I just knew her from working in L.A.; we had done some jobs together. She called me and said, ‘Hey, I don’t know if this is your thing, but I know you sing, so come on down.’ I kind of thought it seemed a little ghetto, but everybody in L.A. has a record deal or something. It was just down the street from my house so I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll go down at the end of the day.’ I was the last person to audition, 10 minutes late. Even with that I was very apprehensive once this all got rolling. I actually lied about my age! You were supposed to be 21 and I was 24 at the time. She was like, ‘Oh, just say you’re 21!’ So I put down that I was 21.”

On realizing his love for singing and dancing: “I was pretty young. I saw a production of Peter Pan—I can’t remember how old I was—and I saw them flying around and I thought from then on, ‘Oh, my God, I wanna do this.’ I think also being the youngest of four there were probably some attention-starved aspects that also kinda came with it. I just have always sung in musicals and acted in plays and all that.”

On if there were ever any negative reactions about him being gay: “I would say sometimes in high school, yeah, people were cruel just like for everyone, but I always knew there was a bigger picture. Sure, that kind of stuff hurts, but I didn’t let it get to me. Like I said, in college everyone else was gay, too. Now, when I go back to random cities in the country [on tour], I don’t dress differently or alter anything about myself and I don’t notice people cracking jokes or anything, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m not operating on an assumption that someone is gonna think of me differently or what.”

On what he thinks about American Idol runner up Adam Lambert: “I know him, actually. He’s like the most freaking talented singer I’ve ever met in my entire life. I saw something today that Gene Simmons said it was the biggest mistake he could ever make and I feel like that is just an old-school mentality. He’s operating on the assumption that people aren’t gonna respect that or relate to it in Milwaukee. I think Adam is such an unbelievable talent that that’s not really why you’re buying his record; it’s because of his complete authenticity.”

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  • Lawrence

    Being gay myself I know what hell it was going through school too, my props to him for keeping his head high and still looking toward the horizon.

  • steph

    I dont care much about him being gay, to each his own. What I do care about is that V factory is pretending to be a boy band and HES 27 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yuck

  • ashleigh

    A) HE’S FREAKING 27?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i knew he was old but damn
    b) since when is he gay?!?!?! and don’t they sing about girls? hmmmm interesting

    who says u dont learn something new everyday. ah well.

    if he likes it i love it.

  • NativeNYker

    He don’t look 27.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Kaylin

    ya, isn’t that like awkward for him to sing about girls?

  • makaiomadness

    does it matter how old he is? he doesn’t look it right that’s all that matters plus he can still sing and move. Aren’t New Kids like 50?lol. Actually I always knew he was sorta gay…I always got that vibe when I met him lol. But I respect him for coming out he’s so brave. Some of the VFactory fans may not accept it but who cares he accepts himself. I love Nathaniel. He’s still extremely hot and sweet.

  • taylor

    Does anybody actually care about his stupid bands music? All anyone ever talks about is Jared and Ashley, and now him being gay. Which, by the way, was never really a secret.

    But whatever, go him for being open about it from the start.

  • the fame

    v factory is a fail

  • christina

    OMG!! since wen was he gayy?

  • catty123

    V factory . FAIL. Hes 27 !!!!!

  • catty123

    V factory . FAIL. Hes 27 !!!!! hanging out at popstar, doing interviews pretending to like girls. FAIL. CREEPY

  • catty123

    V factory . FAIL. Hes 27 !!!!! hanging out at popstar, doing interviews pretending to like girls. FAIL. CREEPY

  • ianaleah

    Adam is an outstanding singer. Enough about his sexuality , talk only about your own

  • lisa

    Nathaniel is amazing for telling this to the rest of his world. Not everybody accepts people being gay, but Nathaniel decided to tell EVERYBODY about it now. He’s still the same Nathaniel the fans got to know.

    Nathaniel never pretended to be gay. They never asked him: “Do you like boys?”, so you better get your facts right. I don’t think he has a problem with singing about girls (song: Dem Hot Girlz) since he’s confortable about being gay.

    A lot of people care about his band, but since V Factory just started and they aren’t as big as the Jonas Brothers for example, you don’t know.

    Age doesn’t matter, he’s one of the V Factory members and it wouldn’t be the same without him. I agree when you say he’s a lil bit old, but that doesn’t matter if you get to know him a lil bit. I would never want him to be traded for some 19 year old guy.

    A lot of people are gay, it’s not a big deal. It’s just stupid how people react about this subject. It’s a great interview.

  • makaiomadnessa

    @lisa: i totally agree with you, just because he came out doesnt mean hes a different person. people just need to grow up like i said look at new kids on the block. they are very old but its w/e they still came back out because music is what they all love. like nathaniel :)

  • lissa

    nobdot cares hes gay. They just arent that good.

  • Carrie



  • hun98

    I don’t know who this guy even is. I just saw the name Adam Lambert and I was interested. :) ahhhhhh

  • Shani

    who cares if hes gay. yea its surprising cuz all the songs v factory sings is about girls but i mean wat the problem.?
    hes talenteda nd thats wat matters. and being gay or not. its just a personal thing. shouldn’t be something that you guys just judge him by.

    i love V factory and im not saying all this becasue i love them but because Nathaniel is really talented and he has the courage to come out saying hes gay which i think its awesome.

  • V factory socal

    Nathaniel is an amazing amazing person. If you knew him personally; you would know that. He was never hiding the fact that he was Gay, it just never came up.

    What’s the big deal if he’s 27? All the members of BSB are over 27 and they are still a boy band, oh and how about NKOTB? Oh and NSynce, Lance was gay and singing about girls.

  • gail

    he’s right about adam. adams gorgeousssssssss

  • Zefronandrpatz4eva

    Nathanial iz da most amazin performa eva! AND HOT. Fo shizzle. My nizzle. <3 xoxo <3

    VFactory 4eva. They dun suck.

>>>>>>> staging1