Aly Michalka: Bandslam Sneak Peek!

Aly Michalka: Bandslam Sneak Peek!

Aly Michalka munchs on some Chinese food in this new clip from her upcoming summer movie, Bandslam.

In the rockin’ flick, singer-songwriter Charlotte Banksasks (Michalka) asks new kid in town Will Burton (Gaelan Connell) to manage her fledgling rock band, she appears to have just one goal in mind: go head-to-head against her egotistical musician ex-boyfriend, Ben (Scott Porter), at the biggest event of the year, a battle of the bands.

Aly‘s voice is phenomenonal! Check it out below…

“Bandslam” Sneak Peek

“Bandslam” TV Spot #1
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  • Someone

    Love her! awesome girl

  • Ariane

    i love aly and i love nessa!

  • suzy

    can’t wait to see this film.

  • Honest


  • kourtney

    not ness

  • Kris

    her voice is certainly a lot better
    than vanessa’s and more suited for the rock
    music that seems to be in this film.

    I’m glad she’s singing a lot
    of songs for this movie, from looking at the soundtrack
    she was in i think 3 songs.
    but this movie looks alright.
    maybe i’ll see it.

  • Caro

    i can’t wait

  • katiecrawford

    I LOVE ALY! She’s amazing! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  • bridget

    Aly’s great.

  • bee

    LOVED that.

    Aly’s voice FTW. Can’t wait for this.

  • liz

    i’m only going to see it because there’s a new moon preview that goes with it (:
    it doesn’t look that bad.

  • istar

    ugh… i can’t see the mtv video cuz of the country im in but WOW… the TV SPOT looks A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!! im so syked for this movie!!

  • LG

    Her voice sounded great.

  • awurbii

    On the subject of Aly and Vanessa:

    I am a huge fan of Aly Michalka. She has a great voice. This is the style of music that her voice is best suited to so of course she sounds great. There is a good reason why Vanessa only sings one song in the movie. And I don’t know if you noticed but the song Vanessa sings isn’t completely rock. But I love the fact that she is stretching herself and trying new things with music and acting. Aly and Vanessa are going to be great in this movie.

  • Helen

    YES!! I was wondering if they were still going to show an exclusive look and they are!!
    At first I was only gonna watch it for Vanessa but now there is no way in hell im not watching it plus the guy with the long hair is HOT

  • ashley

    i love both girls!

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    can’t wait for the movie!!!!!love nessa!!!

  • Honest

    @Helen: Did you mean now you’re watching it not just because of nessa or you’re not watching it at all??

  • Helen


    Not just because of nessa…i now have more then one reasopn to see it

    plus the trailer always makes me laugh

  • Honest

    Oh OK and yeah the more clips I see, the more I wanna watch it

  • Isabella

    I can’t wait for Bandslam!!


  • jasmin

    this movie is go to be great….love her and vanessa…
    cANt wait…

    and vote for vanessa
    love her…<3<3

  • bridget


    By guy with the long hair I’m assuming you’re talking about the drummer. His name’s Ryan Donowho and he’s actually a drummer in real life and is amazing. He’s also an actor. You might notice him from the O.C. he played Johnny.

  • leah

    Add me on IM xmleamx is my screen name

  • Sarah

    Say it yesterday at Mall of America
    it was hilarious!
    I thought it was better than I expected!

  • HockeyPuck

    I wish this was on youtube cuz for some reason I cant watch any videos released by MTV. I really want to see the movie and I’m sure it will reach a bigger audience because of the new moon sneak peek.

  • awurbii


    I don’t agree. I think they have different voices. Aly’s voice is suited to pop/rock while Vanessa’s is suited to pop/rnb. There is a distinctive difference. The main reason why people think Vanessa can’t sing is because her voice is not very strong. The main thing Aly has over Vanessa is that her voice is stronger but it does not mean Vanessa’s voice is not at the same level. Vanessa voice is quiet and sweet. This is why she is able to pull of ballads so well. I can honestly tell you that ballads are not as easy to sing as a pop/rock song.

    The reason why I am saying their voices are different is that I don’t think Aly would be able to pull off Vanessa’s ballads as well as she can and I don’t think Vanessa could pull off Aly’s music as well as she does.

  • awurbii


    I do agree thought that Aly’s voice is a lot better for the music in this film.
    If I am completely honest though, don’t shoot me people, I don’t think either of them have fantastic voices. I think they both sing well but that is where it ends.That is pretty much how I feel about the majority of disney vocal talent.

  • bridget


    lol, I’m not going to shoot you. I don’t think Aly’s voice is OMG amazing either but for me it’s because I don’t feel she sings songs that push it far. They haven’t really shown her range but what I have heard I like.
    I’m going to have to disagree with you that she can’t sing ballads well. For me I like her voice more when she sings ballads than when she sings more uptempo rock inspired music. Case in point: “Tears” & “Blush”

    That’s just me though. I’ve seen a lot of people who disagree with me.

  • awurbii


    I didn’t say Aly can’t sing ballads well. I said I don’t think she would be able to pull of Vanessa ballads as well as she can. Most of Vanessa ballads consist of pop/rnb, which isn’t in Aly’s field. I have most of Aly & Aj’s music and like them as well. Most of Aly’s slow music is alternative.

    Vanessa sings a certain way, Aly sings another. I think Aly can sing ballads but I find them to be kind of one-dimensional. Like when it comes to ballads, Aly can only sing one type of thing. It’s the only way that I can explain it.

    P.S I really appreciate your reply. Thanks for letting me know your opinion. :D

  • awurbii


    On and by the way, those songs are really good. :D

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