Chloe Bridges Joins Camp Rock 2

Chloe Bridges Joins Camp Rock 2

Demi Lovato, the Jonas Brothers and resident mean girl Meaghan Martin are set to return to their beloved Camp Rock this summer and will be joined by world-class pianist Chloe Bridges.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shane (Joe Jonas) and Mitchie (Lovato) return to Camp Rock, only to discover that some of the students and instructors have ditched it for nearby rival Camp Star.

Also joining the cast for Camp Rock 2 The Final Jam is popular hip-hop artist Matthew “Mdot” Finley. Mdot will play the reigning hot-shot singer across the lake at Camp Star who challenges Camp Rock to a musical showdown.

There’s even a Romeo & Juliet moment between Nate (Nick Jonas) and Dana Dana (Bridges), the daughter of Camp Star’s owner.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • S.A.M.

    of course i am!! i cant wait to see it!

  • yay!!!!

    not really.

  • Althea

    I love Kevin’s new hair cut. I can’t wait to watch it!

  • 34234123

    camp rock is so stupid, i hate this movie.. people just watch because of the jonas brothers and demi..

  • Max

    OH NO!!! not again!!! :( I don’t really like the cast….I think that that movie is SO improved… :( Oh and the story is so dumb! :)

    I’m not gonna waste my time watching that trash!!!!!!!!!

  • Max

    OH NO!!! not again!!! :( I don’t really like the cast….I think that that movie is SO improved… :( Oh and the story is so dumb! :)

    I’m not gonna waste my time watching that trash!!!!!!!!!

  • Drew

    Hmm. I’ve never heard of her before but this will be interesting!

    The only question is will it release THIS year or NEXT year?

  • fê nunes

    WOW! Go CR2!
    Brazil loves all of you!

  • Gabriela Aroca

    WILL ROCK ! ♥

  • diocb


    not NATE & BRIDGES…

  • macy

    omg wait for the niley obssessif fans to start HATIN on Chloe just because she might get the oppurtunaty to KISS nick!

    let the hate begin 3,2,1…!

  • Alyssa

    @macy: Ahaha! So true!

  • brandy

    they’re making a camp rock 2? as if the first one wasn’t bad enough……..

  • haylie

    they’re making a camp rock 2? haha like the first one wasn’t bad enough….

  • alexandra g.

    First the first movie was awsome so should be the second one and because NICK his going to a a bigger role in it!!

  • lauren


    wow you’re really lame. no one cares if some rando chick gets to kiss nick. in fact, i’d feel really bad for her.

  • Vanessa

    ehhh… not really…. sounds like too much disney drama…

  • Cid

    Im really excited for this movie.
    i guess we will have to wait for it to come out and see the results of it!

  • delsey

    wow… okay… she was in Legally Blondes 3 with the Rosso twins… can she sing??? just wondering.. cant wait for the movie… i hope it’ll be better than the first one…

  • danielle

    that chloe girl sorta looks like a young angelina jolie.
    btw, this plot kinda sucks.
    sooo overdone.

  • Malia.c

    to macy: yup hahaha u are so right there [: so she better not kiss him! ha

  • Althea


    What if there is a kissing scene?

  • macy

    oh and i forgot to add that since she is a NEW disneypoppet she’ll probably hasve a cd a year after camp 2 premiere

  • diocb

    . . .. i need more jemi ….
    gosh .

  • Ellie

    Yup.. hope theres more and better dancing in it than the first one though!

    And ive never heard of these newbies lol. Ah well, should be interesting :)

  • emma

    Im pretty sure that chloe girl will be on the list for one of the most hated people in america after this movie.
    i already dont like her.

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    love demi!!can’t wait for the movie!!i miss demi!!

  • emmy

    I didn’t like the first one, and I really don’t like the sound of the sequel. It sounds like there’s too much going on and I’m not expecting it to be any better than the original.

  • Daniela

    mmmm…. i don’t know… even though i am not exited to see it i know i’ll end up watching it anyway. i think that the firs one was not my type of thing, it was a “tipical disnry movie” that for something so small that happened there’s a whole stoy. if mitchie never lied there was no story. i can’t imagine a sequel, i think is weird…

  • Anna

    please no.

  • Delsy

    i like this girl i think the plot is s*** but i am going to end up giving it ratingz anyway

  • brooke

    Yayy! I am happy because Nick’s gonna have a bigger role! I WONDA WATS GONNA HAPPEN!! lol can’t waitt! =D

  • krixtina


  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    love demi!i want to see the movie,though the story doesn’t seem that interesting!where’s demi now??it has been a long time without her news…….

  • alyson

    @diocb: yessss! more jemiii! of course!!

  • DemiFan

    This sounds like a Disney version of Daddy Day Camp. I don’t thnik I’ll be watching. Camp Rock was only successful because of the Jonas Brothers.

  • Samster

    No way man! She can back off nate! >.<

  • ryanefron

    wow. thats stupid stupid stupid

  • Chris

    O Snapz! Can’t wait!

  • kate

    OMG I AM SO EXCITED! BUT.. i do not know if i’m okay with nick having a romance.. haha .. im going to be SO jealous! lol
    very excited though!! cant wait!!!

  • nikkki

    this is super stupid! there just trying to copy hsm phenomonon! this is ssoo stupid! hsm is way better!

  • Isabella

    omg if dats rlly da plot cant w8
    <333 camp rock
    & ive been w8n 4ev 4 camp rock 2 lol

  • emily:)

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    i would SOOOOOO appriciate it of you could go to that link and on the 3rd page vote for me!
    im emily from frederick.
    i know its a few steps but ive done this before for jonas fans in hopes that someday other fans would help me too!
    if you do decide to help me out let me know!
    thank you so much for your time and even more if you help me out!
    peace, love, and JONAS!

  • Anonymous

    Hell no the first movie was GAY enough no second movie. I hate JEMI and all that crap they planning.FUCK the writers have no talent.Who’s the writer a monkey wait the monkey would write better. I’m a fan of Demi and Jonas brothers but the movie is adding new people boring I ain’t gonna watch this crappy shit.It like has the same theme as all the other movies. Disney needs new idea. I ain’t like the newbie sorry that i just think that she would be better in a non Disney movie.LOL

    Plus i think that they will change the script again since it’s a rumor and most rumors are fake. So for the people who love it go watch i ain’t gonna waste my time. Plus watch the script be nothing the same as said to be.- HATE CAMP ROCK.

  • rachel

    omgosh, this plot is soo pointless.
    although the movie probably will suck.
    i shall still watch the movie for the JONAS BROTHERS! :)

  • melanie_xo

    I love the Jonas Brothers and I was really excited that they were having a camp rock 2! but then i read the plot and i agree with some people how its just so typical disney lame story. how enemy family’s with the kids fall in love just sounds so stupid. `But whatever i love the jonas brothers and i hope it comes out better then it sounds!

  • andrea

    PPP 2!!!!! if that happens.. then i WOULD be excited :D!

  • huong

    When does it come out?

  • Emily


  • Meagan

    SOUNDS LIKE HSM4!!!!!! >:( Once again, Camp Rock copies High School Musical. Already sounds like a dumb movie.

>>>>>>> staging1