Robert Pattinson Suits Up

Robert Pattinson Suits Up

Wiping his nose with the back of his hand, Robert Pattinson looks sharp in a suit as he heads to the Remember Me film set in Queens in NYC on Wednesday morning (July 8).

Yesterday, the 23-year-old British actor was seen filming and hanging out with young costar Ruby Jerins. Ruby plays Tyler’s younger sister, Caroline.

recently dished to Spanish magazine Los 40 Principales that he admires fellow actor and heartthrob Zac Efron. He shared, “We met at an awards show. He’s the new face of success. But he’s all the opposite of what I thought he would be. He’s so honest and down to earth. You’d think he’s so prepared for the press, but he’s not.”

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Photos: JDH/WENN
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  • i love vanessa


  • georgia

    @i love vanessa
    your oppinion isn’t wanted, you faggot lover.
    he looks beautiful :)

  • georgia

    @i love vanessa: f*aggot lover.

  • cc

    I love vanessa just outed herself!

  • sweetbutterflies

    Normally, I’m not a RPattz fan at all. But I guess, being the complete overobsessed Zac Efron fan girl that I am, that quote about Zac got my attention and I think it’s really sweet. It made me think of how Zac said he was excited for Rob and Twilight. I think it’s really nice how they’re kind of supportive towards the other.

    And the pictures. I don’t really find him attractive, but in these pictures, I kind of see how all the other females go gaga over him.

    I’m kind of surprising myself with being so… civil… to him, but I guess that’s just for now. I know I’ll be thinking otherwise tomorrow, haha.

  • peaches

    OME, he looks handsome, just HOT!

  • maka


  • hannah

    I love Rob in a suit. He’d make an awesome James Bond

  • jess

    I love him dressed up like this. Cool

  • Gabs

    Those who are wishful for the “Rob&Kristen” hookups should know that Kristen was quoted as saying “I have issues w/ authorities”…she is unlikely to do what society pushes upon her. If you truly want these two to get together, let them be…nature will take its course.
    Those who are wishful for the “YOU&Rob” hookups should know that you’re more likely to win the lottery than for this to happen.
    Give them both the respect any human deserves…personal space and privacy. ADMIRE FROM A DISTANCE…

  • ali

    My lady bits have exploded

  • lslsharon

    he looked hot in these pics!
    well,seems like that vanessa’s bf is not too

  • jane

    He’s totally gorgeous

  • birdie

    He’s gorgeous and so sweet and humble. I don’t know why people
    want to pit him against Zac they are polar opposites and there is
    definately room for both handsome guys.

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    @i love vanessa:
    u should change your name into “i love zac”,lol.Rob looked awesome!

  • caro

    He makes me happy

  • di

    he’s awesome, just the best

  • alicia

    me i love vanessa and i love rob but i hate zac rob he’s so mush better than zac
    i thing vanessa and rob they gonna mack a very very cuttest couple

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    @alicia: lol

  • lilli

    HaHa the two hearthrobs at the moment support each otther..although i think he’s not hot , only a illusion to freaky twilight obesessed people ( for example girls who leave their windows open hoping robert/edward’s coming in ) he might be very nice if he says that others are good too and that he was wrong.thumbs up. but i think that actually zac efron looks better..= ) but who twiligt fav is taylor lautner ..=)
    but i like those three,zac efron ( good movie 17 again btw) , taylor ( my fav pet xD ) and even robert al little bit..= )

  • Rachel

    How can someone be such a perfect person? He looks so hot dressed up. I love him so much! Go Rob, Go! And ‘I Love Vanessa’ person, why can’t you just shut up and take care of your life? (I’m from Brazil, xoxo)

  • lilli

    birde is right..there’s a site called “the dome ” and there you coul vote for the hottest guy..
    zac efron : 50 %
    robert pattinson : 50 %
    HaHa..both have place in here..the world is sooo biig xD

  • kerry

    Suited Rob is exquisite.

  • sarah

    he looks very handsome

  • peri

    he is really fantastic in a suit. Mr Bond like for sure

  • sasha

    he is a beautiful man

  • evensong


  • becca

    he is delicious

  • istar

    that was a really nice comment towards zac :)

  • Helen

    OMG why do ppl pin him and Zac against eachother?
    more importantly I just got a huuuuuuggggeeeeee Jumbo poster of Rob =) its hanging right by my bed

    hes so hot

  • RebecaLOVESROB


  • rebecca

    He melts my heart

  • skip

    I lust after this actor so much. He’d make a wonderful James Bond

  • jo

    He is perfection

  • zanny

    i love zac and vanessa :)

  • saudia

    damn I love you Rob.. drool

  • RobstenLIVES

    if i was him i would be paranoid leaving Kristen for months at a time like this.. that Michael Assgarano will try to strike while he can!

  • ju


  • katie

    Rob + suit = my day made

  • missuk

    he looks HOT

  • jess

    the last memory haha well he looks … good… cute…

  • tara

    Dammit, Rob, you perfect guy. I’m supposed to hate Zac, remember? LOL. Ok, now that i know that Zac and him are friends with each other, i’ll stop calling Zac the freakish girl-man. Haha. See, Zac fangirls? Rob is VERY charming.

  • me.

    hah, he talk about zac and bam! 30+ comments.
    but anyways… it’s cool about what he said about zac. i actually kinda like rob (used to reallly like him before the twilight hype) but it’s the overly-obsessed and arrogant fans that really gets me. i’m not saying all of them, cause i know most of you are mature enough. but… some are like that.

  • nikkki

    thats cool i love zacc so much and i dont like rob but now that he says he likes zac i will think he is ok now!
    go zac and rob!

  • newport beach, 92660


    so true

  • Angie

    That is Rob for ya. Very sweet and always saying good things to lift others up, but never realizing just how wonderful he himself is. I really do wish him well with his acting and I hope he gets bigger and better roles. He deserves to be given the chance to show how talented and versatile he can be. Just watch his other movies he has been in. Rob shows a maturity beyond his 23 years. As some say, Rob is an old soul in a young body. Rob, you are the best.