Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie Sneak Peek!

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie Sneak Peek!

On screen siblings Selena Gomez and David Henrie hold up their hands in this sneak peek of their upcoming DCOM, Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie.

Selena, 16, revealed her favorite scene in the entire TV movie. She shared, “I think my favorite scene would have to be between Justin and Alex by the campfire. It’s a very sweet brother and sister moment.”

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie follows the Russo family as they embark on a vacation to the Caribbean resort where Jerry (David DeLuise) and Theresa (Maria Canals-Barrera) first met. The adventure comedy has Alex (Gomez) upset that she must accompany her family on the trip and she ultimately conjures a spell that reverses her parents’ fateful first meeting and puts the Russo family’s very existence in question. To cancel the spell, Alex and Justin (Henrie) must set out through the jungle to find the all-powerful ‘Stone of Dreams.’ Meanwhile, Max (Jake T. Austin) scrambles to make his parents fall in love again.

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premieres this August.

“Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie” Sneak Peek
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  • Bree


  • BlaireB

    David Henrie is SO hottt!!!

  • Katie

    @BlaireB: Tell me about it ;) Oh my gosh I can’t wait for this movie, it looks so so good!

  • AJ

    I agree, he is!

  • Jon

    Whoa, this movie actually looks decent. No trashy pop music, no cheesy dancing, no annoying blonde antagonists, and no Jonas Brothers :D … I can get used to this. Finally, a Disney Channel movie with professional acting and some action. The special effects don’t look half bad either. This is the ONLY DCOM I will willingly watch.

  • anonymous


    David Henrie is SO hottt!!!


    that is so true!! he is a hottie!

  • thais

    hate selena gomez, though her show is good

  • http://www.isupportdemi.com DemiFan

    David Henrie is the only thing that makes Wizards worth to watch! I love HIM!

  • selenagomezdeservesmore.

    AHHH, CAN’T WAIT !!!
    vote for selena at TEEN CHOICE AWARDS :)

  • leah

    So excited she’s gonna do a say now this weeks he posted it on her facebook:) I hope I get lucky this time:) yeah keep voting for Selena!

  • katelynn

    is it just me but does selena with her new haircut look like adrinna from 90210!

  • koolkat

    I’m loving the campfire scene with Alex and Justin. So much chemistry between the two actors.

  • Flyaway

    Selena is so pretty, she has this cutesy charm that I admire and David Henrie is so cute, charming and adorable. Plus he has a really hot body!

  • redspider

    the ONLY show I watch on disney channel is “wizards”.
    the jokes are so witty/clever and the actors are so natural
    and believable. best show ever.

  • Anonymous

    the ONLY show I watch on disney channel is “wizards”.
    the jokes are so witty/clever and the actors are so natural
    and believable. best show ever.

    i agree the jokes are witty and clever thats what i love about the show. and plus the whole cast are really good actors. its my favorite show.

  • Milkshakeee

    Eh,I’m not a big fan of wizards but I’ll watch it .sounds ok.

  • andrea

    best show ever.. love Selena.. David is cool too :D

  • Milkshakeee

    lol not trying to be mean,but the jokes annoy me.like it bugged me so much when justin said that didn’t make sense alex:did it hurt a little justin :yeah alex: then it made sense.I swear I wanted to slap alex that was NOT funny and it digusted me how how rude she is.I hope she’s nicer in the movie.only shows i watch on Disney is hannah Montana and suite life

  • TV

    @Milkshakeee: Yeah, Alex was hella mean this season. But she’s different from other Disney female characters. She’s less bubbly, which is refreshing.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I cant see the video because I live in Guatemala, thats not fair! I dont know why the producers do this, specially if they know that sooner or later we will have to see it… anyways… JJJ you rock!! Greets from Guatemala!

    David Henrie, Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin really know how to do a great and funny movie! They rock!!


  • Anonymous

    i love Alex the character is way different from past disney characters which is refeshing. i think she funny if alex was real i would totally be friends with her…. i love selena shes a good actress and i think it would be awesome to be friends with her(: and i love the whole cast too they are all really good actors(:

  • alyssa cordero

    @katelynn: yeahh i thought that too when i first saw her with her hair cut on a disney channel commercial. you’re not the only one who thinks that :D ahahhah

  • voteforselena!!!

    i can`t wait

  • Amanda

    @Milkshakeee: alex is not really mean she’s just super sassy and sarcastic haha. Shes so funny. She reminds me of benny off george lopez.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Martameester MartOlina

    Alex the character is refreshing.She’s different.And Selena really deserves it all.Vote fr her at the TCA.She’s the best and whole wizard cast is cool and they’re good actors.follow me on twitter 4 talk.www.twitter.com/martameester xoxo

  • leah

    OMGomez I can’t wait!

  • Milkshakeee

    Yeah I agree alex is VERYhhhhh unique from other characters.she’s not as girly and selena is a good actress

  • http://selena claster

    i think salena is alsome she is so cool

  • http://selena claster

    hey she so alsome she is cool she is halarouse on wowp


    this will be successful on her career, for my girl Selena gomez cant wait to see it ………….

  • tsvetelin

    Selena is so hot. David is funny. I love Selena so much I want to see her boobs and kiss her


    I could not beleive it when i heard selena and david were dating cause I was like so into the show and they were soooooo gud at acting as if they hate each other. Obviously its over but still I love the show. Selena rocks and david is cute

  • http://yahoo.com reyonburnsdavidhenrie
  • Elizabeth

    Awww…so cute – I loved Justin’s line – “because its you and me.”

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