Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato are One And The Same

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato are One And The Same

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato lean on each other in this new shot from their Princess Protection Program music video, “One In the Same.”

Demi shared with Access Hollywood about the video, saying, “I think it’s awesome because it’s Valentine’s Day today and we’re making a video about girl power. We’re like, ‘We don’t need boys. We’re both single and it’s Valentine’s Day. Girl Power!’”

Selena added, “I felt like we were doing one of our YouTube videos.”

The video is featured on the Princess Protection Program Royal BFF Edition DVD, in stores now!

Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato – “One In The Same” Music Video

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Photos: Jaimie Trueblood/Disney Channel
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  • lisa

    thought it was called “one and the same?”

  • Megan

    yea…it is called one AND the same….its ok jjj!!

  • Whitney

    they both look really gorgeous in this video! i loved the pictures thing and how the faces traded and stuff. that was so cool! (:

  • anna

    hhaa ; one AND the samee !!
    fix it ! haha !
    bleh, not a fan of selena, love demi (:

  • DemiFan
  • DemiFan777

    demi and selena rock!!!!!!!!!!! DEMI is the prettiest person i have ever seen in my whole life!!!!!!!! she is my role model!!!!!!!!! TEAM DEMI AND SELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  • €Respect

    dEAR jARED, I HOPE YOU AND YOUR BFF SELENA/GOMEZ MAKE HER MORE POPULAR BY CONSTANTLY MAKING INSIGNIFICANT NEWS. I HAVE TRIED TO LIKE HER, ESPECIALLY SINCE I RESPECT YOU. However, I just find her so fake and a wanna be. Too bad that those who have real talent cannot get posts. It seems like sel’s only talent is manipulating everyone she knows. I have never had such an aversion to someone before and it surprises me. I’m a Demi fan so you would think I could stomach Selena-just can’t. At least she will be going to college with Nick next year so Demi can be free of her. Demi has real talent.

  • DemiFan

    @€Respect: I agree with your comment! Selena just rubs me the wrong way. I have tried millions of times to like her but she just does not appeal to me like Demi does. I’m sorry, but Selena is just too plain and boring!

  • Alexis


    You are the same person that goes on oceanup. At least she will be going to college with nick next year, i heard that on oceanup, guess that was you. and you do not know selena, you do not know what she does. So you cant judge her. I could say that demi was a fake 2 faced bitch, and she is a ass kisser, and wouldnt you get upset? So do what your username says and show RESPECT to these people. I dont care if you dont like her, but dont start saying stuff about her when you dont even know her. And if you dont like her, then have self control and dont go to a selena post. and if it is a selena/demi post. then just compliment demi and dont say anything about selena, this right here is very easy to avoid

  • Nodira

    They were both amazing. But I still dont think that singing is Selena’s thing. She’s better at acting. Acting is her talent.

  • anonymous

    i love selena and demi.

    if you don’t like her, then why are you even looking at this post?

  • DemiFan

    @Alexis: he/se was expressing her opion and she is entitled to do that. I don’t get why you Selena fans attack everyone who doesn’t like her. This is a public site and people are going to say what they want and defending it is not going to make it stop. It just gets worst. So you have to learn to overlook people’s comment. In the end, Selena is still going to the bank with her pay check so a GOSSIP SITE is not stopping her career from going.

  • €Respect

    Thanks DemiFan!

    Alexis, this is probably another reason I don’t care for selena…people like you. Quite simply you spew so much venom. This is America, not Iran, so I will go wherever I want. You are not the gatekeeper. This is not a cool way to get support for your girl, makes me dislike haters like you even more. Demi is awesome.

  • melodee

    selena has a beautiful voice and both demi and selena are beautiful so are you hater just need to stop and leave them alone dang your just jealous its not you

  • me.

    selena why are you singing?
    stick to something that you are actually good at, please.

  • €Respect

    Demi has such an awesome voice. John Mayer said Demi can sing and will be around for years to come. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • nia

    love selena , dont care about demi

  • Lexi

    I think Demi and Selena are both great singers! 8)

  • korrah

    I got to admit even though I dont care for Selena at all her voice has acutally become a lot better than before. Demi however has raw talent!

  • emily


  • Alexis


    I am not a hater of demi, but i am just tired of people saying things about selena that is not true. Arent you a hater yourself, saying she is manipulating everyone she knows….Ummm yeah like how do you know that? and about how justjared is trying to make her popular? yeah, so that came across to me as a hater, so you cant call me a hater when you are one also. I may have said meaner things,but you said mean things too. and people like you aggravate me, when you dislike her, and yet you still have the need to comment on her. Acting like you know what she do. Yeah i know you have the right to speak your opinion, but you could have dont it better than what you did. and if you had read my post correctly I used what i said about demi as a example. AS A EXAMPLE. Dissing selena is not going to let demi like you even more, so that is not a cool way to support your girl.

  • lalalove

    I wasn’t sure how they would sound together. Honestly, Selena’s not that great of a singer (don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan but prefer her as an actress) while Demi has a really strong voice. But I liked the video. :]

  • hey girl hey

    this song is sooo addicting ive ben singing it for weeks

  • Alexis


    I have been over-looking for a long time. But after a while it just pisses you off, and today isnt my best day, i am not in a good mood, and her comment just rubbed me the wrong way so i just lashed out. But even if it was the other way around and someone was dissing demi, you would stick up for demi, Extremely if people are saying crap like they know what she do. I cant stand that out of the most is when people act like they know the person. From selena to Micheal Jackson, as long as i am a fan of someone i will stick up for them, And trust me i have over-looked a lot of things,but now i am tired of not speaking

  • Jerry#1

    Demi looks like an ass

  • kc

    I luv selena, i hate demi

  • TV

    @Alexis: Keep commenting. You speak truth

  • Zekemaster

    Wow. Demi looks like a bitch. Demi’s fans are bitches. ironic

  • Meagan

    I think Selena’s much prettier than Demi. BUt I love them both

  • nessa

    demi is the best singer hands down!
    and her acting is getting better.. though selena’s voice prob. wont get better!

    demi really knows how to work the camera and her voice :]!

  • Alex

    Is the chic in the pink jacket a tranny?? The one named Demi. or am I wrong?

  • Helen

    I am OBSESSED with this song!
    im always singing it
    However I love how Demi looked in the movie but then the hair went all dark as did the make up =(
    I still love HER just hate her new LOOK
    and Selena is beautiful as always I love her voice its kind of husky

    BTW the end was so cool i had to rewind it to make sure my eyes werent playing tricks on me
    lol One and the Same then they become One and the Same and switch its smart

  • Meagan

    @Alex: No lol. She’s not a tranny. But she does have masculine facial features.

  • Sam

    Demi looks like a guy. kinda

  • nessa

    @Sam: actually DEMI IS WAAAYY PRETTy!

    shut up haters.

    you wish you were as pretty as demi.

    selena needs voice lessons!

  • a.m./p.m.

    Hate Demi.

  • Meagan

    @nessa: Why do you hate on people that hate Demi when you hate Selena. lol

  • Jared

    Selena is wayyyyyyyyyyyyy prettier than Demi. Demi looks like a horse

  • Joe L.

    @Jared: That’s mean but true lol

  • kc

    Damn. alot of people are hatin on Demi. lol

  • nina

    wow i love selena but demi rocks !

  • Alexis


    Idk if you are being serious or being saracastic, a lot of people have used sarcasim on me, but if you are being serious then thank-you:)

  • kamilah

    i find it strange and really funny that some people can like demi and hate selena or like selena and hate demi. these girls are practically sisters for crying out loud. i really dont think they would appreciate one of their so called “fans” talking crap about either one of them. just like the song says, their one and the same. their like a package deal. imagine going up to demi and telling her how much you love her and than saying you cant stand selena. its just not right

  • TV

    @Alexis: No I was serious. I’m just tired of people dissing on Selena out of the blue. Look at the comments now, it’s full of “I hate Selena” and “Demi looks like man” sh*t. All of this started with @€Respect: . I kinda understand the whole Mileyfans vs. Selenafans thing. BUt Demi vs. Selena? They’re FRIENDS. Deal with it. No ones better or worse.

  • leah

    Anyways holy boobies look at Selena’s boobs lol they are big! Anyways Selena looks so gorgeous in this video!:) SEXY!

  • Alexis


    yeah, i totally agree with you, and with the whole miley vs selena, yeah well i can see how that can happen(i dont like it but i can see how it can happen),but demi vs selena, i mean like come on that is pinning bffs against each other and that is just not right.


    hahaha, that was so totally random,but she is 16 year old girl, she is filling out,hahaha, that sounded weird:)

  • emily

    @Sam: no she does NOT!!!!! people really need to STOP being JEALOUS!!!

  • priya

    wow that video was trippy.. it was awesome though.

  • €Respect

    Demi is awesome, cannot wait her album is out this month. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. She is so adorable. My mom loves Miley’s music and so does my 19 year old bro (he thinks she is hot). Once Demi’s cd comes out I’m hoping they will love Demi like I do. I will see Demi at our fair. whhoooop whooooooooooop

  • amanda

    @€Respect: Omg same. I don’t know what it is, but i just can’t seem to like her. Selena should just stick to acting.

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