Selena Gomez: Zombie Prom!

Selena Gomez: Zombie Prom!

Bridgit Mendler and Selena Gomez get their Thriller-groove on in this new still from Wizards of Waverly Place.

In the upcoming episode, “Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies” – Justin (David Henrie) convinces Juliet (Mendler) that their prom date will be the most memorable ever. Meanwhile Alex (Gomez) opts to plan a zombie themed anti-prom, but is unprepared for the unexpected real zombies that arrive for the ultimate prom dance off.

“Wizards & Vampires vs. Zombies” premieres Friday, August 14 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

15+ Zombie Prom stills inside…

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selena gomez zombie prom 01
selena gomez zombie prom 02
selena gomez zombie prom 03
selena gomez zombie prom 04
selena gomez zombie prom 05
selena gomez zombie prom 06
selena gomez zombie prom 07
selena gomez zombie prom 08
selena gomez zombie prom 09
selena gomez zombie prom 10
selena gomez zombie prom 11
selena gomez zombie prom 12
selena gomez zombie prom 13
selena gomez zombie prom 14
selena gomez zombie prom 15
selena gomez zombie prom 16
selena gomez zombie prom 17

  • dee


  • AJ

    Looks really good!

  • dee

    This is my favorite show at the moment!

  • TV


    This looks like the coolest Wizards episode ever! What a great way to end season 2.

    ): This will be a small tribute to MJ. RIP

  • Zekemaster

    No way………..that can not be her…..SELENA LOOKS UNRECONIZABLE!!!! Creepy!! lol

  • Zac F Ron

    LMFAO!!!! The 7th picture looks like Max is humping Harper lol…and it looks like she likes it lmfao!!

  • Meagan

    Why is this show gettin cooler by each episode?? They’re doing Michael Jackson now! Awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • dedewde


  • Cujo22

    Selena is barefoot!!!

  • V

    I thought Alex doesn’t like to wear heels? She said so in the episode with her birthday. Unless, she does now…

  • Lizzie

    Aww this looks like this could be the best episode of Wizards til now :D

  • thais

    wizards is a great great show but it’d be better if selena gomez wasnt in it

  • Jon

    @thais: Uh…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s gotta be the funniest joke I’ve ever heard. HAHAHAHA!! Whoo! I’m tearing up…xD

  • Billygoat:)

    For some reason, I’m really getting the feeling that Bridget’s vampire character is getting her own spin-off. Look at the picture, Bridget is like the center of attention and practically looks like the main star of the show. I totally smell a spin-off in the works. That would be a cool if they actually did make a Wizards spin-off with vampires.

  • andrea

    @thais: LOL! wizards would be nothing without Selena.. anyway.. cant wait!!! looks so cool MJ♥ :D

  • Jerry#1

    Man, I’m really startin to dig this Bridget girl. I’ve only seen her act in that first part of the WIzards vampire saga and I already like her. Disney needs to keep her. She is the second actress on DIsney that can actually act, the first being Selena.

  • arantxa


  • bridget

    im so glad someone with the name bridget is getting recognition :’)

  • anonymous

    love selena, david henrie looks so hot

  • alicia

    OMG !! she looks like katy perry !

  • saudia

    YAY! Looks exciting .. I love the wizard, vampire episodes..

  • Adam

    @Jerry#1: Did you see her on JONAS when she played Nick’s love interest? Bridget has got a good singing voice too.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to this episode!

  • Jerry#1

    @Adam: Yeah i did. She’s great at singing and acting. She will DEFINITELY be Disney’s next big thing. SHe just may become my second favorite Disney star, the first being SeLena of course lol

  • Melissa

    I’m glad Bridgit is getting big too.

    And I’m looking forward to this episode, it looks cool.

  • case

    @thais: lollll selena MAKES wizards. you’re crazy. and bridget actually is in the new disney channel show called oops. i really like her.

  • case

    and oh yea MJ tribute. wizards is too good i swear

  • amanda

    am i the only one who thinks selena as a zombie looks like katy perry ?

  • leah

    :) Selena is so freaking awesome this epsiode looks so freaking funny! I outta say nonono I rmeber Bridget was in her youtube vid!

  • Billygoat:)

    @case: I hope oops isn’t officially picked up. The premise sounds dull. I want Disney to make a spin-off with the vampires. Bridgit was PERFECT as juliet.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    There was some mention of this in the episode “Graphic Novel.” Anyone remember that?

  • QUYEN vO


  • selenagomezdeservesmore.

    LOL , in one episode like in season 2 or something Alex was like i would tottaly go to a zombie prom. TA DA.. zombir prom (: ahaha

  • kristy

    @amanda: i think she does too. that’s the first thing i thought when i saw these pictures. i was like WOAH KATY PERRYS IN THIS?! hahah

  • =)=)=)

    u can tell that is selena cuz she looks like a bone like always



  • selena Fans

    Selena is the Best!

    any thing she will do will be perfect

  • Steph

    Wow, Disney is really pushing this Bridget girl all of the sudden. First JONAS and now WOWP? Is she in one of the new shows or movies coming out?

  • miss zanessa

    remembering micky j´s thriller

  • Karissa

    In the episode Grpahic Novel of Wizards of Waverly Place, Alex said she would only go to a prom if u dressed up as zombies!!! It’s so meant 2 b!!!! I am Selena Gomez’s #1 Fan!!!!!

  • axel

    soy bobo dada and the wizards is coooooooool

  • Karina :)

    Seems like an awesome episode :)
    Looking forward to it.

  • monika

    I am so proud of bridget. that girl is super cool and nice. I rememeber seeing her in the clique , <3


    I feel that there is a connection between vampires and wizards. I can’t wait to see WVV:Dream Date!

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  • sexy

    bridgit is sooooooooooo hot, her legs r lush

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