Vanessa Hudgens is a Sour Patch Kid

Vanessa Hudgens is a Sour Patch Kid

With a cute smile on her face, Vanessa Hudgens dishes a few of her favorite things in the August 2009 issue of InStyle magazine. Check out what the 20-year-old actress had to say:

On feeding her sweet tooth: “Any sour candy: Lemonheads, Sour Skittles, Sour Patch Kids.”

On what she has in her purse: “My Balenciaga wallet, a beanie hat I took from my mom, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, iPhone headphones and two pairs of sunglasses — Diesel and Ray-Ban aviators.”

On her fall back career: “I’d be in fashion. When I was young, I liked to go to fabric stores, buy material and sew.”

On her BFF of the moment: “Brittany Snow. Zac [Efron] worked with her on Hairspray — we’ve been hanging out a lot.”

On her guilty pleasure: “Manicures and pedicures. My friends and I go to a place near my house that gives great massages too.”

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Photos: InStyle
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  • Laura

    She seems so cute, I think we would be really good friends :D

  • Malee

    Wasn’t that pic taken a few years ago?
    Anyways, she looks great, as usual..!
    And who doesn’t like sour patch kids?

  • ashleytfan

    She looks pretty :)

  • bruno

    soo coo!! i miss vanessa go out with ashley tisdale!!why they dont do that???!
    love u vanessa!!n congrats with zac!!!zanessa 4ever!!
    vanessa looks hotter everyday!!hahhaha =]

  • star

    Does anyone have a list of the ’25 things you didnt know about Vanessa Hudgens’ from self magazine?

  • kayleigh

    i kinda miss ashness :(
    but britanny sounds cool too :]
    but i prefer ashnessa

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    this girl is adorable

  • nikkki

    thats cute how she is friends with zacs friends, THATS LOVE RIGHT THERE! hahaahaha

  • Susie

    I would definately buy the clothes she sew since she is good with fashion. Anyway, she must be happiest gal on Hollywood right now! I meant hot boyfriend, good career plus money.

  • bee

    Sour candy FTW!

    Awh I miss her lmao. Can’t wait to read the rest.

  • Althea


    I think Vanessa is still filming Beastly in Montreal.Maybe we will get pictures of her there soon.

  • Kea

    What’s with Ashley ?
    I miss Ashnessa, too. Hopefully they are still very good friends and hang out. VOTE FOR VANESSA AND ZAC AT TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!!! Love them. ♥

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    love her :D i think this pic was taken some time ago.

  • Helen

    Shes so beautiful!!!
    I love her
    Is anyone else pissed that the CW didnt pick up the Gossip Girl spinoff that Brittany was gonna be in?
    While Ashley isnt my fav person I do miss seeing Ashnessa too
    they looked really cute as BFF

    Wasnt this the picture that was in her Instyle photospread back in like October or something?
    Is the August Instyle the one with Michelle Pheiffer on the cover?
    What about that photoshoot she did in May I think while Zac was at the game was that for this?
    Sorry I ask alot of questions lol

  • pixie

    I love Vanessa! I hope we see more of her on this website…hopefully pics with her holding hands with Zac!

  • Caro

    Ashley is perez’friends and perez ¬’ hater vane

  • mishyB


    I think she is done filming and no longer in Montreal @Althea #11 because there are pics of her and Zac celebrating Independence Day with Zac on July 4 in LA.

  • istar

    lol, #8: i agree!

    it’d be awesome if V ever decided to make a fashion brand… i would buy it!

  • suzy

    I can imagine her making cute outfits. Also I love her friendship with Brittany they seem to mention each other a lot in interviews now.

  • Carol

    Loveeeeeeee her!!
    So gorgeous.
    So amazing
    And I LOVE her friendship with Britt

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh, I love Sour Patch Kids. :D Its sour but sweet. Kinda like Vanessa, lol, the sweet part not sour. Hm, if Vanessa ever became a fashion designer she would SO hit it big. I would love to wear an outfit by her. :D …And uhm, its great that she’s hanging out with Brittany…but I miss seeing Ashley and Vanessa together…where’s my Ashnessa sighting !?

  • melissa. *

    Did anybody notice she didn’t mention Ashley Tisdale as her bff..? I hope the’re alright. Anyways, I love sour patch kids! xD keep rockin’ Baby V!

  • Honest

    I think she is back in Montreal. And yeah, that picture is old but I think jjj was just using it for this post. Even though, I don’t like ashley, I do miss when they used to hang out but I wonder if they still do. But it’s still cool she’s hanging out with other people other than ashley. Also, Does anybody know where I can read the 25 things list about Vanessa on the internet?


  • Belinda

    im not sure what to feel about her BFF answer, i mean… i dont want to believe that vanessa changes her friends like she changes clothes… but it kinda make me feel that way… idk… i hope she still very good with Ashley, i love Ashnessa

  • Althea


    I thought they are back in Montreal because there are a few twitter (I can’t spell since I don’t have one.) that Zac and her were spotted there but then you always can’t trust trust those thing.

    I ‘d tried sour skittles and hate it. I think I threw away half of the bag!

  • MaCY

    Wats up with ashnessa?!
    I mean i remember in 2008 and back when they hung out 24/7. But now they arent seen together anymore. But im sure they are still best friends. ASHNESSA FTW!

  • sara12


    Also, Does anybody know where I can read the 25 things list about Vanessa on the internet?

    it is in self magazine may 2009


    Is the August Instyle the one with Michelle Pheiffer on the cover?

    No, Michelle in july cover

  • Chris

    illy her:)

  • Carol


    Well I think you should think 10 times before start saying what you don’t know.

  • Gabrielle

    awwww i love her
    she seems so down to earth
    she’s my hero :)

  • Naomi

    Van baby, you’re still young lol, but we get what you mean.

    For some reason, I really like that she can sew.

    Her mom did a pretty good job in raising her and preparing her to be independent, she is very organized, maintains her accessories, using them for years (I mean, she had her butterfly brooch since she was 13 and still uses it now!), is prudent with money, has learnt how to cook, can keep house and can sew.

    What a woman! With every interview, she reveals a bit more of herself showing consistent maturity and playfulness behind those brown eyes. Can’t wait to get the issue and read the whole interview. Love her.

  • Honest

    @sara12: Thanks for answering, but I said on the internet

  • aw

    I’m glad she’s been featured in Instyle again! No idea she could sew, always full of good surprises.

    @Belinda: \

    Oh please, she has been friends with Brittany Snow for a couple years now. All she said is that they have been hanging out a lot at the moment. Besides how exactly do you expect her to hang out with Tisdale who is barely in one place for an extended period of time.

  • istar

    @Naomi: totally agree… i love hearing more about what V can do!

  • the fame

    well by looking at her fashion sense i think she could be so succesful! and im glad she has changed the people she hangs out:)
    she looks so cute

  • star


    They did say bff of the moment so I think she meant that as of late she had been hanging out with Brittany a lot.

  • Kami

    omg my fave candy is sour patch kids too!!!!

  • Rickii

    Vanessa <3

  • Naomi

    Here are scans of Self magazine where she lists the 25 things fans don’t know about her.

  • suzy
  • Courtney

    I wish I was friends wit Baby V. She’s so beautiful…on the inside & out.

  • heat.

    I love that she is best friends with Brittany Snow. They have an adorable friendship. Lol, I love her love for sour candy hahaha. She is so cute

  • masbonita

    Love Nessa!! I want to see some BEASTLY image , please!!

  • birdie

    I love that picture. As far as BBF it said at the moment, she still hangs out with Ashley just not as much. If you follow Ashley at all she’s been
    really busy with her album and promotion,plus the new boyfriend.
    So, she just doesn’t have as much time to hang out as she’d like to.

  • LG

    She looks really pretty in the picture.

  • carol

    Own *-*
    Love her!!!!

  • KATIE g!

    @Belinda: i don’t think the question or answer was meant the way your taking it…

    i just think the question meant like who are you hangning out with recently… cause uk in hollywood celebs hang out once and suddenly the paps are saying there “bffs” adn vanessa answered thats shes been hanging out more with brittany snow

    i dooo love their friendship though i love seeing them together
    and i love ashnessa so i hope we have a sighting… dont forget the one of them together when they were both wearing blue dresses!!!!! tehy looked perfectly fine then and i dont think it was that long ago

  • star



    Thank you soooooo much. I have been looking forever and couldn’t find it. Your amazing! :-)

  • Michelle Strauss

    i love brittany snow!
    but i
    vanessa and ashley as best friends.

  • Marie

    Pls. vote for Zac and Vanessa in Tca and pls. vote them here too:

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