5 Things You Didn't Know About Drew Seeley

5 Things You Didn't Know About Drew Seeley

Drew Seeley recently sat down with MTV Buzzworthy and revealed five things his fans didn’t know about him. Check out what the Little Mermaid leading man had to say:

– “I love Hot Sauce on anything. Just about anything, definitely eggs. Eggs covered completely in hot sauce.”
– “I’ve never had a dog in my life, which is really weird. Always wanted to. So, if you’re looking to send me gifts for my birthday, send me a puppy. That’d be cool.”
– “I had a lot of strange jobs before acting. I used to scoop ice cream at Friendly’s and I was a food runner at P.F. Chang’s. I probably served some of you before. I passed out googly eyes on the streets before when the Saw movies came out. A lot of fun stuff, but I think I enjoy my job right now — I’m getting to play a prince on Broadway.”
– “When I was 15, I had my permit for a few weeks and I totaled my dad’s car. I could not drive for two years because I was petrified. I took the bus everywhere. I’m still not a very good driver but I live in New York now, so it doesn’t matter.”
– “I play a mean clarinet. I was a band geek.”

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  • Naomi


  • Naomi


  • Jordao

    I don’t have the slightest sense of who this guy is. However, PF Chang’s is the shizzz!!

  • Kc

    Uhm so I love this man hahaha
    One of the greatest talents this world will ever see :)

  • kate_alice

    Oh, It’s guy from Another Cinderella Stroy (You know: Selena Gomez, love story blah blah).

  • Hermionexhaibara

    I love Hot Sauce too,Drew! =]

  • Kami

    dont like him

  • MKLY

    i hate this guy…he’s so ugly,,,,,

  • http://www.twitter.com/alwaysanna_c Alwaysanna

    Totally saw that episode of Alexa Chung..loved it when he sang for that girls Facebook..it was so Hilarious!!! LUCKY…lol

    He can play the clarinet…NO WAY!!! So can I..we need to have a jam session..haha

    I really wish Drew would put out a cd..he’s insanely talented..come on Drew…




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