Demi Lovato Writes Fan Love Letter

Demi Lovato Writes Fan Love Letter

Demi Lovato performed an acoustic show during her live Facebook chat for all of her fans on Thursday night (July 9).

The 16-year-old tweeted a love letter to her fans after the chat had ended, saying, “For an hour and a half every single night, I get to connect with thousands of strangers through music.. and no matter what I’m going through, no matter what my fans are going through, we’re able to sing face to face and connect through music. We’re able to forget about any problems or any issues in our lives or the rest of the world and do nothing but sing to one another. THAT’S why I love tour.”

Demi continued, “Tonight I just honestly had a moment where I didn’t have any confidence. Simple as that. And it can be so difficult going out on stage in front of a crowd not feeling beautiful enough, or just good enough… but you know what… Tonight lifted my spirits so high, and I can’t thank you guys enough. You aren’t just fans who are there for me when I need you, but you are my friends. Cheering me on 100%. I love you all so much.”

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  • hanna lovato

    love her shes true to her fans she treats them like her best friends and i love her for that
    :) ur amazing xx

  • Britney

    Demi is so sweet. I’m so glad to call myself a fan :)

  • T!

    She’s so down to earth.

  • cj

    she’s in one word…amazing!

  • kc

    ass chin

  • Undercontrol

    i wuz at her concert last night and she did amazing!!!

  • Meagan

    Her Face Looks Like A Cake Of Makeup! Doesn’t Anybody Tell Herl She Wears Too Much Makeup? Gosh

  • Jon

    She looks sooooooooo old ):

  • the fame

    @kc: LOL
    and what’s worng with that thing in her throath?

  • Zekemaster

    It’s official. she has an adam’s apple lol

  • kc

    @the fame: What the heck is that???? lol

  • kc

    No seriously, what is that?

  • gold baybay

    What the f*ck is that thing on her neck? It made me gag.


    @Meagan: Thats up 2 herself not ANYBODY else!
    Gosh she is the sweeeeeeeeeeetest person EVER! I love u so much girl no matter what ill always love u 2 death <333333333333333333333333

  • Andrea

    She´s amazing, gorgeous, talented, i love her!!!

  • Andrea

    i love demi so much, i was yesterday in the live chat,, and she didn´t sing, she was talking about her show tonight in Arizona.

  • Dmf

    @Zekemaster: i think its like the light or her collar bone :)

  • Gossip Girl

    @kc: Was that comment necessary sweeh heart? Demi Lovato is NOT PERFECT we all have our flaws.

  • melissa

    ummmm?? wrongggg! demi didnt do an “acoustic show” on her livechat. when people asked her to sing, she said to go to one of her shows :) haha

  • daaniielaaaaa

    shee is soo sweeeet! i lovee when she does that… :’)
    she is awesomeee :)

  • Chelsea

    @Zekemaster: It’s bone not an adams apple think about it!

  • becky

    The ‘thing’ on her neck is her collar bone(clavical bone) not her adams apple..she does not have an adams apple because she’s a girl! Get it right !

  • ..

    @Meagan: she can wear how much fuckin makeup she wants bitch=)

    love her

  • olivia

    @gold baybay: It’s her collar bone you idiots! it’s sticking out coz she’s leaning forward and she’s skinny!

    you guys seriously need to lighten up, and get smarter!!! pfffttt….
    demi is pretty as…

  • vic!

    its her collar bone you fuckingg idiots.

  • kia

    I watched her live cat and I thought it was amazing/I cant wait for her next one!
    and P.S. Stop hating on Demi!!!

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    she is very sweet!and she does look prettier!!

  • Grace

    she didnt perform anything on her facebook chat…

  • Steff

    She’s my favorite Disney Star because not only does she have talent, but she’s so down to earth, and sweet. Most people would get so stuck up because they’re like really good at what they do, and she start thinking that they’re so much better, but she’s so not like that. Especially, for someone who sings really good. I wish her all the success in the world. She deserves it (:


    @Steff: Totally trueeeeeeeee :)

  • olivia

    @Steff: i agree 100% :D xx

  • khloe


  • miss zanessa

    aww demi you´re so sweet ^^
    that´s why we love u

  • Melz

    she’s so sweet
    I love her

  • gold baybay

    First of all, last time I checked, I was one person, therefore, I cannot be an “idiots”. Secondly, I don’t CARE what it is, because regardless, it made me gag. And last of all, I don’t care about HER! She seems fake to me. And sad but true, you can’t say I’m jealous because you don’t know her either, making your opinion rather…pointless. Have a nice day, b*tch.

  • Jensyn

    Demi your beautiful ! :D

    that’s a collerbone or somethingg.
    good lord you freaking morans!

    and i love how demi does her makeup:]

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  • http://twitter dajaila

    @gold baybay:
    that wasnt her gay bird

  • stefani

    es bonito demi lovato mandar una carta…………. bueno es corto lo quete digo espero que lo leeas quisira cantar con tigo algun dia yo quiero ser como tu cantante y actrizbueno adios y grasias.

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