Miley Cyrus: Best Friends Should Date

Miley Cyrus: Best Friends Should Date

Miley Cyrus shines in a cute yellow dress in this new outtake from the August 2009 issue of Elle magazine.

The 16-year-old budding movie star dished on the value of natural beauty, dating her best friend and getting to live her prom over and over again. Check it:

On keeping everything natural: “I like these crooked. I love my teeth. My dad won’t let me fix my teeth or cut my hair. He loves it. He’s like, ‘It’s you!’”

On feeling like a princess every night: “The most fun thing about prom is having that one special night when you dress up and you feel like a princess, and honestly, I get to do that one night a lot.”

On former boyfriend Justin Gaston: “We’re together, and then again, we’re not. Some people see us more as friends and don’t get why we work in a relationship. They’re like, ‘It’s weird, best friends shouldn’t date!’ But the person that you eventually spend the rest of your life with — I’m not saying it’s him — why are you going to wake up with someone every day and not want to hang out with them?”

Miley Cyrus – “Elle” Cover Shoot
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Photos: Carter Smith
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  • MC Fan

    love her! sexy!

  • jonasloverrr


  • s

    She said she isn’t wearing make up on the cover… pshhhh

  • Liz

    ummm..suddenly this girl is some fashionista??? Elle, you are so going to lose some serious readers. I’m so disappointed.


    She is an amazing and talented girl!
    Go Miley, you are the best…

  • muffinstealer

    ;;;She’s still dating the 40 year old underwear model? WTF he’s like, her father’s age, && this must be old, man, they broke up, right? Well whatever, dating your bestfriend isn’t always a good idea though, cos wtf happens when u break up? Actually, miley cyrus is a good example, do u see her && justin together anymore? no.

  • jessie

    how interesting.
    especially since she says nick is her best friend :]

  • Megan

    miley looks amazing…i LOVE that she wants to keep everything natural! she is the perfect role model. i am speechless. miley is beyond amazing.

  • lovely

    i LOVE this girl!!!! and am very proud of her to miley always tries her best and also tries 2 keep in touch with her fans as much as she can :) shes really is growing up and all of us have 2 except it!!!! her HM is quiting next year and then shell be out of disney so im glad that shes getting a head start for new carrier now :D but really its her own love life and as true fans we all should except who she dates or doesnt date shes a human just like anyone else and makes mistakes along the way and later learns from them so ill always love u miley nomatter what :] TEAM CYRUS JB AND DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the fame

    wtf? are you kidding me? crooked teeth and not a haircut? she has FAKE TEETH AKA VEENERS and she is always having extensions etc.. gosh this girl is fake and annoying

  • cindy

    Ew, elle must be running out of celebs. All of mileys pics for the magazine look rediculous, the only one where she looks decent is the one in pink.

  • bianca

    wait a minute??
    she says that she didn’t fix her teeth or her dad doesn’t let her..first of all she did..teeth don’t get straight out of nowhere?

  • Cassidy

    @thefame. Shut up! She isnt fake! Quit hating. She looks pretty here.

  • Cassidy

    Oh, her boyfriend wasnt 40. He was was 21. Idiot.

  • muffinstealer

    WTF is a 16 year old doing dating a 21 yr old kid. /i dunoo about wher u r , but wherr i live, it’s not socially accepted, so 21, or 40, it’s still messed up.

  • Cassidy

    I meant one was

  • Cassidy

    Whatever. They broke up. Get over it.

  • Whitney.

    @cindy: Hey don’t blame Miley for that blame the photographer. He is the one is telling her how to pose.

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    Miley looks awsome!
    And I agree with her.
    Miley ROCKS!!!!!

  • Whitney.

    I think the pictures would look less awkward if Elle would chill out on the photoshop, ever heard of natural beauty people. What was the point of having her wear no make up if they were going to photoshop her like crazy?

  • emily

    shes soooo pretty but right here SHE LOOKS UGLY IN THE VIDEO,SHE LOOKS LIKE A DUDE in the last part of the video and what up with the hair!!! but im not hating .dont get me wrong she is pretty but she looks weird here! love miley =)

  • emily

    BTW- why is her lips always like that?

  • Allison

    what the hell does she know.

  • anna

    I LOVE IT !

  • bruno


  • Cassidy

    She said that her dad doesnt let her. Doesnt mean she doesnt do it.

  • swe3t23

    love it. Miley is amazing!!! HAS AN ELECTRIFYING PERSONALITY

  • hahaha

    boy is this girl asking for it. the f she doin posin like that

  • Skylar

    Hannah Montana isn’t stopping next year…
    & everyone that’s in shock that she’s still with Justin…she’s not! You have to remember that these interviews were taken a while back!

  • zanessa

    umm, shes pretty and i loove her music, but she cant be sexy like vanessa and them x] sorry

  • Dave

    I love how Miley just develops into more and more sluttier ever day.
    And apparently she into fashion? Yet she’s always in a tank and sweats.

    I’m sick of people saying she’s growing into a nice young lady, and her behavior is acceptable. She’s 16 first of all, as in not legal. She shouldn’t be wearing the thing she wears or doing the things she does. I know perfectly well that every other 16-year-old girl does and wears the same thing. Well she’s not able to, she’s public and a “role model.” Enough already.

  • Dave

    @the fame:

    100% agree. She just changed her hair last month. Natural? Ha! Far from it.

  • lo

    I know that with this shoot they are trying to make Miley seem grown up and not a little girl anymore, but since when does wearing leather and wearing mostly black clothing make you seem grown up? And didn’t she get her teeth fixed and get hair extensions, making her look not her natural look?

    Overall she looks pretty in those photos. I think she looks better with shorter hair. Granted when I was 16 years old, I wasn’t dressing that way, but I guess the times have changed?

  • riana

    wtf is up with her hair?

  • Cassidy

    @Dave Shut up! Stop calling her names. She shouldnt be a rolemodel for kids because its the parents’ jobs to raise their children not Miley. She can do whatever she wants to. She almost seventeen. She cant plz the little girls anymore. Shes growing up and out of the ”Hannah” image. You guys dont wont her to grow up do you? Shes not gonna stay the lovely, bubbly, little, innoncent 11 year-old Hannah Montana forever. Deal with it.

  • hdffg

    @Cassidy: ya okay cassidy did you never look up to a TV or movie star. Obviously the parents are supposed to raise their own kids but kids will always try and be just like the people they see on TV. Miley knew what she was getting into when she signed into Hannah Montana and just b.c. shes bigger then the show now doesn’t mean she can turn off the quote “lovely bubble little innocent” end quote character that all these kids look up to.

  • Ani

    Whatever HATERS.
    Wasting your energy and time on Miley is a perfect way to waste your time. Don’t like her? That’s fine, it’s everyone’s right and opinion to do that but don’t spew your hate here. Go do something positive. The world is negative enough already.


  • €Respect

    Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She takes your breath away.

  • katie

    @€Respect: ya she totally takes your breath away!!!!! because your gagging

  • €Respect


    Jared you forgot to add that this model cover and interview were done way before she went to Georgia–she was dating justin then. duh

  • anon

    she means her front 2 teeth- cos its crooked. and her hair- if she likes it long with extensions then meh! who cares. so if u “fix” your teeth its fake now. HA! whatever!
    she looks gorgeous here :). i love her!

  • d

    ew ok miley cyrus is FAR from hot. I love how she is a disney star and she does all these crappy things. boy is she stupid. shes annoying. and she doesnt sing good. al you miley fans.. do you have a reason to like her!?

  • james

    miley looks very sexy! hot looking girl! she looks like a sexy model.

  • lala


    wow so true,
    and hav u seen taylor momsens pictures- she’s younger , and she is much or “exposed”. seriously who cares! dont like her, then ignore her, dont spend your energy talking abt sum1 u dont even like! she fixed her teeth and changed her hair, that doesnt mean shes not natural, okay lets all be natural and not shave our legs or hav a shower! yay!
    finding faults in others wont help u in life- EVER.
    atleast she;s living her dreams and is happy! she’s going places, kudos to u miley cyrus!

  • Helen

    Im sorry love her just bought her new Hannah Montana cd but seriously?
    Why is she on the cover? No offence but she isnt really a fashionista or anything so I dont see why shes on the cover
    Also I get it shes trying to be an adlut but ugh shes 16 the poses and pics are too much dont get me wrong im 16 too but come on

    Il probably still buy it though

  • mary


    obviously she is wearing makeup but i think she meant by her eyes you can tell

  • Jess

    ohhh Miley.. just shut up!

  • amanda

    This girl is amazing! she looks beautiful and i think it’s awesome that she’s on the cover. VERY good role model, and even has a good sense of style!

  • me.

    Gorgeous *–*

  • Jen

    She looks so pretty here but she did get veneers! Why is she lying? Also i think 21 is a little old for a 16 y.o buts it not thaaaat bad.

>>>>>>> staging1