Miley Cyrus: High Fashion Calling

Miley Cyrus: High Fashion Calling
  • Miley Cyrus is a Fashionista
  • Emma Watson has roommate expectations
  • Who is your role model?
  • Taylor Swift‘s secret of success
  • Ashley Tisdale‘s new Aliens in the Attic trailer
  • How much does Kellan Lutz cost?
  • Selena Gomez dished to US Weekly that she still keeps up with the Taylor‘s of her life: Swift and Lautner. She shared, “[Taylor Swift] is like my older sister. I look up to her in so many ways.”
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Photos: Elle
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  • MILEYYstephii s.


  • yaima

    can wait to get the magazing

  • nessa

    she is NOT A fashionista!

    at what’s with her saying she is not a kid?!?!?
    she is! as long as you’re under’re an effing kid!

    jeez miley cyrus is plain annoying.

  • joecool

    @nessa: You are wrong she’s a teenager,people that act like you are kids,and annoying too!!


  • Alexis

    I wonder what selena said about taylor lautner?

  • lol

    yes you are right! & this one is trying too hard to be at least 20 already!

  • mE

    trashy fashion,maybe

  • flc

    no offense i like miley and all shes awesome and her music is amazing. but her cover picture for elle was a little bit to much. her lacy bra was showing and then everything was hanging out. shes 16 i get that but shes also a role model to kids that are 11 years old and no parent wants their kids looking at stuff like that. thats the only reason she gets crap for the pictures she takes because she has a younger audience not just teenagers. but i mean there cute pics.

  • Alexis

    I like the pics that miley took,but i feel like they are trying to make her sexy, like she is 16 years old. and i know everyone is saying she is growing up,but i dont feel like she should do poses like that until she is like 19 and 20. Because right now since she is only 16/17 she is going to get crap for it. Like if taylor swift did something like this,she wont get too much heat because she is 19 going on 20. she is over 18. But with miley doing things like this, people are going to point it out and say she is too young to be doing this, which is true. I just wish that with this elle magizine that she did something a little bit lesser than what she did, like with the whole table thing….mmmm not a great choice on that. But she is a good person though, but i think the people doing her photo shoots are trying to make her older than what she really is,which she have a rep for

  • Me

    Lmao. I hope Emma’s roommate isn’t a massive HP fan. But I think it’s too much to hope that they won’t know who she is. HP fans are everywhere and even if people don’t like Harry Potter they still know who the trio are.

  • Jenny

    I cant believe that that picture has sparked controversy its plain stupid for that to happen there is nothing sexually provocatuve about that picture

  • lovely

    ummm yeah so is it really true that selena thought that niley is adorable???? :D LOL i love niley!!!!! but im all TEAM MILEY DEMI AND JB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flashmob

    Miley Cyrus is to glamour,
    as Nikola Tesla was to sparks

  • Alexis


    yeah there isnt anything sexuall provocatuve about the picture, but it is too old for a 16 year old. if she was 19 20 sure, but 16…not so much, she is growing up a tad bit too fast

  • love_miley

    I LOVE U MILES ;**

  • nicole

    wearing sweatpants and white v-necks often is not what i consider a fashionista

  • DemiFan

    @nessa: 16 is the turning point in life. Once you’ve reached that age, you’re basically stepping away from Childhood into adulthood. At 18 your LEGAL and at 21, you’re officially an ADULT. So no, she’s not a kid anymore

  • cookiesn’cream


  • cookiesn’creamily:)

    youre so totally right :) SELENA and TAYLOR LOOKS SO GOOD TOGETHER

  • Jo

    She’s not a fashionista, she’s a nobody, come one people stope already with miley cy-nobody-rus

  • #1Selenagomezfan

    I AM SELENA GOMEZ’S #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS MY ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!

  • mileyfan

    I am miley`s #1 fan LOVE U MILEY!

  • anti-kayleigh

    gosh! you people are so malacious! you keep on saying that this photo is dirty! And so what if Miley’s picture is like a 20 year old photo? She looks stunning. You Disney Stars are annoying. You always think about Miley the negative way. Why are you here anyways? You should be in Selena’s blogs because she’s the one you’ve been supporting.

    PS: at least Miley learns to be mature.

>>>>>>> staging1