Vanessa Hudgens & Gaelan Connell: CBGB Couple

Vanessa Hudgens & Gaelan Connell: CBGB Couple

Vanessa Hudgens and on-screen love interest Gaelan Connell share a moment at the old CGBG club in NYC in this new clip from their upcoming flick, Bandslam.

In the movie, singer-songwriter Charlotte Banksasks (Aly Michalka) asks new kid in town Will Burton (Connell) to manage her fledgling rock band, she appears to have just one goal in mind: go head-to-head against her egotistical musician ex-boyfriend, Ben (Scott Porter), at the biggest event of the year, a battle of the bands.

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“Bandslam” Sneak Peek
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  • Ruby


  • rayana


  • Naomi

    That is such a sweet clip. They’re both adorable. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • suzy

    They are adorable.

  • emma

    I heard from insiders that Zac and Ness broke up so it is such a sad time for them. Thats why Zac left Montreal and went back to LA. Hope they both get over it soon. Good luck on future boyfriends/girlfriends Zac and Vanessa.

  • masbonita

    CAN”T WAIT !!!! Vote for V at TCA.

  • may

    cutee =)

    love you vanessa

  • Elouise


    I know i heard that too. It is really sad news.

  • Carol

    Gaaaaaaaaah I can’t wait to watch this movie
    Love Vanessa!


    WOW knew it wasn’t long before someone had something bad to say about zac and vanessa. you’re not even reliable. i mean what insiders told you this? i mean obviously people are going to be questioning you about it bc this is the first time we have heard it. you are really milking things for all it’s worth and just stop bc it is so annoying. we need to keep on the subject of vanessa and bandslam, not zac and vanessa. this is to @emma

  • Carol

    Oww Emma and Elouise your insider is your weak head

  • isabelle


    I heard it aswell and yes it is sad :(

  • Carol

    Oww Emma and Elouise your insider is your weak mind.
    If you don’t have what to say please don’t say anything is better.

    Zac and Vanessa are fine thank you. And rumours is they’re both in NYC.
    Zac doing a photoshoot and Vanessa has a press-junket for Bandslam this weeked.


    emma, elouise, and isabelle,

    where did you hear it from because obviously the rest of us don’t know what your talking about? im curious so fess up where it came from.


    ok people don’t listen to the fake zac efron. obviously it’s one of the girls posing as him so they think we’ll be stupid enough to fall for it. wow, very mature girls.

  • Carol

    It’s seems the same person changing names and posting the same thing.
    Or it’s just sad people who doesn’t have what to say and prefer to say lies.

    They are very happy together and that’s it!



    yep carol, i’m with you there. i totally agree. i think emma, zac efron, elouise, and isabelle are all one person. they want to have more credible sources that knows what the break-up is, when it didn’t even happen


    right you know zac efron doesn’t know go on these websites. he has a life. unlike you are just posing as him. oh really if you say your him then why the hell did you dump vanessa after 4 years of a relationship. like seriously, you don’t act like zac efron. you are just a mindless poser who has no life

  • kgg

    Here we go again….can we not have one Zac and/or Vanessa thread without someone posting some stupid rumor? If you can’t substantiate said statements, then keep it to yourself and quit trying to stir up drama.

  • Carol

    I think I even know who is doing this.
    I have in mind two young people a guy and a girl who always makes up things.
    First on twitter and now in here.

  • Marie

    Pls. vote Zac and Vanessa in TCA!

    and pls.. vote them here:

  • Carol

    One last coment because I won’t discuss more with imature people

    Jared can’t you prohibit people who pretend to be some who they aren’t from coment in here?? Like blocking thir IP or something like that??

  • Honest

    OMG, I can’t believe there’s drama again about Vanessa and Zac.
    1. Where did you guys hear the rumors about them breaking up and how much you wanna bet the rumors are rumors as in it’s bunch of lies.
    2. This is a Vanessa post not zanessa so please don’t bring up Zac’s name and you guys are supposed to be commenting on the video.
    Moving on, I think the video was cute and good and can’t wait to see the movie.

  • jenny

    where is the information of the breakdown of zac and vanessa

  • Just Jill

    Do not pretend to be someone famous and comment. It doesn’t work and will result in a ban.

  • Naomi


    I think I have an idea who you mean. The girl particularly thinks that because she visits TeamHudgens we don’t know her other activities or that we’re not aware of the members that are posers. We’re just giving them a long rope to hang themselves.

    Besides, we think they have some mental problems in real life and frankly, on the internet, apart from being irritating, are quite harmless.

    Keeping to the topic:

    Bandslam already has a couple of positive reviews which is great.

    For Vanessa fans:

    She’s in NYC this weekend for the Bandslam press junket. Hopefully the rest of the cast will be there.

    This means we’ll be getting some interviews and articles from next week onwards which is just fab. Can’t wait to see what she’ll wear for the junket.

  • suzy
  • baby.v.


    they didn’t break up. these ppl who are saying that they did break up are posers and they obviously have nothing better to do than start false rumours about someone. don’t believe them.

    zanessa forever! <3

  • jenny


    saying that zanessa broken up aware of where this

  • Naomi

    I’ve also got to say kudos to Vanessa, though

    It’s rare to see a young woman who girls are so jealous of and so obsessed with, that they’ll take the time to fake alternate personalities and go on blogs and twitter and carry on conversations with themselves, asking and answering questions, keeping tabs on her life. That’s real star power.

    What can I say, they contribute in making her famous. The buzz around her is the reason this teen movie in which she plays a supporting character is getting more attention that befits a movie of that caliber.

    From Mumbai to Timbuktu, anything Vanessa Hudgens is covered, no matter how inconsequential because she’s become an Achilles heel for a lot of twats. They just can’t move on from the obsession.

    If only we could give some relief but I’m not inclined to bother. Thanks to their contribution, Vanessa is not going anywhere any soon. She’s here to stay.

  • 2 fast 4 u

    i’m getting soooooooo sick of this it’s not even funny anymore to just laugh of rumors like this.
    come on people there are rumors like this everyday!!!
    what makes this one true……the fact that they stated that ‘insiders’ said this.
    emma and elouise don’t even have facts to back up their statement which is a RUMOR.

    also i agree with HONEST and KRISTY this is a VANESSA post and we should comment on her!!!!!

  • Rickii

    I love Vanessa
    She is the best <3
    i cant wait for this movie

  • HockeyPuck

    That video was awesome!!!!! Absolutely am going to see Bandslam now. Although, I didn’t quite understand what he was saying around 0:46 when they were facing each other. Did someone catch that? Vanessa’s acting looks phenomenal in this movie as well.

    As for the stupid rumors, you guys need to step off. If those were real these posers would have some credible proof. Everybody is freaking out over nothing. The reason why a majority of the people on here haven’t heard about these rumors is because they are NOT REAL.


  • jenny


    means that zac went to Montreal just to break up with vanessa.

  • http://justjaredjr telma tinkuy

    PLEASE stop rumors about them…..focus in their work .

    vanessa u rock and can’t wait for bandslam

    je vous aime zanessa yaaaaaaaaaa

  • jenny


    come to my classes and when I come to this site I know that Emma is saying that zac and vanessa broke up someone please explain to me what happens.

  • Carol


    I love your coments.
    You said it all.

    And I can’t wait for Bandslam as I said before
    I have to wait until August28..but it’s ok.

  • pink sugar

    Again with the fake rumors and posers. Omg, Some people really have no life.

  • 2 fast 4 u

    come on just don’t believe it…….don’t even ask emma anything cause she’ll just feed your mind with crap
    jenny, i know deep down it that delusional mind of yours there has 2 be sense……find it and use it!!!!

  • melanie

    her voice is deeper in this clip …

  • Cindy


    I Hate Zac for dumping Vanessa. Zac is a dumbass who needs his buttkicked hard. I will never support Zac ever again. My kids will never see anyof his movies. Zac Efron is a person I want my Kids to look up to. Zac is not this wounderful guy you all that he was. He is Cheater and A pig.

  • Cindy


    I Hate Zac for dumping Vanessa. Zac is a dumbass who needs his buttkicked hard. I will never support Zac ever again. My kids will never see anyof his movies. Zac Efron is not a person I want my kids to look up too. Zac is not this wounderful guy you all that he was. He is Cheater and A Pig. Zac is a Dumbass of a Man.

  • birdie

    This was the sweetest scene, I really can’t wait to see this film.
    Very good acting, they were totally believable. The shy,awkward
    moments were too cute. I am crazy, but was there a Vanessa post
    about her “In Style” magazine article?

  • Tata

    they are both adorable and i like Vanessa’s voice in this clip and the way they connect with each other when they are stading face to face! gosh, cant wait the whole movie!

  • Zac Efron’s #1fan


    Who Told you this Your Mommy. We need to know who told this. And don’t Try and tells Insiders because that is BS.

  • awurbii


    There was a post on Vanessa’s In Style interview. I tried to look it up on this website and it wasn’t there. To make sure I wasn’t tricking myself I went into my internet history and there was the link. I clicked on but JJJ said it wasn’t there. I think it has been removed. Possibly for copyright reasons.

    Back to topic:

    I liked the clip. Vanessa managed to pull off the monotone voice but still have emotion in her face. Which is hard to do.


    I agree. I was wondering if you could post the links for the some of the reviews you’ve read. I looked it up and I couldn’t find anything.


    You shouldn’t feel that way. We don’t even know if they have broken up. At the moment, it is still a rumor. Don’t fall so easily into those traps. People have tried to say on several occasions that they have split or Zac is cheating on her. But all of these statement have been proven wrong to far. Unless somebody can display proof that they have actually split you shouldn’t believe it.

    And even if they did split you shouldn’t hate him. It’s their relationship and their decision. How can you make those statements about the kind of person he is if you don’t even know him?? Give him a chance.

  • peggy

    You people are so silly. First of all Zac has been in LA all this time NOT Montreal secondly they are now both in NY and they damn sure didn’t look like a couple on the verge of a greak up on Saturday.

  • mileycyrus rocks!!!!!

    they r effin engaged

  • gracemarie

    We had posers saying this crap last week remember = only to have them seen together in 2 places and at a party at her house for the 4th.

    Give it a rest!!

  • Naomi


    Full reviews are not out yet. We’ve had a couple of fan reviews but they’re fans though I still appreciate those. We should start seeing critic reviews from the last week in July.

    The good ones I’m talking about includes a tweet from a London reviewer after seeing the movie:

    FilmFan1971″ Just saw Bandslam. I really liked it. It’s the film the High School Musical movies ought to be. Finally see the point of Hudgens.”
    34 minutes ago from txt

    Then the last line of a review of ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’:

    “And teens: try and hold on. There’s a much better, and funnier, high school comedy called “Bandslam” only a month away.”

    I’m sure it will have mixed reviews, hopefully more good than bad.

    Please don’t even attempt to converse with loonies like Cindy, she’s one of the Van-obsessed twats.

>>>>>>> staging1