Vanessa Hudgens Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Vanessa Hudgens Interview -- Send In Your Questions!

Vanessa Hudgens, Alyson Michalka and Gaelan Connell are taking over NYC to chat all about their new flick Bandslam. is meeting up with the rockin’ trio very very soon and we need your questions.

Everything from their favorite scene and favorite rock band to working with former Friends star Lisa Kudrow and meeting David Bowie, ask away!

Bandslam hits theaters on Friday, August 14th.

“Bandslam” Official Trailer
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  • to vanessa : “Are you still best friends with Ashley Tisdale ?

  • doll12345

    To Vanessa: do you get told your pretty all the time?

  • mia

    How was the kiss scene for Gaelan and Vanessa ?

    Vanessa : Do you feel like you could be in a real rock band ?

  • alexx

    to aly: do you wish aj could of been in the movie?

    was lisa like phoebe? :)

  • alkaaa

    How was working with Lisa? :)

  • anya

    Vanessa: Would you ever consider opening your own fashion line? If so, what style would it be?

  • lisa

    Vanessa: What would you like to accomplish in life that you still haven’t gotten to do?


    Hi Vanessa, you are an incredible actrees and singer, I just want to know what is the best part of doing musicals?
    Hugs from Mexico….

  • VanessaHudgens

    @: They are friends,but not BFF like everyone think.Vanessa said on a interview that she and Ashley bought on Mexico on HSM tout same purse on different colours to symbolize their friendship.but I dont see paparazzi of them together but I guess they’re still keep on touch.ASHNESSA RULZZ!!


    Hi Vanessa, you are an incrediible actress and singer. I just want to know what is the best part of doing musicals?

    Gaelan: How is working with Vanessa?

  • emma

    to all cast: “do you know if you will come to europe to promote this film?”

  • maichi

    Who’s a better kisser? Vanessa or Aly!?

    How was it playing a girl like Sa5m?

  • Johanna

    To everyone:
    what is your top 3 most played songs on your ipod/iphone?

  • Lucinqa

    Vanessa: I know that this question does not apply to film, but how about your wedding? On many sites you are talking of the organizations are engaged, and then again from no … Sorry for the bad English but I’m from the Czech Republic xD

  • VanessaHudgens

    @anya: Joining your question.Vanessa has a great style!!

  • HsmZanessaFansite

    to Vanessa:
    If your friend didn’t want you to take her audition for her for the commercial when you were younger, where do you see yourself today, if that didn’t happen?

    Do you see yourself being more like Gabriella or Sa5m?

    to Aly:
    How was it to work with Vanessa?

  • maichi

    “I’m Charolette, nice to meet you.”
    “I’ve known you since fifth grade.”

  • Jocelyn


    In the movie, your character sa5m is kind of like the outcast, has there ever been a time/situation in your life where you felt like you didn’t really fit in?

  • important question!!!!!!

    ok so you should ask vanessa and gealan sumting bout the kiss like ask gealan if V’s a good kisser or sumting or what was it like……
    i agree with anya ask her if she ever considered opening her own fashion line………

    i have tons more gonna right them down lol

  • Helen

    Vanessa-What is your favorite Kings of Leon song? Mine is Four Kicks and Woo Hoo

  • Ine

    “I´ve known you since fifth grade”

    best part xD

  • Marina

    What is the moment which you the most liked shooting in this movie ?

  • jimena

    Vanessa: Was it a challenge to make your voice deep through out the whole movie?

    Aly: Are there any Aly&AJ songs in the soundtrack?

    Gaelan: How was your experience in an actual movie especially with Vanessa Hudgens and Aly Michalka?

  • Ro (spanish fan)

    To Aly:
    You’re amazing as an actress and singer

    What you feel doing two of your passions, sing and act?
    What was the most funny moment in the movie?

  • David

    To Everyone: What was your favorite scene to film? Why? Who was in it?

    And to Vanessa: Being music centered, was there many differences/similarities to HSM in working/making the movie?

  • jenny

    I admire her as an actress and singer and I wish you all the luck in their future projects.

    How long wait for a 3 album from you?

    vanessa are you n°1

    God bless you

  • Leanne

    How was it fliming in Austin?

  • Sarah-emanuel

    For Vanessa :
    How do you feel when you realize everything you did since the beginning of your career ?

  • Carol

    To Vanessa: How was your preparation to sing “Everything I own” ??it isn’t the style of music that you are used to sing, but you were amazing!!

  • Caryn

    To Gaelan: What was the audition process like for your role?

    To all: Were there any funny bloopers on set?

  • NICOLE!!

    Vanessa: Would you like to come to dominican republic?

    please send greetings to nicole and jazmin of dominican republic!!
    we love u and zac!!! you are so pretty.
    your dominicans fans
    nicole and jazmin!! :)

  • Emily

    To all: If you got the chance, would you work with these co-stars again? If so, who would be your first pick to work with?

    BWHAHAHAHAHA. I love questions that make them pick favorites!

  • suzy

    Vanessa & Aly

    I’m looking forward to seeing this film when it comes out next month but my questions are:

    Are you looking forward to the premiere and do you know what designer are you going to ware?

    What are your favourite memories of filming and tell us one thing you love about your fellow cast members?


    How did you feel when you found out your were not only going to star in a movie with Vanessa but you had to make out with her as well?

    Tell us one thing you love most about your leading ladies Vanessa & Aly?

    What are your plans for the future ?


    What was the main reason you and your sister decided to change your stage name to 78 Violet?


    How has the training for sucker punch been going?

    Do you have any projects lined up after sucker punch or will you have a rest before moving on to the next project?

    What people would you love to work with in the future?

  • HsmZanessaFansite

    I would love her to do a fashion line..

  • jenny

    vanessa: if you could work with zac again what type of movie would you guys do?

  • Emily

    To Vanessa: When you had to fall into the trashcan or whatever you fell into during the scene when you were walking on the sidewalk, how many takes did you have to do until you got it right?

    Did your butt hurt afterwards?

  • i love vanessa

    ‘Have you ever consider to be friends with taylor swift?’
    My dreams would come true :D

    Or ‘Do you listen to Taylor Swift music?’

  • mandypanda

    Vanessa & Aly: When you each first started singing, did you ever think of using a band name instead of just using your own names?

    Gaelan: What was it like playing your first lead role in a major film? Did you feel intimidated at all by Vanessa or Aly [since they both have prior acting AND singing experience]?

  • NICOLE!!

    hi! I’m nicole of dominicans republic mi question is for vanessa
    Do you want come to dominican republic ?
    please send a greetings for nicole and jazmin !!! we love u and zac!!!

  • esther

    To everyone
    How was it working with each other and where did you hang out on your free time?

  • Jojo


    Could you make a Twitter account?

    Are u still friends with Ashley Tisdale?

    Will you come to Europe to promote your new movie?

  • just me

    omg the MTV interviewer got kicked out of the interview no joke go on her twitter its because she asked about Zac
    when are they gonna learn to stop asking about him

    OH YEA a question hmmm
    Vanessa- What is your favorite red carpet moment?
    Mine was when you wore Marchesa to the Oscars and Catherine Malandrino to the TCA

  • jenny

    I love his style, has thought of engaging in the design of fashion, you should draw a line of clothing.

    has other projects in the future in acting and music. I love to see you in the big screen, but I also love their music. plans to make an album n ° 3, I have all his albums and movies, magazines.

  • suzy
  • i love vanessa

    To vanessa- ‘Have you ever considered to be friends with Taylor Swift ?’

    My dreams would come true :D

    Or ‘Do you listen to Taylor Swift music?’

    Or ‘ Do you perfer Zac’s hair long or short ?’ :P

  • Diamond


    Hey vanessa i just wanted to say thqat i love you so much yiour my idol and i really admire you your very talented and have great style and amazing personality so heres my question

    Vanessa would you ever consider having your own show? And what would it be about? If you do i will so watch it

    jared please pick my question

  • jo

    vanessa: what was your experience like working with this cast than the hsm cast? both movies have many different characters

    aly: why did you change your band name to 78violet? anything special with the name?

    gaelan: what other projects are you working on now? are you still in a band?

  • carol

    Vanessa: When will you release a new cd?
    Did you enjoy Brazil? Will you come back to Brazil?

  • Katie

    Ask them one of thses questions

    What was the funniest thing that happened on set during the movie?

    What was your favorite scene to film in the movie?

    What was your favorite thing to do when you had a break from filming?

    What was your favorite thing about working on this movie?

    What was the hardest part of filming the movie?

    Are you and your character that you play alike or very different from each other?

    I 

  • http://addada martin4e

    Vanessa: Have you ever been truly in love before Zac?

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