Zac Efron: What a Gas!

Zac Efron: What a Gas!

Zac Efron fills up at a gas station in Los Angeles on Friday (July 10).

The 21-year-old The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud star was seen running into the store and trying to hide his face from the camera.

Earlier this week, Zac was featured in a first look for his new film Me & Orson Welles.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron filling up his gas tank…

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zac efron gas station 01
zac efron gas station 02
zac efron gas station 03
zac efron gas station 04
zac efron gas station 05
zac efron gas station 06
zac efron gas station 07
zac efron gas station 08
zac efron gas station 09
zac efron gas station 10

Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Susie

    Is hat beanie he holding? It’s a little hot to wear beanie! LoL His smile so making me melt!

  • rayana

    first i hope that he and vanessa didn’t break up


  • i love vanessa

    WOW! :):)
    So sexy! i was like sreaming when i saw this haha! Lve him so much!
    & that 8th picture! HOT! :D

    Keep voting for Zanessa at TCA :D

  • bella

    Aaaah, his hair looks soooo hot. I didn’t notice it properly before. Damn, he’s so hot. Lucky Vanessa lol. I didn’t even read the entry really cos I was so focussed on his hair. And his gorgeous face haha

  • svenja**

    He looks so so so sooooo hot with his new hair cut xD Love his smile…

  • i love vanessa

    Pus… I love his new hair :D
    just thought i mention that ! x

  • i love vanessa

    Plus….I love his new hair! so hot!
    just thought i would mention that :D

  • gaby


  • Zac Efron’s #1fan

    Zac looks amazing in those pictures.

  • missxme

    OMG he looks soo freaking hot xD
    love you zac & NESSA
    don’t forget TO VOTE FOR THEM<33333333333

  • Skylar

    I LOVE HIM!!!!!! He is soooooo hott. =) I really want to meet him!!!
    Zanessa Forever♥

  • katie

    Damn he’s looking good right now.

  • missxme

    @rayana: THEY DIDN4T BREAK UP
    it’s all some stupid rumors -.- don’t belive them

  • Martha

    he looks amazing! Love his hair!! Can’t wait for Charlie!!

  • MI-MI

    OMG zac, he looks so hot!! and de smile at pic 8 makes my heart melt:D
    and sorry for my bad english.

  • gracemarie


    Don’t come on here and start any silliness please. One of you “hope they didn’t break up” people always come on and spoil these posts.

    They are fine get over it and if they weren’t it’s not our realtionship.. There’s a break up rumor literally every week -including days before the last 4th of July pictures where they were perfectly happy. Why do you believe all the negative and never the positive.

  • Marie

    Can Zac get anymore hotter. I wish he my Boyfriend. Lucky Vanessa.

  • Katie G!

    he loooks sooooo hott!!!!! i have not seen himlook this good in whilee =)

    OF COURSE HE AND VANESSA DIDNT BREAK UP THEY WERE JUST SEEN TOGETHER! jeesh. stop saying abything to do with it.

  • Zac Efron’s #1fan


    I love your comments.

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    OMG he is just sooooo hot! That smile and the new hair makes the fans very happy (:
    GO ZAC!

  • zanessafanforever

    i love u zac . i didnt lyk his hair from the panera pair thingy with vanessa, but now i love it…he should grow it a little big longer…

  • bettybaby

    god he seriously looks delicious!!!!!

    he should never go back to his old hairstyle *thud.

  • missxme

    i don’t know if this is real or not but stella hudgens posted on her twitter ( don’t know if it’s the real one ) “Um shh but i do think zac and ness will get married..soon oh gosh their gonna kill me for saying that.”
    go & see it yourself here
    LOVE ZANESSA <33333333333

  • me.

    omg. he should NEVER grow out his hair again.
    if he dye it black, it’ll make it PERFECT. ugh, he’s soooo sexx. <3

  • lai

    ZAC IS SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • saudia

    looking good Zac! Seriously love him with shorter hair.

  • bettybaby


    that twitter has completely been proven to be a fake!!!!!!!!!

  • jenny

    if zac and vanessa have broken not have that big smile on his face, I am curious what is your string, but what if I tell them is that if zac was in Montreal to be returned to LA this week.

    I hope to see zanessa in TCA

    I wish you all the luck with zac and vanessa in their future projects and that their relationship will last many years and who removes and zac surprising that at any time and are engaged vanessa . omg so cute

  • me.

    oh, and what’s up with the title?!

  • Susie


    I just noticed it. It’s even funnier with him bending with that smile on his face.

  • Lucy

    omg doesn’t he look so cute!!! I prefer his hair like this, it suits him so much more, I can’t believe I thought he couldn’t look any better with longer hair, look at him now!
    Boy was I wrong! Everytime I see him he looks better

  • tena

    Zac has been looking so handome, he really should keep his hair like that :)

  • nicci



    Every one u cant ever be sure if they will get married or not,and zanessa fans u cant always say that everythings not true about them they have 2 make it up if they r inlove and if they ever break-up that doesnt mean that its the end of the world and they cant ever be like be4 or…im not saying i dont like them,im also a zanessa fan i think they look cute but i will never like them if i know they r not happy 2gether anymore,thanks god that they still r but seriously dont get so sad if they ever break-up which i hope that day never comes
    ,and also zanessa haters u cant say they broke up without any prove

  • istar

    OMG…. i can’t get over how sexy his hair looks…. and with that cute smile he’s looking even more HOT!!! ahhh… i nearly died when i saw these pics. :D


    P.S OMG zac looks Hotttter EVERYYYYYYYY time they put some pics and news about him,Goshh I Love u Zefron
    man!!! his smile makes me get melttt
    U ROCK ZAQUISHA <333333333

  • jessie


  • adiore

    He rarely has an “ugly” day. :) lol. Too handsome!

  • http://justjaredjr alc

    very nice looking

  • Athenais

    Zac is so sexy … and smiling ….

    Zac & Nessa are happy together without marriage and engagement .

    But I doubt that Zac will be at TCA because he starts his film 4th august in Vancouver .

  • Carol


  • hititquitit

    the first thing i said was d*am*n
    nd he’s SE*XXXXAY

  • Jenny

    when i thought i got over zac he got the new hair cut and i am on the journey again

  • jenny

    But tca is are August 10, to go I guess because this nominee.

    I’m not too sure who will be attending

    but will be vanessa if not attend zac efron , vanessa collects awards zac

  • jenny


    But tca is are August 10, to go I guess because this nominee.

    I’m not too sure who will be attending

    but will be vanessa if not attend zac efron , vanessa collects awards zac

  • athena

    Yeah, it’s great to see him. I don’t think he should master the disappearing act to well. It’s great to keep in the public eye….y’know what they say, outta sight, outta mind…then again…I really enjoy seeing Zac out and about….

    Please, check out my new video and rate it, send some comments too…thanks all.

  • tabia

    he looks so much more manly now

  • Bianca

    Ok seriously…I’m not a vanessa hater…but I do envy her right now…like look at that hunk…i wanna i wanna

  • Bianca

    I can’t stop looking at the one that he’s smiling…he’s so handsome…really makes me want to brush my hand through his hair. Haha i want ZAC!

  • zanessa4ever

    have stella twitter??

>>>>>>> staging1