Ashley Tisdale Gets Back Tattoo

Ashley Tisdale Gets Back Tattoo

Ashley Tisdale visits a new house with her manager and dad Mike on Monday afternoon (July 13) in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, Ashley got a new tattoo her back — left shoulder blade — at the Shamrock Tattoo shop in Hollywood. Her boyfriend, music video director Scott Speer, was there to lend his support. Her newly engaged older sister Jennifer and mom Lisa were also there.

“Morning! Off to meetings.” Ashley tweeted earlier today. “Soooo hot today!!!”

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale with her new back tattoo…

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Photos: Right/Fame Pictures
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  • tabia

    she is changing alot

  • K

    wow thats cool i guess, ddnt expect it though

  • Scashley Lover; x

    Super Cute,Sexy
    Love You Ashley!

  • male

    What did she get a tattoo of?
    Anyways, i love the handbag she’s carrying in the pics!
    It’s so cute!

  • katelyn

    maybe she’s changing, but i think she actually seems more her age, maybe more mature? unlike before (a year ago, for example) when she just seemed way younger than her age.
    but attagirl ashley, so gorgeous <33

  • allyyyy

    after when her album comess out she’ll stop twittering & all this stuff.
    she did it last timee. just saying

  • carolline

    I love her handbag in these pics! and i’m a fan of hers, but she’s tryin’ way too hard the ‘rocker style’.

  • holly sh*yt dude she is looking mad sexy in the first pic
    lov her


    whats happening 2 her?? i thought she know she is a rolemodle 4 young ppl,or kids..
    but i LOVE U LOADS ash



  • angelica

    cool i cant wait 2 see this new tattoo!!! i wish Vanessa would get one too!!! :)

  • aw


  • the fame

    eew..personally i think tatoo’s are tacky.. maybe scott is not a good influence at all and she is starting to show herself like how she really is

  • alyson

    I’m actually quite dissappointed in her. I didn’t think she was the type to get a tattoo. I hope it looks good…I’m sure it will! As for Vanessa getting one as “angelica” stated I hope to God she doesn’t get one. So many people would raise a fuss over it and to be quite honest Vanessa does not need a tattoo she looks perfect the way she is!

    Loving Ashley’s look here. I’m really interested to see what she got!!

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    she was prettier without it

  • the fame

    @angelica: she wears tattos but the ones that fade with the time , fake ones, maybe because she is smart to know that in the future( maybe when she is old) she will look ridiculous with one or that maybe she will regret

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    visit and get a glimps at her tattoo

  • http://justjaredjr simnel
  • jenny

    honestly who falls ill ashlet tisdale by road issues

    - I know you already have 24 years and can be whatever you want to.

    - Today rocker look with this opinion it is a strong bonding

    - I feel that Ashley is following the movements vanessa ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    - I feel like this ashley choosing a personality that is not it.

    - I’m not sure if that is a permanent tattoo I think it is temporary, because to get a tattoo you should think twice because it’s something that you have marked on your skin for the rest of your life but it is like it is master of its own body.

    - Provided it is not stupid and tattooed the name of her boyfriend, and neither knows if scott will be his partner for years because it can break at any time and that has not been tattooed a butterfly because that is the symbol of vanessa.

  • megan

    god how many people does it take to get a tattoo!!!

  • jenny

    this is his new home, as I thought that Ashley’s father was building a new house but for the whole family mansion because ashley I mention in an interview, which is rare I do not like the house.

    There is scandal in the website for the tattoo that did not even know if a tattoo is real or fake

  • jenny

    Ashley Tisdale best to call the attention for their future projects if you have some movies, but given that talking on a tattoo that we have not seen if it is real or fake.

  • tISHA

    jenny explain please you r not making any sense

  • qiana

    She is not gonna stay a young girl forever. Let her get a tattoo. As soon as someone from HSM does something mature everyone has to put a bad comment on it. She’s 24 she can do what she wants. When everyone saw that Vanessa had her belly pierced they went wild. Ashley is awsome and i love her!

  • tISHA

    btw vanessa’s butterfly tattoo was not was fake.Vanessa is beecoming my idol. i really dont know whats ashley’s problem lately.scott has go to go for sure. she needs to be single.

  • tISHA

    i’d like to see her on movie sets and filming with big stars.she has to start looking at some roles cause acting with the biggest stars will have your career sky zac efron hes an a-lister right now and forever and vanessa is to

  • seriously

    Is it wierd that I really like her hair here?
    i mean usually its like really wavy and all over theplace but it looks really shiney and nice here lol its probably just me
    anyway I agree she is 24 she can do whatever she wants but….RIGHT NOW isnt it a little soon? she is still a role model i mean maybe when hsm isnt so fresh in everyones mind
    IDK i just know that to me it seems a little soon and a little lindsay esque but whatever she can do whatever she wants i guess…

  • you suck!

    I love Vanessa (i really do! she is my fave) but this post is about who?!!?!?!!!?!? ASHLEY! SO STOP!!!! it’s annoying Ashley AND vanessa fans!!!

  • Vicky

    I used to like ashley, but now i think she’s tryin’ way too hard the ‘rocker style’. Like carolline said.
    And I don’t like Scott at all.
    She can´t be single?
    Two weeks later to break up with jared and she’s making out with some dude in a car, at last… he’s her director of music videos. I don’t think that she follow a good way. Is great to be mature and grow up… but this? uh-uh :S

  • tisdalefan

    Ashley is 24 years old, let her do what she wants.
    Just because she gets a tattoo doesn’t mean she is a bad rolemodel.
    She is growing up! Its her choice, she is a smart girl.
    At least she isn’t partying, drinking and all that!
    Shes amazing and always will be!

  • candice

    being mature doesn’t always mean getting a tattoo…I really do think she is changing a lot now…I used to think she was the type who wouldn’t get tattoo, but I was wrong…oh well, it’s her life…her choice.

  • Honest


  • marisa

    not buying anymore of her merchandise. she is changing so much. a tattoo- really? not a very good role model is she?

  • Daniel

    now she cant have a tattoo becus she’s a role model cmon -.- if she wants to do it she’ll do it and she wont be in twitter should i get a tattoo? no -.- and if she gets a tattoo doesnt means that everybody that are fans of hers have to get a tattoo so shut up and btw @marisa she doesnt needs you to buy her merchandise she already have lots of fans so shut up :D

  • amy

    @Honest: You don’t have to write in all caps just to make a point.

  • assyhole

    Remember Ashley’s video saying that she won’t change? Now look who’s lying..

  • taylor

    Can someone please explain to me why getting a tattoo makes her a bad role model or person? I’m pretty sure it’s not hurting anybody. Half of her fans parents probably have tattoos so who cares? It’s not like she’s going out every night drinking and getting stoned, she just got a tattoo.

  • Honest

    @amy: Soooo what’s it to ya, I wanted to okay? Get over it.

  • OneTreeHillFan

    omg wow she got a tattoo shes 24 not 16 shes an adult she can do what she wants to do (Y)

  • hollywood fan

    I sure there are removable tattoos that you can get from tattoos parlors and only stay for probably a month, and after that it will eventually wash or wears off. Audriena Partridge from the Hills Reality Show had gotten one in her arm and later it disappeared. She also was spotted from the papps at the tattoos parlors.

    And eventho Ashley has gotten tattoos, it is her body and she has the rights to do whatever to it.

  • lucia

    she looks cute
    i want to see the tatoo

  • Avril

    hey guys guys getting a tatoo doesn’t mean her personality will change!



  • Jen

    SHE ISN’T SHARPAY. Omg, Exactly Why she has been stressing the fact so much, she is growing up her needs and wants are changing she can get a damn tattoo if she wants, its her choice, real fans will support her no matter what. She is 24, for god sakes leave the WOMAN alone.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Ha. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for such a long time…but I’m still kinda young to get one. Just 2 years and I’ll be legal. =p But anywho, I wanna see her tat !! People stop fussing over it. Its her choice, get over it.

  • erin

    I don’t get it. Mitchel Musso and David Henrie both have tattoos. Miley and Vanessa both considered getting tattoos. Ashley is older than all of them and she’s out of disney, so why is it bad that she got one? It doesn’t make her some sort of skank, she just wanted a little body art, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  • LG

    @taylor: I guess when people think of tatoos they think of gang members or something.

    I just hope she doesn’t regret the tatoo cause once you get a tatoo there’s no turning back. Whether Scott’s a bad influence is determined by her family and close friends cause only they know how the real Ashley acts.

  • S.


    I really don’t get it either :/ lol

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    i hope she didnt get his name tattooed on her.
    that would be so stupid

  • maria

    There’s nothing wrong with Ashley getting a tattoo. It’s a personal choice. I wonder though if people realize tattoos look pretty bad as you get older, the colors fade, and they’re just all black, stretched out, and most people I know end up regretting them. I’m personally not a fan, as I think it absolutely ruins the beauty of skin, but I have NO issues with anyone who chooses to get one.