Harry Potter Stars Get Scooter Silly

Harry Potter Stars Get Scooter Silly

Check out these exclusive new cast photos of Harry Potter stars Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Bonnie Wright from EW!

Daniel won’t miss his Hogwarts uniform. He says, ”When you’re 18, one of the worst things to be wearing while trying to chat up a girl on the set is a school uniform. You look like a kid! You’re not going to score dressed like that!”

Check out the slideshow of pics at EW.com!

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harry potter scooter 01
harry potter scooter 02
harry potter scooter 03
harry potter scooter 04
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Photos: Chris Craymer/EW
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  • Jenny

    WOW they all look so good and YAY First

  • Paloma

    They all look amazing! This is a group of succesful and promising actors… unlike most of the stupid disney stars!

  • Paloma

    By the way, Emma and Bonnie look incredible! Emma is one of my favorite actresses and one of my rolemodels. She is marvelous; with all the hype form Harry potter she still manages to remain herself and not allow Hollywood to ruin her. And she’s going to an Ivy League school! The girl is amazing! Emma deserves more attention than what she gets. Emma can actually act! Unlike stupid disney kids who are basically taking over….. Unlike them, Emma is a true inspiration to all.

  • ritii


  • ritii

    I have been watching my DVD’s of all the movies this week, I cried so hard at the first one, they looked so young, it reminded me of how my dad used to read me the first book.. Good times :’D
    I so can’t wait for the next movie to come to Portugal

  • katie

    Not all Disney actors/actresses are bad. Most, yes, but you shouldn’t bulk them all together.

  • arst

    The girls are too stiff.. They should just laugh off like daniel and rupert.

  • the fame

    i love emma
    and i think rupert and daniel are hilarious
    all very talentented

  • saudia

    I LOVE THE PICS! Great photoshoot.. love the cast. Cannot wait for the movie!!

  • Paloma


    I think that the only ones that have made something good of themselves are Brenda Song, Raven and Hilary Duff. And i guess Selena is not so bad, for a disney actress of course.

  • francesca

    Bonnie looks gorgeous…

  • bruno

    the 4 of them look soo HOT!! love the photoshoot!cant wait to see the movie this week!!yei!

  • mckie


  • daniela (:

    i loveee them can’t wait 4 the movie (;

  • newport beach, 92660


    im a nerd ?

    - audrey

  • carol


  • iimmac

    looovee them!!! they are all gorgeous! =]

  • svenja**

    They look gorgeous, all of them do. Can’t wait to see the movie

  • janeybell

    SO COOL!!! I have this issue of EW!!! I love these guys! :D

  • celia

    Emma and Bonnie are so beautiful! And Dan and Rupert are so sexy! I just can’t wait to see HBP. I’ve already got my tickets and me and my friends are going to the midnight premiere tomorrow night! Yes! I can’t wait!

  • me

    I love them. they’re so awesome and down to earth!
    i love how quirky the pictures are.
    I especially love the one of just the trio with emma in front. so cute!
    i have this magazine, but i really don’t want to read it because i don’t want to mess it up. lol.

  • loges

    they look really cool in those bikes. Emma looks as stunning as always. <3

  • me.

    aww, they look adorable! <3
    i know promoting doesn’t end till 2011, but i’m gonna miss the cast sooo much after that. ):
    and i really hope emma will work with alex pettyfer someday. he’s hot, she’s gorgeous & they’re both british. lol

  • LOLA

    wow i love them !!!

  • kwan

    Emma look soooo gorgeous!!!
    I love her sooo much

  • Kae

    Bonnie Wright is getting more gorgeous as she grows. Wonderful cast crew I must say.

  • catherine! (:

    OH DAYUUMM. daniel dont look so bad there!

  • http://hey santa b. navarro

    Is fan

  • Vidhya

    i love bonnie and dan so much…


    They are sooooooooo cute all of them. Daniel rocks so does Rupert, Emma and Bonnie.Cant wait till the next movie.

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