Twist Magazine: Summer Sizzle!

Twist Magazine: Summer Sizzle!


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart snatched the August 2009 cover of Twist magazine! Here are just a few of the hot summer stories you’ll find inside:

New Moon film set details!
– Inside Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz‘s Friendship
– All about Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner Canadian courtship
Harry Potter Set Secrets
Demi Lovato‘s single life

Be sure to pick up a copy of the new issue — ON STANDS NOW!

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  • jd


  • natasha

    omg this looks awesome cant wait to read it :)

  • lollipoly

    miley got the smallest pic hahhah

  • lollipoly

    hahaha no miley or just too small to see?

  • hello.

    3rd?? wow. wanna get a copy of this. \:D/

  • ALI


  • leah

    Twist is my favorite teen mag, but what the heck I picked up the wrong one then because the one I recently got was on with Selena in a purple dress lol! Well I guess I’ll go buy it because I love Twist!

  • leah

    Oh wait nevermind that was another mag gonna go get it then lol!

  • Alexis

    I want to read what is said about selena and taylor sooooo bad:)

  • steph

    It sucks that jonas brothers arnt really big on the cover anymore : (

  • Kris

    OH NO!
    this is just disgusting ..
    please no one put rob and kristen in the teeny bopper
    they’re not disney they’re not Nick.

    they’ve actually got some real acting chops.

    not saying that some disney and nick kids don’t..
    but not to the height that these two have taken on
    or will take on.

    though i think demi is the most talented out of disney just music wise her voice is brilliant .. and she could do so much better without disney.

  • Naomi
  • Jared

    Ewwww…Demi Dx

  • JOn

    DAAAAAAMN!!!! Is that girl next to Taylor Loutner Selena?? That picture is HOT! She’s getting hotter.

  • BlaireB

    David Henrie should be on the cover too.

  • RobstenLIVES

    i need my Robsten fix, or i’ll go crazy!

  • nikkki

    WHERE THE HECK IS ZACCC EFROONNNN!!!!! i am SSOOO MADD!! he is a HEARTTHROBE!!!!!!!!!! I WANT ME MY ZACCHARY EFRONNN!!!!!!!!!!!! screw EVERYONE else!! me and aalll my friends want zac efron!

  • Delsy

    @lollipoly: Well…she is on the cover of ELLE(one of the most prestegoius magazines of all time). I don’t think it really matter’s if her picture is big on a teenie booper magazine.

  • kayleigh


    you dont know that and i dont think either them are very good actors i watched 10 mins of twilight and was too bored with their acting to watch the rest and they are gonna be on teen magazines cuz they have teen fans mostly so u better get use to it

  • jess

    i wont see again ro!!!!

  • Kris

    you can’t base their acting abilities from one movie you’ve seen.
    Twilight’s not exactly the greatest movie ever to be made in man kind history so i’ll agree with ya there, they’re performances weren’t outstanding..

    but watch some of their other movies especially kristen and you’ll know she’s got raw talent that she doesn’t need to fake unlike some of the disney talentless kids.

  • aussie chick

    zac efron is a babe,
    even though he has nothing to do with this article……
    he’s still a babe<3

  • Delsy

    @Kris: Yes i know i used to despise all the twilight charcters because i didn’t think they were all the good except from afew. But the i watch panic room an di totally changed my mind about her i don’t want her to in twilight anyway it spoils her image and she is SUCH a GOOD ACTRESS

  • shaitayfan

    wow! surprisingly miley’s pic is the smallest. Shailene Woodley is part of the cover too! yay! love her!


    looks so damn hot! selena gomez but she also makes a good couple with my bf nick jonas cant wait to read their love story ….TAYLOR SWIFT AND SELENA GOMEZ TEAM

  • júlia

    Ohh, I really want to live in the USA ’cause everything before debut!


  • ebru

    what this peoples ?

>>>>>>> staging1