Ashley Tisdale's Tattoo Revealed -- Sorta

Ashley Tisdale's Tattoo Revealed -- Sorta

Ashley Tisdale gives paparazzi a little peek at her new back tattoo outside her home on Monday afternoon in Toluca Lake, Calif.

It seems the 24-year-old has a word etched into her left shoulder blade. Could it be the word “bella”? “beta”? “bellisimo”? “believe”? Whatever it is, let’s just hope it’s spelled correctly!

WHAT DO YOU THINK Ashley Tisdale’s new tattoo says?

15+ pictures inside of newly inked Ashley Tisdale

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  • Daniyah

    maybe it says…ugh idk but i dont really like her


    Looks something like ‘believe’.

    God, I hate tattoos. Unless you plan on getting them removed – something that is both painful and expensive (although she’s a celebrity and has the money for it) – you’re going to end up an old lady with wrinkly saggy sink and illegible words and pictures scrawled on your body.

  • allison

    i think it says “believe” .. but there may be more. not sure.

  • Dee

    I don’t know for sure what it says but I think it says “Believe”

  • Megan

    Yea I think it says believe too. there also could be more. but i think i remember her saying a lot believe in ur dreams. or something like that. so mayb that she put her fav saying in a tattoo

  • bruno

    loved!idc what it says! LOVED IT HAHAHAHA

  • marisa

    disgusting. she should have never gotten that. that just lowered her class. tattoos are so trashy and 3 years ago.

  • mara

    i tink said bella

  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    I’m just glad it not his name

  • Dani

    She’s not even Italian so I don’t think she got any of those italian words. It wouldnt have any meaning to her.

  • jenny

    Ashley Tisdale loves to draw more media attention even if they are paparazzi, that’s great tattoo, this ugly scandal that so simple tattoo, Hayden Panettiere has a tattoo in the same area that you should always try to copy ashley to the other.

    I think that Ashley Tisdale loves to be in the center and turn the world around her. but this tattoo is real or fake.

  • Rissa

    i think she shouldn’t have gotten it, but i guess she really wants to break her disney image. still…she’ll end up regretting it in the future.



  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..Er, still can’t really see it..


    i hate her
    she is ugly
    and tattoo…yuck

  • Naomi

    I would guess “believe.”

  • mara

    im sad beacus ashley is forget his bestfriend and that is horrible¿o not girls?

  • fan

    It is Ashley’s body and her choice. Ashley can do whatever she wants to her own body. She is still a big part of Disney and always will. Disney loves her, and she is doing voice over to Phinness & Pherb, plus she is a producer for Disney. She is also a producer for MTV’s Reality shows. She is keeping herself busy.

  • yay!!!!


    um…she got a tattoo b/c she wanted one….i think she doesn;t like to be the center all the time.

  • yay!!!!

    i think it says believe

  • jenny

    uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tattoo

  • jenny

    vote for vanessa and hayden panettiere at TCA AND ZAC COURSE

  • anna

    i don`t like to have this things on har….

  • the fame

    ew its big and removable or not .. it still looks tacky.. i imagine her when she is 90 years old and wrinkled and with that tattoo.. LOL

  • Nancy

    In my opinion, Ashley is rather average looking without makeup. I don’t know why I felt the need to say this at all, though. I guess it just goes to show that makeup definitely enhances otherwise plain features.

    As for the tattoo, although I’m not a fan of them myself, I like the font on hers. If she ends up regretting it, at least she can get it remove. I think a word like “Believe” is way better than a boyfriend’s name or something… which some people actually do. Now THAT would be disastrous.

  • seriously


    lol wow i actually agree with all that
    Hey i think we should all be happy she didnt get a tramp stamp
    yea Mitchell Musso and David Henrie have tatoos but theyre not up in the ranks of role models like Ashley is and they got theirs before they hit it big
    Ashley is a much bigger role model than these 2 and idk it just seems to me like shes changing alot and not just the tattoo
    also am i the only one that hates when people get word tattoos on their backs it loks stupid
    Angelina Megan Shenae Hayden and now Ashley i just thinks it looks really ugly on the red carpet
    i say get something small on ur wrist or ankle or something
    But again I say its her body whatever shes the one whos gonna have an ugly saggy word on her body her perogative

  • Vicky


  • ALEX

    I for one love that shes gotten a tattoo there is nothing wrong with it. My mum has 5 tattoos and she is still pretty and nice. People always like her.

  • Ericaaa :)))


  • Jenny

    DAMN YES! I am soo ..relieved that its not that big and that its not scotts name…and …maybe its “im so much BETter without u”? idk..but i think its cool *wanna see the rest*

  • Ericaaa :)))


  • gold baybay

    How extremely tacky. I understand she’s growing up and all that sh*t but in a youtube video she said that she’s “still the same Ashley” and yet here she comes with a tattoo. It doesn’t even matter that it say “believe” or “bella”, she is changing. Don’t care about her at all, and all I can say is, when she’s 75 and has this tattoo and tons of fat rolls she’ll be regreting getting it.

  • lucia

    love her

  • Jenny

    okey just wanna tell ya here is another girl named Jenny thats NOT me i LOVE ashley tisdale:)…i would never say bad things about her….but this stupid girl who wrote “uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tattoo” or stuff like that its noot me!

    Just wanted to say that…and i i kinda like the tattoo :)

  • S.

    I think its cute, its not like she got some huge heart, stars or a dragon that covers her full back.

    I’m just happy because its not that big and doesn’t say Scott!

  • http://none Sarvenaz

    who the hell cares…it’s her body! i think it’s really cool that she got it!!! it looks great. you guys are so immature seriously what is getting a tattoo have to do with drawing attention to yourself????so many people get them so she did too…i heard david henrie has one what is he horrible too now?!?! She is still the same ashley but she actually starting to look like a 24 year old she can’t be stuck in disney forever. you guys act like it’s the worst thing everrrr seriously get over it it’s just a tattoo and it’s not anything bad…I bet half of you guys use to be fans before you found out she got a tattoo….I still love her death she is a great role model.

  • ZJ

    This really looks classy and mature…
    People are overreacting…
    And if it was “bella” it’d be sooo classy <3
    well, she is bella :P haha

  • ZJ

    Ashley never asked to be a role model… No one is perfect — that’s what she said and that’s why she doesn’t think of herself as a role model.
    Ashley is a grown, wise women now.. so please, don’t go and start making up stuff to make her look bad as you do most of the time. Tattoos don’t make you change your personality and Ashley’s tattoo is really cute small and simple… that’s what makes it class.. so get over it.

  • ZJ

    and ALL stars have tattoos: Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Megan Fox, and disney stars have too…
    It’s no big deal to have a tattoo, you just want Ashley to look bad

  • Chloe


    Remember thats your opinion.

    there is nothing wrong with tattoos she is expressing how she feels.
    in your opinion they are trashy but in mine they arnt. Next time not to hurt her fans feelings state that its only your opinion.

    i like her tattoo….i reckon it says believe

  • ZJ

    and btw when Vanessa got her tattoo, Vanesssa fans were all like “awww soo sweet” and it was a butterfly -_-
    And now, for something that actually have a meaning, why do you guys thing it’s gross and ugly?

  • ZJ

    @gold baybay: if she have a tattoo she’s not the same Ashley anymore? people don’t change their personality if they get a tattoo.
    At least she still don’t drink or smoke.

    btw that vid you’re talking about is 2 years old!! rofl

    And she had her family supporting her there, if she didn’t want it she wouldn’t have got it. Who are we to tell her if she can or can’t get a tattoo…??

  • S.

    lol I do think they enjoy making Ashley look bad

    Every single celeb has to be a goody-two-shoes in order to be liked on this site because people on other sites don’t seem to mind as much…

  • liz

    Tramp Stamp! Good for her. hah. Figures. Such an un-classy girl.
    Maybe it says b…b*itch? Knowing her though, it’s probably something that has to do with her new gigantic bf. Then she’ll break up with him, cheat with a costar or something, and then what? haha she’s such a joke.

    Anyway, vote Vanessa for TCA 09! lol.

  • ZJ

    I know this is my 6th comments but there’s a lot I want to say.
    Read the comments ppl talking about vanessa’s tattoo:
    - omg love her tatoo!!!!
    - Omgggg first pic!! Where’d that butterfly tat come from!? Its gorgeous though! I love you sooo much vanessa anne hudgens
    - ohhh love the tat!!! she looks gorgeous! love her <3
    - holy ish!!!! she has a tattoo!!!! how come we are barely noticing that!!! when i could have sworn there are many of pictures where she has tops & dresses that show her back like that!!!! its cute though!!! and that spot is a good place to put it!!!! very clever!!!

    And a lot more here:

  • ZJ

    sry I totally went out of the subject but I just had to say it..
    Sorry again… :(
    It makes me really sad that I had to bring Vanessa in this post… I regret it now..

  • aw

    Still lmao over her doing this, especially now, of course she would.

    But role model is such an irritating term. It looks like it says believe, not offensive and if it makes little girls try and get one, the parents are the ones responsible for controlling that and watching them,not her.


    That wasn’t a real tattoo. Also everyone has different opinions on what they think is meaningful, gross etc. Again with bringing up the one person that has Absolutely Nothing to do with this post.

  • ZJ

    @aw: yeah I know I said i was sorry to bring her here…

  • lol

    u guys r making a big deal over sumthing so small
    first idk wen u guys got control over her boyd n wat she does w/ it
    2nd im pretty sure she didnt get it n say well hmm i wonder what these haters will think ?
    she got it cause she wanted it
    SHE wanted it
    not you!!
    n it luks good i luv the font

  • lol