Honor Society are Bandslam Boys

Honor Society are Bandslam Boys

Honor Society‘s brand new song “Where Are You Now” has a music video!

Honor-ary members Jason Rosen, Michael Bruno, Alexander Noyes and Andrew Lee rock out in their new song (all in Cr8ative Recreation shoes), which is featured on the Bandslam Motion Picture Soundtrack.

Bandslam stars Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka, Gaelan Connell and hits theaters on Friday, August 14th.

JustJaredJr.com had the opportunity to interview all three stars on Sunday and it was a BLAST. Gaelan is our new favorite person!!! Interviews to follow…

Honor Society – “Where Are You Now” Music Video
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  • jülide

    jared i want the interviews now..PLEASE <3

  • Honest

    When can we get the interview and pics of vanessa in NY?

  • http://www.rr.com male

    I loved the song!
    Also the little videos from the movie!
    I can’t wait till August 14th!

  • i love vanessa

    When are you going to get the interveiw??
    and pics :(
    I so can’t wait till the interveiw, or any of them to come out ? :)
    Its so hard waiting :(
    Let it be soon !!! x

  • Caro

    i can’t wait for this movie. .-.

  • svenja**

    can’t wait for the interview :)

  • http://www.zerenity.celebfans.org/forum Allie

    You know, this actually made the video look even better. But then again promos are nothing, they make it look how they want it.

    Thanks for posting, it was a great video.

  • mel

    yay i love hs!!!! :)

  • Honest

    Oh yeah, I forgot KEEP VOTING FOR VANESSA AT THE TCA AND ZAC!! I love these little clips, especially the ” it’s a date” one. Vanessa’s such a good actress, love her.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com LG

    He’s a good singer. Love the song.

  • m

    i like the song!

  • http://www.hotmail.com jenny

    already see bandslam, are giving a lot of promotion to this movie, which also received very good reviews is a good starts.

    this group is very cool i like the song

    Zac Efron is now in vancouver (canada) very near to vanessa(stay in montreal)

  • the fame


  • Laura

    <3 the song the singer is cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t wait for Bandslam

  • http://www.youtube.com/hotchicksfromkansas Chelle

    Wow…this song is like the story of my life. I move around a lot, so yeah. I love Honor Society! And not just because of the Jonas Brothers.

  • Milkshakeee

    If anyone likes demi madison Noah or miley bash @mileyrayslutrus she called maddie obese,Noah a cunt and she wants demi and miley to die

  • Milkshakeee

    If anyone likes demi madison Noah or miley bash @mileyrayslutrus she called maddie obese,Noah a cunt and she wants demi and miley to die I’m sorry if this bugs anyone but uuhhhgg itade mad:(

  • Nicole

    awwww, i love the video, i can’t wait to see bandslam

  • Athenais

    the song is funny …

    News pictures of the movie are sympathic

  • hope

    & they totally deserve all of the fame they are getting


  • hititquitit

    aww she gets stood up?
    but i LOVE this song
    now i really can’t wait for this movie no lie
    i’m loving it more each day

  • VanessaHudgens

    This movie gonna be a big hit!!!

    Bandslam ROX!

  • megan

    cute song can’t wait for bandslam everyone thinks its going to suck it looks really good it also looks kinda funny o wonder if any of vanessa’s co-stars from hsm3 will go to the premire

  • Lucy

    This song is so good!!! Luv this band now and Bandslam looks amazing!!! Really wanna see this film!!! x

  • kami

    love this song and the clips they use from bandslam.

  • Shley

    Wow. I’ve never heard an Honor Society song…and I think…I just got hooked!!! This song & video combo also made me even MORE excited for the movie!!! You can see (what I believe will be) the plot a lot more through it than you can through other previews. Saweeeet!

  • tabia

    scenes from bandslam and vanessa and aly interview

  • tabia

    one of my new favorite songs

  • jo

    thanks jared. the song rocks

  • nessa

    i saw the movie yesterday..
    it was really good and funny
    way better than i expected

  • Karen


    Just because Zac is in Canada and Vanessa is in Canada does not mean they are close to each other. Vancouver and Montreal are very many miles apart. Vancouver is on the west side of Canada and Montreal is all the way over on the east side of the country. It’s like Zac being all the way in LA and Vanessa being in Boston—-the other side of the United States.

  • Christy

    Yes, i want the interview too. I have been dying to see it. I have sent my questions and hopefully u ask them, PLS, i want the interview.

  • Christy


    Yes, i agree with u, i want to see pics of Vanessa too.

  • Karen

    I like the song and the clips from the movie. It looks like a real feel good one!

    Why isn’t this thread on Vanessa’s list of threads?

  • humble

    @hititquitit: I ditto that, I’m like getting exceited just viewing these trailers.

  • carol

    I love this song, the video, the scenes! <3

  • http://www.justjaredjr.buzznet.com zanessa!!!… LAU

    hey everybody look at this video.
    is a interview with aly and vanessa.
    the end it’s funny haha.
    soory 4 my english, i hope u can see it.
    if u cant put this name on youtube:

    BANDSLAM Interviews — Vanessa Hudgens, Aly Michalka, Gaelan Connell and Lisa Kudrow.

    love the song and the scenes.
    bye =) =)

  • Helen

    Ive been looking everywhere for this song ever since they had an interview with ENews and showed a clip yes i love it!

  • Helen

    I love the part where Will is saying sorry to Sa5m thats so cute!

    i wanna see the video Will is watching on the tv of Sa5m singing lol

  • suzy

    love the movie clips.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    I loved the video
    I loved the music
    I do not know who they are, but they are beautiful

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    the song is soooooo good!!!love it!!!
    can’t wait for bandslam!!!!jared please post vanessa’s interview!!!!

  • Helen

    @zanessa!!!… LAU:

    I love thatsound she makes at the end lol

  • squarebutt

    clips from bandslam looks really great. can’t wait for the movie.

  • birdie

    This movie looks so adorable. I cant’s wait!!!

  • Nazeefa

    I am in LOVE with this song. Honor Society are amazing!!!

  • kc

    Honor Society look like the Jonas Brothers. They’re like 40 years old trying to look like 17 year olds. They even have the Jonas Bros. guitars…..(i don’t like JB)

  • ladysdsandiego


    yeah but they don’t sound constipated like the jonas brothers.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com vanny

    i love this song soooooooo much
    and vanessa
    can`t wait for Bandslam..
    love her<3

  • maria

    Loved the song and the video!! The clips throughout are really sweet, and you can almost feel the story and Will’s angst. Can’t wait to see it!!

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