Bridgit Mendler: Good Luck Charlie!

Bridgit Mendler: Good Luck Charlie!

Bridgit Mendler has scored her very own TV show! It’s a live-action comedy series on Disney Channel called Good Luck Charlie.

The 16-year-old actress will play Teddy Holliday alongside Jason Dolley, who plays her brother Casey.

The series follows Teddy, Casey, and their 10-year-old brother Gabe (Bradley Perry), whose parents enlist their help when they return to work after the birth of their fourth child, Charlotte, aka Charlie. With their parents juggling full time careers, the older Holliday siblings pitch in, getting very familiar with baby formula, burp clothes and babysitting while navigating typical teenage life.

Good Luck Charlie won’t premiere until 2010 but you can watch Bridgit guest star on Wizards of Waverly Place next Friday, July 24 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. If you haven’t already, check out promo pics from the ep!

HAVE YOU SEEN Bridgit on JONAS as Nick’s love interest? What did you think?

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Photos: Eric McCandless/Disney Channel
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  • cami

    she’s so pretty and I loved her in JONAS
    I’ll be watching it ;)

  • rachel

    i think she’s really talented! but the show looks kinda lame..i’ll watch it anyway…she could become the next selena…cuz both are very pretty and both are amazing actresses…but then i hope she’s just bridget!

  • Britney

    I’m not really looking forward to the new shows honestly, this one sounds kind of lame, like typical, but maybe I’ll watch it. She’s very pretty and a good actress but I just don’t like Disney’s new shows anymore, ever since Wizards and Hannah Montana.

  • zoom

    boring show, doesn’t appeal at all.. i hope it never gets picked up by the channel, they have only filmed the pilot and the show hasn’t been picked up by disney yet so everyone stop making a big deal out of it! geez, she hasn’t scored her very own show, it is a cast ensemble which means that 3 people star in it! besides it’s not like she will get the media’s attention like gomez and lovato. i doubt that this girl will be tapped the next miley for miley connection, that is how lovato and gomez got the media attention.. and she isn’t talented at all. normal actress

  • Jasmine

    i dont like her.
    & the idea for thee show seems boring.

  • TV

    I like her. Just not the show. I’d much rather see more of her as Juliet the Vampire.

    And what’s up with all the weird names for girls on Disney Channel. Mitchie, Carter, Teddy, and Charlie??? Are they out of girl names?

  • LH

    a show about kids basically raising a baby? that’s not very disney.

  • adfgungarg

    Is it just me or does she look exactly like Kay Panabaker in this picture???

  • Jess

    she’s ugly

  • anne

    I got EXTREMELY excited when I found out the show got picked up! This is awesome! Of course I’m going to watch, it sounds fun :) It’s great that Jason Dolley has a new show, I mean, he deserves it! And Bridgit seems really cool! Can’t wait ’till they start filming and it premieres!

  • Jenny

    I am glad she has got the chance disney seem to think she deserves it and lots of people didnt like SWAC at first but where is it noe

  • anonymous

    @Jasmine: wtf?? u dont even know her.

  • Jared

    Some people are already talking on Twitter about how they want her to be in a spin-off playing the vampire character she played on Wizards. I think that sounds like a much better idea than this show

  • Meagan

    I’ve already watched that episode of Wizards she did and I must admit she did extremely well. I really like the vampire family. I wouldn’t mind a spinoff either.

    Besides, this Charlie thingy sounds ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz!……

  • BillyGoat:)

    Yeah, Good Luck Charlie…you’re gonna need the luck cuz this show sounds boring!

  • liz

    lets hope she doesn’t sing.

    i already know her future… We all do.
    She’s gonna date one of the jonas brothers,
    have her own album , go on tour,
    star in some ‘Disney original’ movies,
    and be forgotten.
    No need to make a big deal out of this nobody.

  • carli and teresa

    wow. we called this one after we saw her in ads for the wowp 2 part saga. she wouldnt be guest-starring on so much stuff if thats what they hadn’t had planned for her.

  • ella1170

    I knew I was going to see her again. She is pretty, I thought she was good as Nick’s love interest. I’m not sure about the show though but we’ll see……

  • billythekid

    I saw some silly comment on the internet about this girl being the “Next Miley Cyrus” etc, and I was like, what? I had never heard of – probably because I have never seen even 1 episode of Jonas – but this girl doesn’t have any appeal whatsoever. First of all, Disney is all about a look, and this girl just doesn’t seem to have the vibe that people are used to from Disney. Unless Disney is going all crazy and think that the next fad is going to be about being moody and subdued? If that’s the case, then they have a winner, otherwise they are probably shooting blanks. As far as singing goes, I don’t even want to know!

  • justme

    ugh this will never beat Hannah Montana,Lizzie McGuire. This girl doesn’t have X factor

  • justme

    I like her. Just not the show. I’d much rather see more of her as Juliet the Vampire.

    And what’s up with all the weird names for girls on Disney Channel. Mitchie, Carter, Teddy, and Charlie??? Are they out of girl names
    Not to mention Alex,Sonny lol,they are no more girlie girls name now

  • Tooty

    Hate her! All she does is brag about her “career” all over the internet. Just watch one of her videos.

  • =)

    she’s from a movie called the clique…

  • candycrazy

    i so knew she was gonna have her own show. not a BIG fan though.

  • maria pia

    i saw she on the first episode of jonas!!! i dont like her performance!!! but i love JONAS!!!

  • Karissa

    wutz up with the names??? i never liked the name casey for a boy!!! y name a girl name CHARLOTTE , Charlie!!!! It changes the gender!!!
    But i think she got wut she deserved!!! I mean she’s been in the Clique and she was excellent!!! There r a lot of people starring in JONAS from the clique!!! Her and the girl who played Alicia(both Nick’s love interests)

  • Casey

    Ehh. They’re gonna make her sing soon.

    She’s gonna have a music video :\

  • nat

    no this sucks i hope its better than it sounds the show doesnt sound interesting i hope jason will make the show

  • nat

    she cant sing i hope she don’t start omg i hope she find another network

  • harper

    OMG! can’t stand her, shes a fame whore!

  • ZzZ


    I’ve seen her in The clique movie and think her acting is okay. You guys don’t have any reason to be bashing her. HATE HER?? Do you think you know her that much (Oh wait, you’ve never even MET her!!!) THINK SHE’S UGLY?? Then you should look at the mirror, cuz there are some fat ass losers in there who think they’re prettier than Bridgit but OH WAIT, they’re not!!! I mean she’s gonna be in a TV show and you’re gonna be in a… what??

    You wanna bash someone, go bash Disney. It’s not Bridgit’s fault that Disney’s so full of sh!t!!!

  • pizzaface

    i so called this. that she’d have her own show, i mean.
    and ew.
    i just don’t like her.
    i hope it dies after the pilot and doesn’t actually happen.
    she’s NOT the next miley either. because she has NO fans.

  • jbmileyselenasuitelifewizards

    is this for real?
    im pretty sure thats the dumbest story line ever! parents going back to work, so the kids take care of a baby? could we be a little more creative? i mean comon! why dont they just go and find a family somewhere in america that has the same situation and tape them?!

    this girl will never be the next miley. never. shes not even pretty! and she did horrible in JONAS!

    disney must be desperate!!!

  • mark

    i really love bridgit and she is so talented but this show sounds like a major snooze fest! i mean maybe they’ll change it cuz if anyone remebers the fisrt wizards of waverly place concept was a family living in a magic shop then it was wizards living in a magic shop and the title went from the amazing omalley’s to the amazing idks AND dont forget jonas and the whole secret spies thing so who knows, maybe by the time this show premieres the parents will be superheroes and the three older kids dont have powers but this new baby does, haha idk


    I really do like her acting abilities.
    I would MUCH rather see her as Juliet the vampire then a BASICALLY sixteen year old mother.

  • Blake

    i think she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

  • Emmy

    sorry but i wont be watching it. it sounds lame and retarded. probably another life with derek so unpopular they just had to cancel it. and the suite life of zack and cody, wizards of waverly place, and hannah montana are the ONLY decent live-action nonanimated tv series on disney channel. oh and the new stars will not be pretty like miley or selena i mean bridgit mendler is NOTHING like them and nowhere is pretty.

  • Sare

    The show sounds great. I will defenitley watch because she is so pretty and talented so I will look forward to watching it.

  • Sienna

    Good grief. Why are you people being so vicious? She’s a sweet girl who filmed a PILOT. You’re all calling her names and trashing her already?

    Man, I hope you guys never become famous and have to read horrible comments from brats like yourselves.

  • Jade

    I think they already have a lot of shows on disney channel and this one sounds boring. I know she was going her own show soon. Everyone does once you have guest started on a show, its happen to selena gomez, david henrie, tiffany thornton and a lot of other disney starts.


    i think she’s realy talented and realy hot if i was dieing i and i had a wish my wish would be to get her to kiss me.

    i wanted to make a film about me moving and she didn’t have any freinds so i became her freind and we fall in love and have our first kiss and we grow old and have our children.

    i know its soppy but i wil try

  • :)

    I really like Bridgit Mendler, I think she seems nice and she’s a great actress, she was awesome as Juliet on Wizards! She’s also really pretty, not that it matters. I don’t think I really like the idea of this new show though. Maybe it’ll be good, but I mean, it sounds pretty pointless and she’s not famous enough to be on a show with no point like the Jonas Brothers.
    I agree with justme, what’s up with these girl’s names? Why can’t they leave Charlie as Charlotte? And Teddy is cute, but there are so many other girl’s names they could use.
    Mitchie, Carter, Teddy, Charlie, Alex, Harper, Sonny…??? The list could go on I bet and what’s up with all of those “either way” names?? None of the guys (excuse me, besides Casey) have those names so why????

  • Bria

    This show sounds weird, but I’ll watch it. To see how it goes, I mean I thought the same thing about Wizards at first but hey now I LOVE that show! I like Bridgit as Juliet, sure she’d do great as Teddy. Weird name, though o.o

  • Who, me?

    @ jess :
    Wth? Sorry for saying that that to you but seriously.
    @ tooty: Really? i never knew.
    Anyway, its nice for her to have a new show and all. But i agree with most people. This sounds a little boring.

  • blahofficial!

    She actually can sing, though. Not in a disney way either. I think she’ll be different, hopefully. She has a youtube channel.

  • Ajd

    I like Bridget Mendler. The show seems stupid. I wish she would be Juliet on wizards of waverly place. I hope she still does it.

  • nadia

    I loooovveee her! Can’t wait! :D

  • BECCA:)

    i think she’s pretty, and she’s talented. plus you people have no right to be trash talking her. i love the idea of this show, and i think it’ll be a hit. although it doesnt seem like something Disney Channel would make, it sounds like a ABC family kinda show. and i dont get it, what’s so special about Charlie? someone PLEASE explain this cuz i don’t understand!

    another thing: Seriously Disney, come up with some decent girl names! honestly, i can think of a ton that would work:
    Susie, Becca, Blair, Victoria, Brooke, Jordan, Avery, Amelia, Emma, Hannah, Trinity, Josey, Jasmine, Katie, and there are TONS more. these names are just random ones of girls that i know.

    and one more thing: Casey isn’t the name of Jason Dolley’s character. it’s Pj, and they even say that in the trailer.

    Great job, Bridget, i hope the show lasts for years to come! :D

    -Becca :) <3

  • Nicole

    Ugh. Why does Disney need stupid looking shows? Haven’t they made enough mistakes with Miley and Selena and oh, God, the JONAS BROTHERS? This is JUST A PILOT, everyone, it hasnt been picked up yet. Calm down.

  • Gina

    Shut up idiot, it’s premiering in april. So i don’t know where you’re getting this “hasn’t been picked up” crap. IT’S OFFICIALLY A SHOW.

    You guys are so jealous of bridgit. she’s pretty, she’s a great actress AND singer, and she’s disney’s new it girl. HATERS.

>>>>>>> staging1