Emma Watson Confirms Brown University

Emma Watson Confirms Brown University

Emma Watson tells Paste Magazine that she will be attending Brown University this fall.

The 19-year-old British actress shares, “I am [off] to Brown, which is an Ivy League establishment in the U.S.A. I’ve got a place there to read literature. I hope to do quite well with my A Levels and they’ve provisionally accepted me, so I’m off to study.” (Emma must have been interviewed awhile ago as she scored seven A’s and three A* at GCSE level.)

Congrats, Emma!!!

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  • Jenny


  • Vicki

    Wow, she’s really smart! Congrats to her :)

  • Chance

    No, A-Levels and GCSE’s are two different exams. You take GCSE’s at 16, and A-Levels at 18. A-Levels are your university entrance exams here, so she won’t get her results till late August.

    Good for her, Brown will probably be a great fit.

  • Brit

    Come on… do you think it makes sense that she will remain mum about her uni choice on high profile shows like letterman, only to reveal it to some magazine nobody has ever heard of?

  • alyson

    I love Emma! She’s sooo down to earth. You can tell she worked hard to get where she is and is staying grounded. I’m glad she’s taking a break from acting, I think that’s a smart thing because she’s setting her future up quite nicely! Very smart girl with a good head on her shoulders!

    Go Emma!! :)

  • Lena

    I LOVE her. She’s gorgeous, classy, smart, and so unlike every other teen actress.

  • Lottie

    Just jared, A-Levels and GCSES are two completely different things. Gcses are taken at the end of year 11 (sophmore) and you usually do nine or ten. A-Levers are taken end of sixth form (Senior) and you usually do 3 or 4. She won’t have got her A-Level results yet. Thay don’t come out till August

  • http://www.atwilightkiss.com/ ATwilightKiss

    I love how her grades are like that of Hermione Granger :-) It’s a mix of reality and the Harry Potter series!

  • the fame

    @ATwilightKiss: lol yes

  • leah

    Congrats girl plus Harry Potter was awesome. I know this is so random, but I wonder which University Selena will apply too because applications for next year need to be turned in by December.

  • me

    Congrats Emma!! You go girl!!! I just saw HBP like twice and she’s amazing! She’s got everything…she’s intelligent, stylish, down to earth, and just really nice. I love this girl and I wish her the best! :D

  • scrooge

    Wikipedia is also now showing her Brown University choice. The Wikipedia article says:
    ‘In July 2009, after a second storm of rumour, Watson “grudgingly admitted” that she had chosen Brown University, Rhode Island. Watson defended her attempts to avoid announcing her choice of university – accidentally slipped by Daniel Radcliffe and producer David Heyman, in interviews publicising the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – saying that she “want[ed] to be normal. I really want anonymity. I want to do it properly, like everyone else”.’

  • hsm2fangurl

    Nice very nice and smart!! Paparazzi can’t dig up any dirt on her now! XP

  • kwan

    She’s smart!!!!!Congrats Emma!!

  • hANNAH

    A-levels an GCSEs are different things in the uk
    we do our GCSEs in high school then you do a max of 6 A-levels in college then go to uni
    congrats emma!!

  • paloma

    Now this is what a promising young actress should look like: intelligent, down to earth, beatiful, NORMAL, AND TALENTED!

    Emma is INCREDIBLE! Unlike…all the people on that sidebar that are stupid as SH*T!

  • janeybell

    Wow! Emma you go girl! She’s so amazing.

  • enigma

    @alyson: WORD! :)

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