Kevin Jonas: How I Met Danielle Deleasa...

Kevin Jonas: How I Met Danielle Deleasa...

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa got engaged earlier this month and now Danielle‘s mom is opening up about the couple.

Angela Deleasa tells Life & Style, “We met the Jonas family in 2007 when we were vacationing in the Bahamas. Everyone keeps saying they’re childhood friends from Wyckoff, N.J., but it’s not true. We were on the beach in the Bahamas, and the boys just came over and started talking to us. [Kevin kept in touch with Danielle.]”

As for their recent engagement, Angela says, “All I can say is that we are very happy for them. He proposed right here on our doorstep. We’re just not used to this [fame]. People are coming to our door and our neighbors’ doors and it’s just strange… Danielle already travels a lot because Kevin likes her to be around, and I’m sure she’ll be gone even more now.”

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  • Saahirah

    aw so happy for them!

  • Victoria

    Awww, how cute :)

  • nikkki

    now zanessa need to get married

  • salete Music is Life

    i love the couple they will be very happy 2gether

  • Kyles

    Happy, but sad, I see the Jonas Brothers in a whole different light now. Your life changes when you get married and I think it will change the group. :(

  • Samantha

    your right zac and vanessa needs to get married now. they are so cute together. but i still think zac is cheating on vanessa beacuse he went on a date with megan fox. but i am in love with zac efron. he is sooooooooooooooo H-O-T CUTE!

  • jULIA

    aaaawn they’re so cute. AAAAH BRASIL REPRESENTANDO AQUI

  • jULIA

    awn, they’re so cute. BRAZIL baby

  • Chefjonas

    that is soooooooo CUTE~

  • Courtney

    I’m soooooo happy for Kevin and Danielle!

    I love JB!!!!!!


  • leave Britney alone.

    -Please don’t bring Zac and Vanessa into this :|.-

    I’m so happy that they’re finally coming out with their relationship even more now. Can’t wait for the wedding(:
    But this is definately going to change the band a bit, just like your life changes when you get married.
    Hope they don’t break up though, but I wish Dani & Kevin good luck(:

  • Joan Slade

    awww so cute :) love them!

  • Dai

    “Happy, but sad, I see the Jonas Brothers in a whole different light now. Your life changes when you get married and I think it will change the group”

    wow, i have never thought about this, it’s truee :(

  • sasha:)

    awwww…. so cute! kevin is awesome.
    I love the JoBros!

  • kathleen marie



  • Yvonne

    That was such a fairytale-like story about how they met. I just love these 2! :)

    BTW–show Kevin and Danielle some respect by NOT bringing other couples into this topic. Show your love for them!

  • katie

    @nikkki: haha i agree. they’re so cute together. ♥

    but iirc, this dude has a purity ring or something, and ppl with purity rings tend to get married really young to… er… well you know lol. z&v don’t have those rings, so i bet they’re gonna take things a lot slower in terms of commitment. live their lives together, but unofficially (: i think that’s for the best

  • Khadijah

    Im soo happy 4 kev n danielle!
    But I really do think this will change the band

  • the fame

    @Kyles: i totally agree

  • lol

    i cant wait to see some little baby jonas :D hahaha


    Oh God STOP bringing Zanessa 2 this post!this is kev & dani’s!also zac said he wont get married until 40,so stop the whole thing..
    Anyway im soooooooooo happy 4 them,yay
    cant wait 4 their wedding <333
    Love them both
    P.S. This is gonna change Kevins life alittle just like other ppl,when they get married.but it has nothing 2 do with JB so dont worry,they will stay 2gether as long as they can,they r not like other bands,these boys r totally different <33333

  • Amylee

    Dang, kinda wishing I was on that beach!! :)
    Oh well…! Congrats Kevin and Danielle!! :)

  • Kyles

    @the fame:

    Thanks, I’m glad that it isn’t just me, I thought maybe I was being selfish or something.

  • Kyles


    Hopefully that doesn’t happen for awhile! :)

  • Kyles

    YES! Another person agrees, when I said that I thought it was just me, for some reason I kind of think the band will split up, they have been rumors about that, but I hope and pray to God that they aren’t true.

  • amy

    she looks so much like hayley duff o_O only not as pretty. anyone else see that?

    anyway good for her, she’s set for life now. i wish some rich dude would propose to me, haha.

  • yaima

    am very tired bout hairing bout kevin and his bitch girlfriend she is so ulgy she is going to use him for him money

  • Kiara

    @yaima: My gosh, just leave them alone. You can’t even share an ounce of hapiness? And it doesn’t matter if she’s ugly or not you don’t marry people for their looks. You marry them because they make you feel happy and you don’t have to pretend around them. Gosh, how shallow can you be?

    Anyways…I wish Kevin and Danielle the best. They’re so cute. If they had a baby he’d have like brown curly hair. lol =) WOOT! KANIELLE!

  • korrah

    Yess!! Thats who she looks like Haylie Duff I knew her face had like similiar look put couldnt exactly pin point who. Its the long face and the nose.

  • cam

    she looks so much like hayley duff o_O only not as pretty. anyone else see that?

    anyway good for her, she’s set for life now. i wish some rich dude would propose to me, haha.
    Wow – she does look a little like Haley Duff – but I would not say she is not as pretty – if you are basing on the picture above – that is not a good pic of either Danielle or Kevin & she looks like she is freezing cold in that pic.
    @yaima @ 5:33 pm on 07/15/2009

    am very tired bout hairing bout kevin and his ***** girlfriend she is so ulgy she is going to use him for him money
    I DON’T think Danielle is ugly – stop all this nasty stuff & be happy for them.
    Congrats to Danielle & Kevin.

  • .

    I love the JB, and i will loving them
    but with this news i feel like K has broke my heart
    i know, i don’t know him
    but i don’t know
    i don’t like her :/
    all i can say is, if Kevin is happy with her
    uhh, what the hell, i just wish him the best luck :)

  • the fame

    yeah she is like haylie duff, with a super plastic nose

  • aw


    I think if they split up it’ll be for Nick going solo. Obviously I don’t know, just guessing.

  • jenny

    congrats to them and i honestly dont think that them getting married is gonna change anything. it’ll get harder but im sure he’ll find a balance.

    btw. just to clear things up zac efron did not go on a date with megan fox it turned out to be a rumor. dont believe everything you hear.

  • steph

    i love the jonas!

  • ella1170

    Awwww she was just a regular person and Kevin fell for her and kept in touch with her. He really loves her……I hope nothing happens to the group :(. I’ll be praying to God so that doesn’t happen.

  • Lauren

    don’t worry

    their blog said

    “There seem to be rumors about JB ending. This is absolutely NOT true. Once again, don’t believe in rumors.”

  • Brianna

    they look so cute together. Danielle is a very lucky girl.

  • athena

    Wow, Kevin is really starting to look like a man for a change….and he’s beginning to look like good looking or something…anyway, either the two of them are cold, or they’re fighting already…I wish them a great and fruitful marriage…they looked happy in previous pics, and this is one of the sucky ones a pap or JJJ pulled to create speculation…uh, huh…how dare y’all…lol….

  • voteforzanessaonTCA!!!

    It’s really sweet!! I’m very happy for them!
    But, I agree with some ppl. When Kevin
    gets married, his life will NEVER be the same again. Not in a bad way.
    It’s like, he got someone to be taken care of, and stuffs. And the band will not be same and stuffs. And it’s sooo not cool if someone replaces Kevin’s place!!
    But, anyways, for now, i’m Very happy for them!!!


  • http://windowslive jamila

    i dont love zac and kevin i love joe and nick

  • nikki

    i know im innn loveee with zac efron too! hahaha! but no he didnt cheat on her, i think they would of broken up if it was, but there still together, so its good, i wish i can marry ZACC<33

  • Leah

    Shut up. They aren’t breaking up. They confirmed it. :/ And is it just me or dies Danielle’s mother seem like sort of a bitch?

  • Cass

    Doesn’t she go to college? She’s like 22, right?

    Wow. I’d expect each of the Jonas Brothers to get with Ivy League girls. If not, actresses (e.g. Camilla, Selena), singers, etc.

  • kara

    yay! they are so cute together! im so happy for them!
    especially kevin!! he deserves a great girl like danielle :]

    best of luck to them in the future!! <3

  • elizabetha maria jonake

    it is quit sad to see that danielle will be away from her family a lot now. i do not thing tht her family is happy. my mother is best friends with the family but they do not like to talk about how they feel for the marriage.

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