Wizards Cast Celebrates With Emmy Cake!

Wizards Cast Celebrates With Emmy Cake!

Selena Gomez, Jennifer Stone, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin and the rest of the Wizards of Waverly Place cast pose for a pic around their celebratory Emmy cake on Thursday (July 16).

Earlier this morning, the cast dished to JJJ about the nomination news.

David, 20, also followed up with JustJaredJr.com about some of his recent tweets. Check it:

On digging a hole to China at the beach: “I never did [make it], I gave up halfway and ended up burying my friend in the hole.”

On sleeping on the floor: “It was awesome! It was awesome! I feel stronger now, probably because I was moving around a lot in my sleep, so my muscles are stronger now. It was a good experience.”

On best friend (and roommate) Brandon Smith‘s restaurant, Spice: “It has really good breakfast. I go in the mornings to get breakfast burritos, and it sort of has everything towards lunch. They’re open from 4-9 and they have all types of food. They have pasta there, and I get the chicken piccata which is really good, but they have all types of foods. It’s a cool little place, it’s quiet and the food is nice so I enjoy it.”

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  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    first yay it looks yum concrats

  • Ruby

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice!!!!!!!!!!!! go wizards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • lisa

    the cake looks yummy!

  • koolkat

    I’m really happy for them! look at them, they’re like a family!

  • BlaireB

    omg, look at David Henrie’s sexy body!
    he’s so freakin’ HOT! he should leave his shirt off from now on.

  • s

    wow, he has great abs

  • tina

    @BlaireB: I knoww! and he’s so lovable, funny, charming and so hot!

    love David Henrie! <3

  • voteforzanessaonTCA!!!

    Lucy Hale is one Really lucky girl!! LOL. Look at those abs! haha..
    Btw, congratz for the Emmy!! I’m very happy for them…

  • glassslippers

    @voteforzanessaonTCA!!!: David and Lucy broke up like 10 months ago. they’re just friends now.

  • KMX

    AWWW YESSS THEY NEED TOWIN I MEAN THERE FREAKING AMAZING and creativity level is dupper high and if no them then iCarly should win,i mean hello theyare supper funn and marinda is such a grea actress,sorry HM but you guys had your chance and to behonest your show isnt that funny anymore,i love you miley but its not as funny as iCarly SORRY

  • Jon

    They truly do look like a family actually. This is the only show I have ever been happy for to be nominated. Cheers to them.

  • TV

    I thought they give out champagne bottles to all nominees? Maybe they were afraid David would drink it all…. lol JK. Congratulations to my favorite wizards!!! Cake is better than champagne any day.

  • http://justjaredjr.com alicia

    OMG !!!!!!!!!! david’s body is crazy !!!!!!!!

  • Flyaway

    @voteforzanessaonTCA!!!: david and lucy are NOT dating anymore, they broke up last year!

  • anna

    daaamn david henrie is so HOT!

    especially when he was talking about sleeping on the floor, made me wanna say ” damn, that’s hot”

  • amanda

    i’m so happy for them! go wizards

  • leah

    The cake looks really good!:D They need to share ok it’s really late at night and now I’m craving crap! I would be crazy enough to drive somewhere to get some lol. Congrats cast!!:) You guys deserve the nomination because the cast is full of incredible talented actors. The writers bring joy to families everywhere with the family message and gosh how can you guys think of all those spells? One word geniuses! The directors capture every moment to perfection. Everything about Wizards is awesome! Hopefully they take the win!<3

  • voteforzanessaonTCA!!!

    @Flyaway: I thought they are together again! Ppl said they’re on and off. Oh well! haha.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/07/16/wizards-cast-celebrates-emmy-cake/ ……Fan

    omg! congratulations!
    i think …the Wizards Should WiN
    because them show is amagazine
    Go WizarDs!!
    Let’s Win!!


  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/07/16/wizards-cast-celebrates-emmy-cake/ ……Fan

    let’s win wizards are the best tv show i never see in my short life sel youre my idol i love u congratulations

  • shannon

    david has such a nice bod!

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    vote for jake.t.austi and selena gomez TCA

  • =)=)=)

    i love the show but i dont think it should win cuz well i it just doesnt do anything 4 us its always about being a bad girl and dont listening 2 your parents and do whatever u like its ok cuz when u get into bad things your brother or father will bale u out so i think the show is like do bad things and other people will bale u out its ok do bad things so i dont think it should win thats not what little kids have 2 do in there lives !!!! just saying guys dont killl me and speaking about killing there r some people that r saying realy bad things about taylor swift and britney vs. lady gaga at the insider hottest tour in summer its not there just write it on google !! add your comments please and thanku =)

  • kevin

    not to be rude…
    oh what the hell, who cares!!
    and if just jared deletes this comment, then
    what kind of site is this then if you cannot voice your opinion.

    i think there being show offs and just ruining there luck
    like Oooouuu you got nominated for an emmy, like they havent before?
    oh wait, thats right ! there LAME. no talent. no nothing. im surprised they
    even got nominated in the first place. at least iCarly and Hannah Montana crew members, etc arn’t being so fidgety bout the news. like
    seriously? and that fat un-talented horse “harper” or whatever her name
    is shout SHUT THE F**K UP! bout hannah/miley not winning. id laugh if they lose and miley wins, or iCarly. and to be honest iCarly and Hannah are 10 times better then this crappy old show thats just a ripoff of harry potter and what not.

    OH and btw WIZARDS SUCK !

    :) im done.

  • miss zanessa

    congrats to everyone!!!
    kudos for having such a great show :)
    you deserve to win

    lisa #3: yeah the cake looks yummy, but… david looks yummier LOL
    seriously he´s cute, sweet, funny, smart and he has a great abs :L

    blaireb #5: you´re right from now on he should be shirtless on the show hehe well at least on the movie

  • Melissa

    How are they being showoffs? They’re excited to be nominated because to be nominated, you have to have TALENT.

    They have an extremely good chance of winning because the acting on the show is extremely good. These are professionals picking and they can distinguish good acting when they see it.
    And it’s not a ripoff of Harry Potter at all, have you even seen either thing?
    If you want people to take your opinion seriously, perhaps you should get educated about acting instead of putting down the cast. Grow up.

    and =)=)=) , obviously, you don’t understand the point that young kids can grasp. Miley/Hannah isn’t perfect either, she lies all the time. But she’s a good person, as is Alex, even though she doesn’t show it. And it’s refreshing to have a character who is a realistic teenager, not a perfect angel.

  • Megan

    whatever ppl say this IS a good show and DAVID is smokin!!!!!!!!!

  • me!

    stupid wizards!
    everybody knows that hannah montana is WAY better than that!
    I hope that the movie would be horrible!this sucks!
    and da efects…uhhh wtf?
    selena wants 2 b like the mother(get pregannt at age of 16)
    also selena is new joe’s GFand shes fan of playboy and vanity fair she has in her room pics of naked guys!

  • http://www.justjaredjr.com #1Selenagomezfan

    IM SOOOO HAPPY!!! THEY ALL DESERVE IT ESPECIALLY SELENA!!! IM YOUR #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JolynnJenae

    Yay! Congradualtions Wizards! They deserve it! :)

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