Wizards Cast Talk Emmy Nomination

Wizards Cast Talk Emmy Nomination

Earlier this morning, it was announced that Wizards of Waverly Place scored a nomination for an Emmy Award!!! A few of the cast members from the show called up JustJaredJr.com to chat about the good news:

David Henrie: “I’m super, super excited. It’s a huge honor. My mom called me this morning and she goes ‘Congratulations, David!’ and I was like ‘For what!?’ and she was like ‘YOU GOT NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY!’ I was freaking out.”

Jake T. Austin: “I found out from Twitter! I literally woke up this morning and I normally don’t check it in the morning but… (David interjets and yells, “Don’t lie!”) I’m dead serious. I woke up at 7 in the morning, got up, checked Twitter and found out about the Emmy from executive producer Peter [Murrieta]. Then of course, I ran up to ask my dad and asked if it was true and jumped for joy. It’s nice to know that all of our hard work is being rewarded. It’s not just the cast but the crew, the writers and producers, everyone.”

Jennifer Stone: “My publicist called my mom – and then my mom woke me up with the news. It beats an alarm clock, I’d say. It’s really exciting and totally an honor. It’s such a collaboration between writers, actors and crew. Everybody comes together and does their part — definitely a group effort.”

Selena Gomez (via Twitter): “What an honor, I’m speechless. I am so blessed! Can’t wait to celebrate with the crew today!”

Since WOWP is up against Hannah Montana, JJJ asked David, Jake and Jennifer which Disney Channel show they’d want to win. Of course they all chose Wizards!

Jennifer joked, “Well, I think Hannah had its time – come on now!”

Congrats to the cast and crew of WOWP!!!

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  • ada


  • love

    why the hell didn’t the suite life get nominated?
    SLOD is a million times better than the original yet TSLOZAC gets emmy nominations.. UGH

  • love

    WTH? SLOD should of been nominated and why the hell wasn’t the show nominated at this years Nick Kids Choice Award, why was TSLOZAC nominated? it is over! geez, Nick.. SLOD is new series.

  • http://justjaredjr simnel

    congrats i luv the show

  • angelie.

    Congratulations to all the Wizards Of Waverly Place casts and crew! :)

  • jbr

    congrats ! wizards is awesome !

  • kate

    i honestly think icarly will win, but i to be honest i kinda want hannah to win

  • leah

    Wizards should win because all the cast is full of great actors. The casting director that chose the actors actually chose them for their acting ability like it should be and I applaud him/her. It’s a very wicked and well thought out show that is enjoyable by all ages. My mom enjoys it(40), my little sister enjoys it(10), and I enjoy it(17). I also love how Selena hits great comedic timing in every episode and you can’t help by laughing even though you have watched the episode like twenty times. It also brings you back to the feeling of family comes first and they will always be there for you. Hannah’s popularity is already dying out look at her latest cd and it took it three seasons to get nominated while as Wizards has only aired for 2 season and it already got one. May I also add the acting isn’t that great in Hannah if I can put it in the nicest way. Either way I’ll be hopefuly for the cast to take the win at the Emmy’s.

  • http://justjared phoebe

    wizards should WIN!!!!!!

  • saudia

    I know right. HM has run its course. Congrats to the WOWP cast and crew that’s awesome!!

  • http://nileyworld.wordpress.com/ me

    i hope hannah wins
    simply becuz i think its better
    if u dont i dont care cuz its ur opinion
    u have urs i have mine
    but i think hannah shud win
    1) becuz its rateing are higher
    2) becuz everyone knows about hannah montana and or miley cyrus
    3) becuz its just a funnier show to watch
    i think the acting is much better then wizards
    and hannah mite have not won last year but it was nominated
    im pretty sure rather hannah or icarly will win

  • Whitney

    i do believe wizards should win. i mean im a fan of both shows but i feel like hannah has bee around much longer and that wizards is a fairly new show to this, so congrats to the WOWP cast! i am definitely hoping they win! they deserve it and i love the show! great actors/actresses!

  • leah

    @me: I think you haven’t heard of the Emmy’s. The Emmy’s isn’t a popularity contest. It’s strictly for talent. A few people cast their ballots for which shows they think elude talent and are creative.

  • ada


    YOU ROCK! :b

  • Alex

    Wizards should definitely win!

    Mainly because the show has always been underrated and overshadowed by Hannah. Now that it’s grown into a popular show itself, it should win the Emmy. Either way, Wizards and Hannah totally deserves the award.

    iCarly doesn’t. that show has HORRIBLE writing.

  • Rissa

    that’s such an honor. i’m glad they were nominated. they are really talented actors/actresses. they should win.

  • TV

    I love what Jennifer said about Hannah Montana already had it’s time lol. She’s the only Disney star that never holds back her opinion. She’s so awesome. Congrats to the whole Wizards cast, especially Selena. They all rock!

  • :)

    hahaha loved the joke =P i hope they win, they really deserve it

    xo, mexico

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/06/24/nick-jonas-debates-diabetes/comment-page-2/#comments emily

    4 some reason i think wowp will win but i want hannah montana to win because its a better show then wowp but its manily agaisnt selena,miley or miranda because people just vote on who is their favorite star than show, but i want hannah or icarly to win, wowp is a boring show but i love the cast!!=)

  • Kathryn

    I am so happy for the Wizards cast and crew! If this is based on talent and cast dynamic alone then Wizards should have it in the bag. I mean…come on. The chemistry/acting/writing is just BETTER.

    I reallllly hope this isn’t a popularity contest (we have enough of those types of award shows) because I know how popular HM and iCarly are (even though I think Wizards is better than both) and it would be a real shame if one of those shows won over Wizards just because they have better ratings.

  • :)

    i think they really deserve it because everybody enjoys the show, i few days ago i was in orlando and a man asked if were celebrating a birthday or something because we had a cake and i told him we were quinceañeras and his wife said really excited “like in wizards of waverly place” it makes me laugh a lot. :)
    i wish wwp all the best =)

    excuses my english, xo mexico

  • anonymous

    i do hope they win!
    i love wizards its so fun too watch, even though i’m 17 i tune in to Disney channel just to watch Wizards with my sister

  • :)

    a meant A few* i put “i” sorry :S

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/06/24/nick-jonas-debates-diabetes/comment-page-2/#comments emily


  • http://nick.com Jared

    Hahaha. I love how the media is only talking about Wizards being up against Hannah. No one cares about iCarly lol.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/06/24/nick-jonas-debates-diabetes/comment-page-2/#comments emily

    hannah montana should WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  • yenny

    they really deserve it, wowp is the best disney serie ever really thecast is awesome and it’s so funny
    congratz guys

  • nileyfan4ever123

    wizards is no match for hannah montana
    hannah is the highest rated show on disney channel

  • perpetua

    iCarly was also nominated!
    Come on, give them some credit.
    They totally deserve to win!

  • rosie.


    its not a popularity contest sry2say.

  • rosie.

    wizards should win though, imo.

  • milshakee

    hannah montana ROX!! im NOT ever considering wizards

  • http://nick.com Zekemaster

    As long as Sonny with a Chance is NOT nominated, I’m happy :) . That show is sh**. Wizards and Hannah, on the other hand, are THE sh**.

    Go Wizards and Hannah!!!!

  • BlaireB

    Okay, let me get this clear for some of you people.

    These shows are strictly being voted on story, concept, dialog, acting. Things like that, real things, it’s NOT the Mtv awards or the KCA or TCA, it’s the Emmy’s. The Emmy’s is NOT a popularity contest. Got it? Good.,

    Now, I think Wizards should win this award. It has the best actors, the jokes are so clever and witty. The chemistry of the whole cast is amazing. It’s just a far better show overall.

  • Amy

    I think Hannah and wizards are both great shows .. and i think both of them should win !! = )

  • angelie

    @BlaireB: Thank you for saying that. Emmy is based on the talent, not popularity.

  • Flyaway

    The Emmy’s is not a superficial, popularity contest!! These shows are not going to be voted by mindless, immature little teenies!

  • disneyfied

    forget about those other shows!
    It’s Wizards time to shine!!

  • Jon

    @BlaireB: I agree. When it comes to the level of professionality in the acting and quality of the writing, Wizards comes out on top.

  • thais

    hannah montana is so much better than wizards..
    miley is awesome!

  • http://selenagomez-fansite.blog.hr krixtina


  • mochi

    iCarly is a great show, but i don’t think miranda is a great actress. Its true that Hannah Montana has been around for along time, but some of actors aren’t very good at acting, especially the “dad”. I read all the comments and what @leah said about the Emmys, “the Emmys isn’t a popularity contest, its strictly based on talent” and i think what @leah said is true. And the actors that are on wizards of waverly place has true talent! they’ve been in the business longer than the actors on Hannah Montana and they worked very hard on the show. and some of you who haven’t done their research, it seems that wizards beats hannah for being the most rated show on disney channel. read wikipedia and serch for WOWP under “history”. and look how many stars wowp has on IMDB.COM and compare it with Hannah Montana!
    although icarly beats both of them. I rather pick icarly and wowp over hannah montana any day! CONGRATS TO THE WOWP CAST!

  • Coll


    just a heads up…hannah montana was also nominated for an emmy back in 2007, so it took wizards longer to get nominated.

    i personally think icarly will in it, nick usually does even though i like hannah better. i think wizards is funny but selena’s character is very mean on the show which is why i don’t like her part. but harper, max, and justin crack me up every time. good thing the ensemble saves the show.

  • the fame

    i dont watch this shows but hannah is so overrated, i mean enough is too much! and selena is a nice girl so she deserves it more than spoiled miley virus

  • anna

    i actually don’t mind watching wizards, i mean i’m 21 and i watch that show with my four year old daughter

    selena, for me, has got to be the best Disney actress right now.

  • http://www.mail.com Cassidy

    What? I think Hannah and Wizards are both witty and funy. I enjoy watching both. So, plz stop saying ”Oh, Hannah deserve it way more than Wizards.” or ”Wizards derserves it way more than Hannah.” I like both shows. I think they both derserve it. Both the Hanah and Wizards cast works hard. No matter who has the better acting skills. They all work. Oh, and @thefame. Youre so jealous of Miley. How do u know shes spoiled? Oh yeah, you dont so shut up and stop being jealous!

  • http://www.mail.com Cassidy

    I mean *witty and funny*. *Hannah*. Sorry.

  • Anonymous


    Hannah was nominated last year too.

  • ava

    I want for HANNAH MONTANA to win!!!!!!

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/06/24/nick-jonas-debates-diabetes/comment-page-2/#comments emily

    i want hannah too win =(

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