Wizards Cast Talk Emmy Nomination

Wizards Cast Talk Emmy Nomination

Earlier this morning, it was announced that Wizards of Waverly Place scored a nomination for an Emmy Award!!! A few of the cast members from the show called up JustJaredJr.com to chat about the good news:

David Henrie: “I’m super, super excited. It’s a huge honor. My mom called me this morning and she goes ‘Congratulations, David!’ and I was like ‘For what!?’ and she was like ‘YOU GOT NOMINATED FOR AN EMMY!’ I was freaking out.”

Jake T. Austin: “I found out from Twitter! I literally woke up this morning and I normally don’t check it in the morning but… (David interjets and yells, “Don’t lie!”) I’m dead serious. I woke up at 7 in the morning, got up, checked Twitter and found out about the Emmy from executive producer Peter [Murrieta]. Then of course, I ran up to ask my dad and asked if it was true and jumped for joy. It’s nice to know that all of our hard work is being rewarded. It’s not just the cast but the crew, the writers and producers, everyone.”

Jennifer Stone: “My publicist called my mom – and then my mom woke me up with the news. It beats an alarm clock, I’d say. It’s really exciting and totally an honor. It’s such a collaboration between writers, actors and crew. Everybody comes together and does their part — definitely a group effort.”

Selena Gomez (via Twitter): “What an honor, I’m speechless. I am so blessed! Can’t wait to celebrate with the crew today!”

Since WOWP is up against Hannah Montana, JJJ asked David, Jake and Jennifer which Disney Channel show they’d want to win. Of course they all chose Wizards!

Jennifer joked, “Well, I think Hannah had its time – come on now!”

Congrats to the cast and crew of WOWP!!!

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    Super Excited! “I am super excited about THE EMMY! they deserve so much …….love you so much SELENA GOMEZ “”"”"”"”"”you rock
    congratulations to the amazing cast love xoxoxo

  • leah

    @Coll: I meant it took a long time from the hiatus from 2007 to get nominated sorry I worded that wrong, but even though at that WOWP actually has talented actors and has a whole lot of creativity with all the spells.

  • http://mileyeveros-miley.blogspot.com barby

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  • macy

    wizards needs to win

  • Courtney

    What category are they nominated in?

  • Rachel

    omgosh, honestly.
    WOWP sucks compared to hannah montana and iCarly
    at least hannah montana and iCarly make you laugh.
    WOWP is just there for a time pass.
    i really hope one of the other shows win.

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com/2009/06/24/nick-jonas-debates-diabetes/comment-page-2/#comments emily

    @Rachel: i agree with you complety =) wowp is boring!!!!
    HANNAH OR ICARLY needs too win!!!

  • http://twitter.com/loliver_0123 emily


  • http://justjaredjr.com Lenar

    COngrats to wizards, they deserve to be nominated the show is so good and I really hope they win

  • shell

    I am still amazed people actually think Miley Cyrus is a good actor. There are some good actors on Hannah Montana but for the most part they are terrible. I’m 21 and I’ve actually stopped to watch Wizards…it’s got great comedic timing and the cast blends nicely. Selena is by far the more talented actress.

    It’s not a popularity contest thank god because Hannah does not deserve an Emmy. If Hannah wins an Emmy I will never consider the Emmy’s a credible award show.

  • Camila

    AND WHAT ABOUT ICARLY? nothing to hannah or wizards, but no one cares about icarly only cause is from nickelodeon. THEY SHOULD WIN! they have an amaizing cast. an AMAIZING writer, and most of all, is FUNNY AND SIMPLE.

  • Alexis


    Wizards is not boring, just because the jokes are not pushed out there to you like hannah and icarly does not mean that it is boring. Wizards are very easy with their jokes, and all the funny stuff is some the actors light gestures and facial expressions. Their jokes are under-hand and very easy, not over the top as hannah and icarly

  • redspider

    @Rachel: Oh just shut up you little teenie!

    Wizards is WAY funnier than the other two COMBINED. Sure, if you like over the top plots with actors that OVERACT every other sentence and have guest stars on every other episode while ignoring their core cast then sure…Hannah Montana and iCarly will be more entertaining to you.

    But if you like clever jokes, actual continuity and actual character development, Wizards is your best bet. I think the fact that it’s humor is more subtle and not IN YOUR FACE like the other three some of the kids/tweeners can’t appreciate it. The WIZARDS writers aren’t telling you when you need to laugh by using over the top physical guestures and having people trip and fall off cliffs. Their approach is more subtle and the more you watch the show the funnier it is to you because the jokes actually extend to who the characters are as people. They don’t change characterization in order to contrive a plot or make something funny…they work around what’s already there. They explore their options and flesh out their characters more than any other Disney/Nick series.

    Wizards is the only show I could see standing up outside of the Disney Channel and I think that just because the younger crowd doesn’t appreciate it as much as Hannah Montana and iCarly doesn’t mean it should be put on the back burner. It makes me sad.

  • Sam

    @Rachel: LMAO iCarly can’t even help pass time. It’s a snoozefest of screaming and shouting. Hannah has overacting too but it’s funny. Wizards is funny AND has good acting. Clearly, you now see which show is the best.

  • Mcfan

    OMG …. I want hannah montana too win .
    When I watch WOWP first time ,OMG it sooo boring :P
    hannah montana is soooooo much better than WOWP :D and hannah deserve it way more than wizards :D
    also this show is sooooo funny than wizards =)
    you know chris martin from goldplay =) he said he like miley and after that he said he like hannah montana :D yayyyy ..
    If you don’t believe me whatch this :
    HM deserve it more than wizards =)
    congrattulations to the amazing and wonderful cast from hannah montana :D i hope you win :D

  • marie

    wizards needs to win!

    wizards is like genuinely amazing!

  • koolkat

    Wizards is BETTER.

  • case

    hannah montana is sooo annoying. wizards ftw

  • team tizz

    i think we all now who going to win HANNAH MONTANA.

  • team tizz

    i think we all know who going to win HANNAH MONTANA.
    wizards is really good too.I LOVE MILEY AND SELENA <3

  • rin


    Before you want to comment, learn how to speak proper english. And to be honest, most of us here think the acting on WOWP is much better that Hannah.

  • http://fgfg lilly

    @love: I agree with u :(

  • megan

    why didn’t TSLOndeck get nominate?
    This show is better than WOWP and HM :(

  • bambi

    they DON’T deserve it. Selena is beautiful, but she’s fake

  • kris

    Go Wizards!!:D

  • http://www.mail.com Cassidy

    @shell Miley is a good actress. So is Selena. Thats why both of them are in the acting business. I like Hannah and Wizards. If Hannah wins, it derserves i and if Wizards win, it derserves. Miley and Selena boh have good comedic timing. Both shows make me laugh. So plz stop saying whose better. Who agrees?

  • http://www.mail.com Cassidy

    *If Hannah wins, it deserves it and if Wizards wins, it deserves it.*

  • Melissa

    I hope Wizards wins as well.
    The acting and the way the cast works together is brilliant.

  • leah

    @leah: Well then i think you haven’t watched hannah cause it’s full of talent! Wizards is a terrible show and the actors are crap!

  • Delsy

    iCarly will proberly win Nickelodeon is owned by vitcom and vitcom own the emmy’s.

  • Vanessa fan

    Why isn’t “The Suite Life on Deck” nominated yet “Hannah montana” is?!?!!

    I mean (this is JUST my OPINION), the acting is seriously BAD in “Hannah Montana”. I’m extremely surprised it even got nominated! Has the world gone mad?! HM is just TOO OVERRATED! I hope they didn’t bribe the Emmy judges or something.

    And as for WOWP, congrats! :D I’m not a fan of the show but I DO watch it often. :)

    And iCarly yay! I love the show! :D But overall, I think “iCarly” should win. THough I wouldn’t mind WOWP winning as well.

  • Peace Love Miley

    WOWP!?! WTH..hannah or icarly should win…

  • vanillababex

    yayay Wizards desvers it
    and i agree hannah montana berly
    has good actors,and the funny funny stuff is chesse
    contest award show,its based on
    acting,chemistry,and the way its written.
    So really if you count all that HM is out
    iCarly is funny Marinanda is such a good actress
    miley is funny two but sometimes the stuff thats
    on there is really pathedic and uselesss
    i mean serisoluy what does kissesing all the time
    theres a new guy teaching kids wizards has only made
    alex/selena kiss twice.I really think wizards will win but if not
    id rather iCarly win sorry i mean i love miley
    but in the episode hes the one it showed so much
    like the fact she CANNOT sing and her voice is edited
    a l o t,and most of the time its her dad talking about using the
    “tank” and having to work on the “do” i mean WTH
    and FYI this post is under SELENA GOMEZ not
    i respect all actors because tehy go through crap everyday and have to take it,crap by imature tweens who have no idea whats really going on,SO STOP comming here to this post to trash wizards because that just means you want to start something virtal and your showing everyone how much your mom has taught you ;)
    P E A C E

  • TeamJacob!

    actually hannah montana’s rating are ver very low sonny with a chance is the highest rated show then wizards then jonas then every once in a while hannah is numer one it’s a roller coaster because one show goes up then the other goes down but lately hannnah and jonas aint doin so good
    to tel you the truth even though hannah is more popular i honestly think wizards will win no joke hannah may be funnier but wizards has better acting and of course selena gomez!!! and her show is becoming less popular and her merchandise-people(kids) aren’t buying anymore because the percent rate is down 23%her studio album didn’t do good like it did that last 2 times in it’s last season and the rating are going down.sorry

  • Katie

    congrats on the emmy!
    they deserve the nomination but hannah montana deserves the award! its the best show on disneychannel & everyone still loves hannah no matter how much you say you dont!

  • belen !!

    q linda pic!!
    la amo a sel!!!

  • jasmine

    I love Wizards…. Ahh, hope they win!!

  • kc

    alex your funny

  • charismaw

    I wanna just disagree with someone right now If ouy check disney channel ratings WOWP pulls in over 2 million viewers than hannah montana every primere so in no way does it have higher ratings and 2 the emmy’s are based on talent WOWP the entire cast has chenistry and it more than 3 or 4 characters like it is on both HM and Icarly WOWP should rlly win because it has broken not only hanah montana records but disney’s records as well and i bet u that the movie will shatter Disney’s other highest ratings in half

  • :p

    I know it is all over, but if you listen to Jennifer Stone, on her youtube channel, she states that she doesn’t get why people are so mean to one another, and that she appreciates people who comment nicely on all 3 shows. I believe what she says is very true. Both shows are unique in their style, actors, and crew. To a person, one may seem better than the other to you, but that is no reason to put the other shows down, If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.

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