Zac Efron is a Bruno Boy

Zac Efron is a Bruno Boy

Zac Efron fires his video game gun while hanging out at an arcade with a mystery male on Tuesday (July 14) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 21-year-old actor stayed covered in his hoodie while he was later seen catching a showing of Bruno starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

Zac is town to shoot The Death & Life and Charlie St Cloud. Last month, he took a sailboat out to get some lessons in preparation for the movie.

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • zac and vanessa fan

    First! ahhh he is hot.

  • R

    Good lord! haha I love him!


    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg , he is so sexy. i love you zac efron

  • istar

    *mouth waters* — so god damn HOT!

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    jjj,when will u post vanessa’s interview??u are killing my patience!!

  • Lauren

    God damn he is so sexy.

  • zanessaholic

    very hot!!!!!!!!

  • ashley

    what a hottiie!!!!!!!! and btw that mistery man is his friend xd i saw it in a web with the same news:)


  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    such a hottie (:
    love him!
    hope we see some Zanessa when V’s gonna be in Vancouver to shoot ‘Suckerpunch’!

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    Zac looks like he is having Fun.

  • samantha

    OMG he looks HOT i like it! and i sure we see zanessa pictures in vancuver 4 suckerpunch:) yeahh

  • Just Jill

    @trashley tisdale!!ew!!: Soon! Be patient. We’re on a cruise!

  • zanessa4everr

    he is TOOOOO fricking gorgeous!
    i hope he keeps his hair this way/

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    I hope Zac is enjoying his free time in Vancouver before he starts filming next month.

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    Before people start drama Zac does not Like Sad.

  • Alyssa

    He’s hot!

  • =)=)=)

    VOTE 4 HIM 4 HOTTIE =)

  • honoush

    @trashley tisdale!!ew!!:
    wat interview

    and he is so hot

  • Tiptoes

    he looks good. thanks!

    And beautiful write up from Malia about Zac and Van:

    Tuesday, July 14, 2009
    Zac and Vanessa Have Something Real, Something Special

  • ZE

    Aaahh he’s sooo sexyy <3 I love him : )
    Will Vanessa be there too ?

  • ryanefron

    i luv him! hes a hotie

  • http://justjaredjr fiona

    OMG!!!!!! i was missing him! cant wait to c pics from when he starts filming!!!! i love you zac :)

  • pink sugar

    omg, he looks so good with his haircut. Damn he’s hot

  • kelseyefron


  • christine x3


  • HsmZanessaFansite

    omg…he is so HOTTT!!
    hopefully we’ll get Zanessa pics when Vanessa hits Vancouver for Suckerpunch..

    keep voting for Zanessa 4 TCAs..

  • the fame

    i need van’s interview, btw i hope he attends vanessa premiere of bandslam


    WHERE ARE VANESSA HUDGENS JJJ??????????????????


    and,so HOT

  • Honest

    I like him, he’s cute. But question, Jared, there’s a lot of vanessa news going around and you still haven’t post any of them. When will you? I’m also impatient.

  • susan

    zac travels in Vancouver with two 2 body guards to fend off over
    zealous fans.
    he is soooooo hot!!!

  • mishyB


  • vanny

    love him..
    and vanessa…

  • Kate

    Pls. vote him here:

    It’s really important!!!!! Vote him for TCA too..

  • sweetbutterflies

    Yay! Glad to see him enjoying his time in Vancouver before starting to shoot Charlie St. Cloud! I’m really mad actually, I still haven’t got the book. It like… disappears… every time I try to look for it. Really annoying. But anyway, I’m really curious to see who play the other characters, like Sam and Tess.

    Other than that, boy looks really good and I had to laugh at the Brüno thing, thinking back to the ridiculous way Zac received his award at the MTV Movie Awards.

  • flora

    he just gets hotter and hotter!!!

  • humble

    @Honest: Hi Honest: I made that comment last night and what do they come out with Zac in Montreal, how is that!. I’m pretty sure that the staff working for JJJr. don’t like Vanessa that’s why it’s so limited, they post what they want to post which is Ashley, Zac and other Disney stars, this is just my opinion by viewing the thread on a daily basis, what do you think?

  • Kate

    You should make more accounts on TCA so that you can have more votes everyday!

  • jenny

    I wanna know that actress will have the character of Tess Carroll? ” I’m thinking that maybe danielle panabeker to be this perfect for character, no Megan Fox as say. Megan also has many projects for 2010 and 2011 and has to promote films this month and the months of August is missing a lot of work.

    because zac is now in Vancouver where the film begins shooting in August.

  • Casey

    haha bruno was a gross movie.

  • Honest

    @humble: I know before Jared used to love Vanessa but now is just blank. I come here really for Vanessa news and usually there’ll be a lot of updates. Vanessa has a lot of news Jared should post up. There’s a lot of Vanessa fans impatiently waiting. I know they’re on a cruise but still at least update more often.

  • i love vanessa

    He looks so cute when playing video games :)

    and i really want Vanessa interveiw. there is hardly any new on nessa anymore :(

    But anywway he look amazinly hot as always :P

  • leah

    I agree! I come here for Zac and Vanessa news only, on the front page I glance at every other headline, but Zac and Vanessa ones I actually click on, I am waiting and trying to stay impatient, Vanessa has lots of news that SHOULD DEFINETLY be posted, i hope there is some soon! I’m going insane lol

  • Karen

    Yes, this site is very pro-Ashley—not hard to figure that out as all you have to do is look at how many threads there are on Ashley.

    Zac is not in Montreal. He is in Vancouver—like 5000 miles away from Montreal.

    A lot of the pictures we have been getting on both Zac and Vanessa are pictures that fans have taken and not paps ones. That is one reason why we don’t get them so much on JJjr—because the pics are personal ones. They get posted on fansites.

    And if you look at how many pictures and threads there are in connection to Zac and Vanessa you will see more is actually posted on Van then Zac. I think both Zac and Vanessa prefer not to be on the websites everyday and that is why they don’t twitter their whereabouts. Each time they have have been off filming a new movie we have limted pictures of them. When Zac was in Europe doing MAOW we virtually had NO coverage of him since there were no paps there—only a couple and one of them was a private fan picture. When Vanessa was in Austin filming Bandslam there was almost no coverage due to the small number of paps also. SO, now she is in Montreal where few paps are milling around and she is busy on set shooting where pap are not to be so we have no pictures on sites like JJjr. But I also think the people who actually run the JJjr site are not Vanessa fans. I don’t think they are overly fond of Zac either.

    Last but not least, the Vanessa interview will be up when Jared gets back from his cruise and Just Jill has posted this. SO, everyone quit going on about how you don’t have any patience—-you are only going to have to learn to have some. Going on about it only makes you sound like little kids throwing a temper tantrums because you want something you can’t have. It won’t come any sooner.

  • Antisdale

    @trashley tisdale!!ew!!: Love your nick haha!!

  • Amara

    WTF!!!! he’s in Vancouver!!! AHHHHHH i have to find him, i live in Vanoucouver, OMG AHHHHHHH

  • kami

    zac looks great in those pics. glad he has body guards traveling with him while he’s in vancouver. fan girls can get crazy move zac.

  • malee

    He’s sooo hot!
    Love his hair, but how come it wasn’t like that when he was with Vanessa on the forth of July?
    Anyways, it’s sad that he can’t even play some arcade games without the paparazzi snapping pictures…
    Also i know this is a zac efron thread but i have videos of Vanessa’s interview!
    The end is cute on this one!
    And she’s talking about michael jackson in the one above this line!

  • bruno

    hhaahhahhha he saw my movie! some people told me is that its the worst movie ever!! lol =]

  • Honest

    I’m not so sure if jared hate zanessa, I mean they do get the most comments, together and individually. So why hate the people that makes your site popular? Idk and I don’t think he hates them but this site has been pro – ashley lately. Oh well, as long as I get my fix on nessa then idc about her.