Ashley Tisdale: Potato Chip Princess

Ashley Tisdale: Potato Chip Princess

Ashley Tisdale gets giggly backstage as she prepares to tape her AOL Sessions segment earlier this month.

The 24-year-old singer/actress shared what she does before a show. Ash said, “Backstage ritual? It’s usually spent in hair and makeup the whole time. Lots of quiet, so I can think. Music choices? Lady Gaga. I don’t tend to eat anything. If I do, it’s usually potato chips. It makes your throat all nice and greasy (laughs).”

Ashley‘s AOL Sessions will premiere on Tuesday, July 28 — the same day Guilty Pleasure hits stores!

Ashley Tisdale – Preview AOL Sessions, Clip #2
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  • all that glitters

    Lady Gaga? That explains so much. Lady Gaga is crazy! Ever seen her press conference? The one wear she wears that hideous mask. Ugh, Ashley, you’re cute and semi-talented in acting but seriously, Lady Gaga?

  • clara

    liiiiinda! *-*

  • Alexa

    omg she is so gorgeouus !

  • Daniela

    She’s awesome. (:

  • mary

    she’s awesomo

  • victoria

    and aww that guy was singing lovebug as he walked down the hallway, he was all “kissed her for the 1st time yesterday”

  • she is sooo amazing !!cant wait for the vid !!!
    i know she is with scott &all but do i see a conection with
    ash and jacob ;)

  • totallytizzy

    hehe shes soo funny and sweet :)
    and shes really pretty too!!!!!
    love u ashley forever!!!!!!!!!
    DONT FORGET!!!!!!!!!

  • kourtney

    haha the guy sanging the jonas brothers song hehe
    funny&&aww that little girl huged her
    soo cuute

  • lucia

    she is so cute!!
    love her so much

  • totallytizzy

    yup only good comments if ur a hater then dont bother to comment

  • LG

    What’s AOL?

  • team tizz

    gosh she beautiful and talented.
    love her sooooooooooo much.

  • Gonzalo

    i love you Ashley!!!! =)

  • kk

    Cute!!! i want potato chip now :)

  • ivy

    ashley’s the best !! she’s soo funny and sweet ! I love her !

  • dany

    she’s so pretty !

  • Solange

    @Sofia: each artist has their own style and u can not force them to become somebody they’re not. Ashley is talented, too. In fact, GaGa is not only famous for her music and style, she is also famous for her words, like Lily Allen. How can Ashley be a wannabe? She’s just being herself u idiot!

  • Katy

    @Sofia: i so agree with you

  • ZJ

    She’s so sweet and funny <3
    her laugh is soooo addictive, sweet… it’s the best I’ve ever heard!! haha :D
    Here in the video she sounds amazing!!

  • ZJ

    @Sofia: Ashley has her own style, her own music. She’s just being herself right now. So if you can please explain how the hell is she a wanna be??

  • jonasfreak

    omg she’s the best <3
    and omg that guy is singing love bug!!!! haha :D lol
    and how that girl hugged her is reallly really sweet <3 awww.. :)

  • masquerading

    woww! she’s getting better and better live <3 she sounds amazing in the vid :D
    and she so sweet and pretty too!!
    can’t wait for more promotional stuff she’ll be doing
    for Aliens in the Attic too!!! xD she was doing some press stuff with Robert Hoffman! she twittered about it! ahha

  • bep

    Ashley has actually her own style in everything… So you can’t compare her to Lady Gaga, who, on her own, have another style (fashion and music). And Ashley is actually talented, she also writes some of her music, and she’s really sweet.
    I don’t like when ppl compare artists to others… I don’t wait for Ashley to be “5% of Lady Gaga” to like her. I just like her for her own music, her own lyrics, her own style, her own talent. :)

    And about the video, Ashley is so sweet with those little girls! lol And she’s really funny too!! haha


    I LOVE HER <33333 :D:D:D:D:D she’s the best :D

  • ZJ

    @bep: I completely agree!!!
    I mean, you don’t like a person becuase he/she is like someone else! you like him/her because of who he/she is!!

  • all that glitters

    The ting it, Ashley’s music is just…ordinary except with different lyrics. It all sounds the same. Her style? People dressed like that before she became famous. Just saying. I do realize Lady Gaga is actually very talented, doesn’t mea she ain’t crazy; boys, don’t break up with her. She’ll burn your house down!

  • ZJ

    @all that glitters: Even if her music is kind of similiar that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Plus, it’s not all similiar. And Lady Gaga’s songs aren’t THAT different from each other…

  • rayana
  • S.

    @all that glitters:

    I agree with you here.

  • Solange

    @rayana and @S: i would agree if it those words were for Vanessa!

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