Zac Efron is Wet Suit Sexy

Zac Efron is Wet Suit Sexy

Zac Efron stays warm by squeezing into a neoprene wetsuit during several boat rides on Thursday (July 16) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 21-year-old actor, who wore a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, is training in preparation for his new movie, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Also spotted on the boat is Charlie Tahan, who plays Zac‘s younger brother in the film, Sam.

Zac took safety precautions and wore a buoyancy vest (life jacket). He reportedly took scuba diving lessons but these pictures don’t show any scuba equipment.

15+ pictures inside of wet suit sexy Zac Efron

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Skylar

    Wow! Yes he is sexy! OMG! I love him! He’s so amazing! Vote Zanessa for TCA!!
    Zanessa forever!! ♥

  • selly

    so sexxxy more zanessaaaaaaa

  • nikkki

    OOOOOMMMMGGGGGGG ZAC IS HHOOOTTT<333!!!! thats ssoooo hooott and sexxyyyy!!!!<333!!! omgomgomgomgomgggg

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    …OMG. …Oh dear me. He looks SO fine in that suit !!! AH !! Where the heck was he !? I’m on my search for him !!!

  • nikkki

    oh and thats ssoo cute that hes holding the little bos hand!!<33 what a great dad to be haha! :)

  • JanCaz

    He’s loOkin’ soO hOt!! <3

  • anette

    zac is soooooooo hot.
    is vanessa still in montreal??

  • wow!

    zac efron has a niiiceee BUTT!<333!! wow i love him more now that his butt is perfectly shaped!!! LOOK AT THAT FINE LOOKING A** wow! his butt is nice

  • wow!


  • mara

    sooo cute zac and the litte kid.zac is take is hand ¿you see?


  • mara

    sooo cute zac and the litte kid.he is take is hand ¿you see?


  • AdAItaly

    If you want to know a new Zac Efron’s exclusive revelation, watch this video on YouTube: “A new revelation from Zac Efron” !!!

  • hhootttt



  • Athenais

    OMG he’s so sexy … it’s perfect for him …

    Maybe the little boy is “Sam” , charlie’s brother on the movie.

  • anette

    have zac scooter??

  • JAne

    OMG I don’t think there is anyone else who can look THAT hot in a wet suit

  • badhabit

    if this guy does not win male hottie at the teen choice awards i dunno where the fans went. look at him. he is such a hunk!!! hottie!!! sex god!!!

  • ais

    great job zac efron…


    his butt is AMAZING!! he looks awesome in his sunglasses and the sexy hair!

  • ellyne

    I have too admitt, OH.MY.GOD. he looks so damn sexyy in that tight wet suit xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd hes gorgoues WOW, vanessa’s crazy luckyy

  • ellyne

    Oh and yea, he has a nice ass xD, he better win choice Hottieee hes gorgeouss

  • jocelyynn

    omgg! ZEXFRON!!

  • nikki

    i know!!<33 :DDD!! zac has a NICEEEE ass<333!

  • nikki

    ok im like ssooo obsessed with zac efron it isnt even funny!!! i think he is the most perfecct guy in the world, and he is ssoo hot and sexy and nice and smart and a great boyfriend! i think he is 1 in a million<33

  • justine

    im obsessed with zacc sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH too! he is everywhere on my wall! he is soooooooooooooooooooooo SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SSOOOOOOO SSSSSOOOO SEXY! i wish i can marry him right here and now! i would die i think! LOL he is hot the best!

  • yes

    zac is my HUSBAND ssoo that mean hes mine ladies XDDDDD!!!!! sorry! were married already!

  • anette

    can someone tell me about zac have scooter???????????

  • Vina

    How cute. Is that Zac’s brother?

  • maichi


  • marie

    Glad we seem to have our Sam now!
    And Zac looks good as ever :-)

  • Zac Fan

    If you look close up you can see the guy behind Zac is holding the guys hand not Zac.

  • Fan :)

    Zac isn’t holding the guys hand. The man behind him is.

  • .stars.

    woooh! freakin’ HOT!

  • rachel

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  • svenja**

    Goddamn!! He’s so fucken hot!! I love Zac :)

  • svenja**

    Ps.: this butt is soooo of da hook xD

  • maria

    I’m not saying Zac isn’t a nice guy, but he is NOT holding that boy’s hand, if you look closely. I’ll bet he’s lovin’ learning all these new water sports though!!

  • me.

    that boy is charlie tahan. he’s gonna play sam in the movie.
    lol, i didn’t realize they have the same haircut… kinda.

    and… ugh.
    his hair is killing me. in a realllly good way, of course. <3

  • xoxzanessaluvxox

    Omg! He is soo hot. He is the only person I know that actually looks good in a wetsuit. The little boy is really cute too :( I agree he does have a great ass lol.

  • pink sugar

    @nikki: @justine:
    Everyone on this thread is obessed with Zac;that’s why we visit JJJ everyday. LOL

    It been said, but DAMN, he’s hot in that wet suit.

  • i love vanessa

    I come on JJJ everyday because im obsessed with Zanessa :)

    OMG.. he is so SEXY!!

    If he dont win choice Hottie, the world has gone insane!

    SOOO.. vote for him !!!
    Please?? :D:D

  • kelly

    Just when we thought he couldn’t get any hotter….

  • Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    Zac looks good in those pictures. Can’t wait to see CSC.

  • Alice

    mmmmhhh-hmmm…good! lol but i’d probably faint if i actually got to touch his muscels!! ;P but other than that SO SEXY!!!!!!!! i wonder who the lil -cute -mini- zac is? :)) x

  • susan

    look that boy and zac they look alike.
    he is so sexy !!!

  • Lissy

    Hot………………you looks so sexy efron!

  • miss zanessa

    i can´t wait to this movie
    awww and little sam is so cute ^^

  • Christy

    Damn that ass!!! <33
    If I ever got to switch life with enyone in the world…. it’s Vanessa!!!

    Damn! didn’t know that a Wet Suit could be that sexy on enyone : )

  • http://jk jasmine

    OMG OMG OMG OMG HEEEEE ISSSSSSS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY! i wonder who is playing tess in the movie and charlie tahan is soo adorible!

  • the fame

    aw and the little boy taking his hand