Selena Gomez: Album Shoot Sneak Peek!

Selena Gomez: Album Shoot Sneak Peek!

Wearing some funky high tops, Selena Gomez shows her fans just a glimpse of her album shoot outfit in this new pic on Saturday afternoon (July 18).

The 16-year-old actress tweeted just the picture of her shoes, conveniently covering her face. Selena‘s such a tease!

JJJ caught up with Sel earlier last month and she dished to us about her debut album. She shared, “There is only one ballad and it’s called ‘I Loved You.’ The song is very sweet because I have to have my moment of weakness. Most of the songs are very girl empowering but, whatever. We haven’t discussed album titles, but we’re doing album artwork soon. It’s going to be very colorful, incorporating a lot of purple. I love purple and green.”

TELL JJJ: Are you looking forward to Selena’s album?

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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel, Selena Gomez
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  • omg12345


  • jackie


  • adriane

    yes!! i’m so exited about selena’s album!!

  • mishyB

    THIRD! those shoes are unique.

  • nICOLE

    No, I am not excited for her album. She clearly isn’t good at singing; I don’t know why she’s having an album! She’s good at acting but not at singing. Demi can sing but she doesn’t really act well. LOL.

  • gjghjmhg


  • gjghjmhg

    Oh wow i was 4th how nice ^-^

  • nic

    LOVE HER !

  • Kiera w.

    OO GOd..
    Girl Said She Wasnt Going To Write About Boys *Sighs*..

  • fan

    im soo excited for her new album!!!!!! i love her!! its kinda nice that not all her songs will be about love (hopefully) but more about life and girl power!

  • kim

    I CANT WAIT!!! the shoes… wow lol

  • AJ

    I love Selena! Why don’t we have a date or title yet?

  • katie

    she’s so pretty but she has an awful voice.

  • katie

    @AJ: i think it’s called ‘beautifully disturbed’ and that it’s coming out in september sometime. yeahhhh. i like her too but god willing this will be her last album. she really needs to focus on acting. :|

  • iluvrobpattz

    i sorta agree with katie (#11) because her voice is very light. not loud and powerful like demi’s. just listen to ‘one and the same’ you cant even hear selena.

    no offense because i still really like selena and CANT WAIT for her album. (luv the shoes! :-))

  • Lili

    Umm no. I really am not. Lol I watched a collection of her “singing” on youtube and she’s so bad haha. Anyway I just came in here to say that her shoes are super cute (:

  • case

    UMM YES! her voice is really good. im excited

  • amy

    ooh boy. why do all these disney kids feel the need to sing?
    i mean selena seems nice so i do not say this to be mean AT ALL
    but her voice is really computerized, and even after all the editing
    (fly to your heart, tell me something i don’t know, that ftsk song)
    it’s STILL bad.
    on the plus side, she’s adorable and really talented at acting…
    i just sort of feel bad for all of her young fans, b/c they’ll probably buy her album
    even though everyone knows she can’t sing
    and then disney will make her make another one, and another one…
    and then she’ll NEVER be taken seriously.
    so no.
    as a selena fan, i will not be buying this album.

  • lili

    @case: Lol honey no offense but saying that her voice is “really good” is an insult to people whose voices are actually… really good. Like Demi. (;

  • Tayse

    Luv it. I realy wante her album.

  • Farrah

    I have heard a few of her songs and I can’t say that I was impressed at all. Very mediocre. However, she is simply beautiful in that picture! What a pretty girl. I won’t be buying her album, though.

  • Anonymous

    She’s a pretty girl, but in my opinion, I don’t think that she will go far in her singing.. Acting, yes. But singing, no.

  • mariana

    can’t wait till the album comes out!:)

  • BlaireB

    Hollywood Records offered Selena a record deal, the opportunity was sitting right there in front of her, so she took it. I think she just wants to record her own album, I don’t think she’s planning on making a career out of it because she wants to be an actress full time in the future. I just think she’s doing the whole singing thing for fun and experience. She wants to challenge herself and try everything.

    We all know Selena is not Christina Aguilera, even Selena said so herself. But she’s been working really hard on her album for over a year now and she’s putting her all into this. I think people should really give her a chance.

  • koolkat

    I think people really need to stop underestimating Selena’s voice.
    there are singers who have strong, powerful voices and there are singers who have light, smooth voices. Selena’s voice just happens to be very light, soft, mellowy, yet it has a little raspiness to it. she CAN sing.

  • AJ

    @katie: thanks for the info!

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @lili: Haha thats true!

    Sorry Selena fans but, Selena DOES NOT have a good voice! She’s an ok actress, but she really isn’t fit for a singer. Sorry to say. Thats just my opinion.

  • leah

    Don’t like the shoes, but am excited for her album!!!!:D I know it’s gonna be fun and I know I will be able to relate since we are about the same age. I love her!!! I’m so buying it when it comes out:D

  • therese

    Selena’s pretty and she seems nice. But, I don’t think she’s made for singing. Because her voice isn’t unique or powerful enough. & I don’t think a ballad song is good for her. But IDK.

  • leonel (argentina)

    I love you selena (L)(L)(L)

    Bye love!

  • marie

    i love selena!

    im pretty psyched for to hear how her album sounds like, but i honestly think that she should really stick to acting… just an opinion.

  • ALEX

    The reason every disney person sings is because they are talented at it. To get on disney you have to be able to sing, dance and of course act.
    I love her voice personally so dont go saying she cant sing because she can.

  • team tizz

    can’t wait for selena album
    i love selena<3

  • koolkat

    @therese: Selena’s voice is kinda unique, not powerful, but unique. her voice is smooth, sweet, but a little husky. like it’s distinctive.

    she sang “a thousand miles” and she did very well, she would have sounded way better if she wasn’t joking around.

  • jessie

    how ironic that she likes purple and green and she was on barney

  • emily

    i cant wait 4 selena’s album & emily’s album YAY!!!!!!!!!! =)

  • TV

    @lili: For some reason, I’m not as excited for Demi’s album as I am for Selenas.

  • Jon

    AHHHHHH I’M SOO EXCITED!! I can’t wait til September! WHy didn’t she release during summer?

  • Jon

    AHHHH!!! I’m so excited!! I don’t wanna wait til September. Why didn’t she just release it during the summer?

  • kc

    I’m so buying her album. Can’t wait

  • alba

    where can i get her shoes?

  • Katy

    she can’t act ………she can’t sing…………she can’t dance……….and she’s ugly

  • Adam

    Yes, I am looking forward to Selena’s album. She’s got a good singing voice. I hope she puts at least two albums before going into acting full-time. She’s great at acting. Anyway, she does have a soothing voice, kind of similar to Taylor Swift in volume and timbre.

  • nikki


    I completely agree with you. People need to give her a chance. She never said anything about making a career out of it. She worked too hard on it for people to just blow her off.

  • ana

    She’s funny!!

  • koolkat

    @Katy: you’re a pathetic hater.

  • Katy

    @koolkat: and you’re a pathetic fan

  • Adam

    @Katy: And you’re a pathetic teenie, so STFU and go to with all the other Selena hating no-lifes.

  • cam


    I agree with koolkat – you are pathetic.

    You may not like her singing or acting or dancing – BUT there is NO WAY anyone can say Selena is ugly – Selena is very beautiful. You are a very pathetic jealous person!

    I happen to think Selena has good acting abilities and dancing too & quite frankly I am waitng for her album – she knows she is not as strong in singing as acting – but she is smart enough to want to perform with a band – I believe given time and training – if she wants, singing will also be one of Selena’s strengths. But for sure acting will be her strong point.

    say what you want about fans – but I was not even a fan a while ago – until I saw her in Another Cinderella Story – then in Princess Protection Program – Selena’s acting ability is stronger than Demi’s – but I will say I like them both. they are only 16 – give them time – look at Julia Roberts – she got better & better & was in her 30′s when she won her academy award.

  • Ali

    Even though I don’t like Selena’s show, i have to admit, she’s not bad at acting, for the most part. But , why does she have to sing, just because shes with disney??? Clearly her voice is computerized. (you can tell in “another cinderella story” and it is not strong and loud. you know what else i realized: she’s never performed live! which proves that she cant sing. she should NOT sing!

    PS: hate the shoes!

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