Aly & AJ Michalka Get Belly Button Rings!

Aly & AJ Michalka Get Belly Button Rings!

78violet singers Aly and AJ Michalka show off their new belly button rings in this new pic taken on Sunday afternoon (July 19) in Los Angeles.

The sisters tweeted, saying, “We finally got our belly buttons pierced, we were shopping on Melrose Ave, and decided to get it done. It didn’t hurt too bad. It was about a 6 from a 1 to 10 scale (Aly). I think it was a 7 or an 8 on the pain scale (AJ).”

Aly recently caught up with and clued us in on their recent band name change. She shared, “We’ve always wanted to be a band, AJ and I. We never got around to figuring out a cool band name when we were twelve (and I don’t think it would have been really cool if we were twelve thinking of a name!) Now is the time – our music is really changing and evolving and it’s older and it’s more rock. And we said the music’s gonna speak for itself – it sounds like 78violet and once you hear it, you’re going to go ‘yeah, that’s not Aly & AJ.’ it’s a version of Aly & AJ, but it’s 78violet and it encompasses everything we are – it’s rock, it’s mysterious and it’s the new journey that we’re setting out on.”

Bigger pic inside…

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  • the fame

    they look great:)
    and the name of the band its original

  • kayla

    Aw! So cute! (: (:
    I love them. <3


  • courtney

    they’re both very pretty.
    nice name change. (:

  • Ericaa.

    uhh. eeek.
    i dont like them much.

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!


  • Darya Armani

    cuute!, i love them (:

  • elizabeth marinas

    aw aly and aj are so pretty and beautiful and i love there belly buttion piercing i think it’s cool and sweet

  • zanessa1233


  • karly

    i love aly & aj. stoked for their new album!

  • bitzy

    I guess it’s about time. I never saw the value of piercing of this type. It always been a waste of jewelry in an attempt to enhance the natural beauty.

  • Honest

    Also support vanessa and aly by watching bandslam!!! I hear really good reviews about the movie! Can’t wait!!

  • Dancingprincess

    They are so lucky! I have been begging my mom for a belly button ring since I was 13! But she said no. :( I dig the new name 78Violet but it is just gonna confuse me and probably alot of other people.

  • riana

    thats awesome i really want to get one done when im 16 but im not too sure???

  • so low

    you notice that on the WEEKENDS… the updates are a bit slow. so give the guy a break.

    but anyway… love them! the peircings look great :)

  • cassy



  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    i agree with u!jjj is really annoying these days!i may not come here any more if he keeps being this way!
    well,not as stupid as yours!
    oh,her fake nose is really “pretty”!!please tweet my sincere “compliment” to her!!pls!!

    pls keep voting for nessa and shadow!!!!!!

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    jjj is busy deleting all the negative comments on trashley and his site.well,it must be a hard job.

  • AJ

    I got my belly button pierced about 3 weeks ago. I give them props haha not an easy thing to do. I went alone, so at least they had someone there for the other ;)

  • victoria

    that is so 1990! lol…
    why do I feel like they are always looking for attention..
    its kind of lame.

  • skippingsarah

    i get mine one year ago. after a few months i get an infection on my piercing so i decided to let the hole close. now i miss my belly-button piercing also i have wasted my money :(

  • gold baybay

    Hey, Vhugdens has one. Didn’t Vanessa and AJ work together on bandlam?

  • ooi

    they look beautiful, i love their button rigs :)
    i lovee them, can’t wait for a new album !

  • KRIS

    i don’t get why girls get their belly button pierced. it’s just a little trashy to me.

  • JolynnJenae

    very cute! <3

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    jjj,sorry for my latest comments on this site.

  • ginny

    they’re gorgeous AND talented singers!

  • aj

    ugggh arent you a little too old for that stuff?

    gosh those are for like 14 year olds.

    and gosh how fat cna you get

  • Armaan

    That dude pierced my nose. Thats at Through Your Skin

  • mykamicks

    @trashley tisdale!!ew!!:
    Dont get upset if JJJ doesnt much have to post about VANESSA lately. Its his choice he doesnt want or doesnt have to feature anything about our dear Vanessa…

    On this site, he couldnt blame, if there are drastic reactions of response coming from anti ASHLEY or Anti VANESSA… If JJJ favors more on ASHLEY what we can do? Its his choice… ( if ever) For me either just be patience on this post or maybe VANESSA fans should consider some sites that could give us more fantastic & very rational topics or issues about ZANESSA or ZAC and especially VANESSA.

    Anyways, back to Aly & AJ: They are both Talented & Sexy!

  • trashley tisdale!!ew!!

    I know!And i won’t blame jjj for his obsession with trashley.It’s his choice.But i would be absolutely grateful if he supports vanessa more.I am tired of checking gossip sites without vanessa’s news.I miss her so much!I know she’s busy filming,maybe i sound childish,but you know,i just miss her.
    Do you know what happens to vanessa’ s MTV interview??Is it supposed to air last weekend??
    And thanks for your response!!

  • DemiFan

    @trashley tisdale!!ew!!: You call Ashley Tisdale Trashy when Vanessa is the one who totally exposed herself? Ok aaayy.

  • Seriali

    It’s not on your business,ok?????
    Vanessa has apologized for that!!!What do you expect she should do??????And i don’t think she did anything wrong!!She is not the one who leaked the pics!!
    Are u a real DemiFan??I love Demi too but i hate trashley!!That’s my choice!!Get over it!!!

  • Jonas

    Vhudgens has one. What an example. Please! Some people need a reality check. These two are simply attention wh…. When it was good for them to be clean they were. Now they don’t get attention so they go this route. SAD! What happened to their Mom. Or was she getting a ring too?

  • erin

    I like them both, I wanna get mine done but the summers not the best time to do it, you can’t swim. :( I’m gonna wait for the fall.

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    really cute belly buttons

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